Morphine Sulfate - Unable To Find Pharmacy To Fill Rx

Confused Says:

Have had a Morphine Sulfate 30mg Rx from my Doc in Orlando since moving to Sarasota / Lakewood Ranch area Jan 30. NO CVS, NO Walmart has had this med. All say it is out of stock or haven't carried it for a long time. The Rx expires after 6 months. Please can you help give info to explain why pharmacies here don't have a medicine for my chronic condition? Orlando is 2.5+ hours away...too far for my spouse to go for an Rx.. Thank you. We are confused.

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Verwon Says:

It is most likely due to the fact that the prescribing doctor is in Orlando and you're trying to get it filled in a different area.

Learn more Morphine details here.

There have been a lot of problems on the east coast, due to improper filling, improper or over prescribing, pharmacies stocking and filling more than they are allowed to each month and etc.

It has resulted in a severe crackdown and especially with the ordering limits, they can only fill prescriptions where the doctor and patient are local to their pharmacy.

Have you found a local doctor, yet?

That would most likely be the best thing to do, so they can give you a new prescription that you can get filled more easily.

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been there Says:

Have you tried Walgreens? if they dont have it in stockthey will order it for you-sucks you have to wait a couple days but beats a blank or worse yet an outdated script. Good luck

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Holly Says:

My husband uses that script except his is 100mg. We live in MI. and there is no shortage here. You can get it at any drugstore. Have your dr to up the mg's.

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Confused Says:

Thank you all for your insight..No local doc here yet, but working on that. Not confident a new doc will just write a script if I turn the other's in, but the other doc has known my case 10+ .years...and I had not needed this med again until recently and as needed when bedbound. I was unaware of the crackdowns and abuses, but less than surprised since those with misuse/ abuse problems seem to get their hands on these things far easier than those who need them. Thanks again for the insight.

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sbsierr Says:

CVS and walmart are national chain pharmacies. Try filling it a independent pharmacy near your doctor's office.
The cvs and walmart where I live would not fill it either.

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bladderdisease Says:

Walgreens does not have it stop trying there. They cant order it they got in trouble. I am in fla having same prob. Indpendent pharmacys cost more but try. I found one took a while.

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Dilaudid daytona morphine sulfate daytona Says:

Where in daytona,port orange,palm coast can you fill,morphine sulfate ER 15s,dilaudid,and oxycodone, it seems like any pain meds cannot be filled anywhere in volusia country.
I broke my back in motorcycle accident am im treated like a junkie and ive never been on these type of meds, whats the deal with florida?

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Larry Says:

I feel you bro. Have degenerated spine AND discs and been on pain management for 5 Years. Surgery is NOT an option. When I lived in IN I never had an issue but since moving to Florida, I too was looked at/treated like a junkie and can not find ms contin 30mg ANYWHERE near ft Myers. I heard from CVs that a major distributor was recently shut down in MO lost their dea license for 3 Yeats. Dilaudid and oxycodone, now morphine sulphate. They DO. however have the 60mg. Hope to get hold of my Dr to ask to change to the 60's. I hurt for you bro. I'm almost na k to doing nothing at all. Sorry, but 4-10/325 hydrocodone just doesn't cut the pain long term. Florida is an add state. Let the pill mills run but SCREW the REAL PATIENTS!!!

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Sherri Says:

Suddenly stopping a drug like morphine CAN KILL YOU. ASK A DOCTOR. Many truly legit people who take this drug have the same problem no matter what county and the excuse and it is an excuse have the same problem. I CAN NOT stress enough that you call the congressman AND the governor's office. When calling the governors office ask to speak to the Chief of Staff. I WILL SAY IT AGAIN SO THE LEGISLATORS MIGHT HEAR IT, GOING THROUGH MORPHINE WITHDRAW CAN KILL YOU, What they have done is made those legit patients suffer cruel and unusual punishment and put our lives at risk. In most cases, they don't even realize what suddenly going off certain medications can do to a persons body. Its time that legit patients speak out. Speak out now. I left heart surgery with no medications

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texiana Says:

i live in indiana and an having the same problem - every pharmacy i call is out of stock. i have called walgreens, CVS, wal-mart, meier, and grocer pharmacies - no on has morphine ER 30 mg.

something is most definitely going on, just don't know what. i NEED this medication NOW.

