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Crohns & Motofen

I had been Rx' motofen in the early 90's and took it for 20 yr.'s or more & when I could no longer find it did not notice withdrawal symptoms. I desperately need it. Have crohnes and have suffered chronic diarrhea sense I was 26, now 75. Its the only medication that works for me & believe me I've tried them all. ## I have no follow-up regarding motofen. Nobody (Dr's) not interested in talking about it or crohnes. I have heard off & on that motofen will be back with no results or any indication of another medication to take its place. I do feel that if it does come back it will be so expensive that we e cannot afford it and the insurance companies will not honor it. So on with the saga. Will appreciate any insight and/or feedback. Wolfcrick in Texas ## I h...

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Unable to find motofen

Unable to find or obtain this Rx. Have crohnes disease and this drug has been a lifesaver. have been unable to obtain this medication since about March of 2008 ## I need Motofen as well. Have you located any? ## I just called the compnay that makes Motofen for a customer and they said it should be available again towards the end of 2009. ## I am desperate to locate Motofen! No one in my area has this RX! They have all told me that the manufacturer has stopped making it so it cannot be ordered! Help! Does anyone have any info on this, or do you know of a substitute??

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