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kd Says:

It is the same in margate,florida. I have been to 7 pharmacys including the one I normally use and it is the same story everywhere for morphine. I lucked out last month and the only reason I have some left is because I rationed them out. I had to go cold with none and it affected my breathing. I have Norco also and it is sad what is happening. Even when the doctors are screaming anout it, you know nothing can be done. I have chronic pain all over my body, but what is going to happen if I have something more serious?

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Debrabl333 Says:

I have been trying to find the Morphine ER in 80 mg and 60 mg and I can't find it. Where did you find it??

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Adrianne Says:

I currently live in Detroit, Michigan I'm 41 yrs old and I'm a Sickle Cell (SC) patient. For those that don't know SC is very painful and causes other more severe issues. Now I've also had multiple hip replacements so I have chronic constant pain daily. I'm currently taking MS Contin 200mg & MSIR 30mg up to 2000mg a day. Unfortunately, last month I was almost thrown cold turkey off my meds b/c the DEA felt that one patient shouldn't receive 1000 pills in one setting or month, but you have to understand that I've been on some type of narcotics since the age of nine. That I've been on the same dose for the last 20 years I'm go to the same pharmacy every time and lastly within that 20 years my dose has never changed never gone up and I never asked for more before my months supply was up. It's becoming increasingly harder each month to get my meds and no one not the FDA or DEA seem to care about the patient they only seem to care about other people who are abusing the drugs and they're putting me, the patients, my life in jeopardy every time they mess with meds. So can anyone give any idea who I can contact or write in order to give a patient point of view and give better understanding to them so they can understand that the patient is it the one doing in this and that when they regulate and cancel and mess with our pharmacies they're putting our lives in jeopardy.

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Avtj Says:

I haven't even read the replies from others, but I have been on this medication for years. I do use CVS as my pharmacy although I find it hard to believe that any pharmacy cannot order this for you. The first time & each subsequent time that I had this filled, the clerk would always ask the pharmacist whether they had this in stock or not. Any pharmacist can order the medication @ any pharmacy & have it no later than the next day. If this is an RX that you will be continually using, they will know to keep this in stock for you. I hope this helped, but more importantly, I hope you no longer need this medication. Best of luck....

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Susie Says:

Adrianne, Hope you are having luck solving your problem in Detroit. I have a problem with pharmacies in CO, who are stuck on pushing KVK Tech products at all of us. FDA, DEA, pharmacies, insurance companies, etc., keep hearing all sorts of excuses as to why we are not receiving our proper medications. No one seems to provide the real answer, which I think is money. Regardless it isn't fair that we the sick have to suffer

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stuck Says:

I agree. Having same prob here in Tampa bay area on and off for the past 6 years on and off.

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CO Susie Says:

It seems to be all over the country. Actually that just makes sense as DEA, FDA etc. are federal agencies LOL. Marianne, nice lady who posts on here, put together a petition to help the chronic patients and she also provided us with a link to email the White House about the problems we are all having.
People all over CO are having the same sort of issues that I am having. I get things under control for a month or so, then it goes south on me. Start over at square one. Of course, feeling poor most of the time, leaves me with so much energy to deal with the same problems over and over LOL

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Robert Blue Says:

Came to Florida from Michigan. I've been on Morphine Sulfate Immediate release 15 mg and Extended Release 30 MG for several years. I've run out of of both now and I'm trying to find the most effective OTC pain reliever to help with severe lower back and butt pain. ANY suggestions will be most appreciated.

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CO Susie Says:

Ibuprofen 200mg tablets seems to be the best OTC pain reliever for me. Doctor said I could take as much as 800mg at a time. Usually I only have to take 400mg to get some relief.

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Robert Blue Says:

Thanks Susie. That's what I'm taking now plus a few Percocet pills left over from back surgery I had a few years ago. It's helped some but Morphine Sulfate both ER and IR have been helping me cope very well for several years. I have an appt. coming on May 21st with a highly recommended specialist iwho treats patients who have had "long term" Sciatic nerve and related back problems...30 years for me... Hopefully, he can diagnose and fix what ails me.. If not I'll be going back home to Northern Michigan soon where I've had no problem getting Morphine Sulfate from Walgreens....YET!

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