Monticope Tablet Use And Side Effects

Dharminder Says:

I've been suffering from regular colds due to allergies. My doctor has advised me to take montecope tablets. Is there any side effects of taking these tablets regularly?

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Verwon Says:

Okay, allergies would not cause a cold, they are completely different things, since a cold is caused by a type of virus and has nothing to do with allergies, though they may cause some similar symptoms, such as runny nose and nasal congestion.

That said, Monticope contains Montelukast and Levocetirizine, they are most commonly used to treat allergy symptoms.



And all medications carry the risk of side effects, by taking this, you may experience: nausea, dizziness and dry mouth.

Is there anything else I can help with?

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Aamir Says:

I get wheezing problems where breathing becomes difficult and my doctor recommended montecope and said it can be taken; one tablet on a daily basis as there are no side effects. I take half a tablet every third day or whenever i am uncomfortable. Will i have to eat this tablet regularly or do we have any permanent solution to this? Will i get addicted to this tablet?

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Sa Says:

Please let me know the what kind of disease Monitcope tab used to cure?

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Ram PratapC Payasi Says:

Let me know the disease for which Monticope tablets are prescribed and their side effects

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nadeem basar Says:

Monticope tablets s safe or no if taken daily my suddenly got sinus virus doctor says she is a a teacher and very uncomfortable with this cold and sneezing and runny nose what shpuld its already i year ent says there is no ways to treat sinus and ayurved doctors and homepathy doctors say 3 months course will stop all this is this true. pls help me ..

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souvik chatterjee Says:

My homeopathic doctor prescribe me rmercury vina- a homeopathic medicine, can you please tell me the purpose of the medicine. I am having some allergic problem and I use to take montecope but due to that mercury vina which I think prevent the activity of montecope.

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pravin borkar Says:


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mujju Says:

i have been safering from skin alergy. for 10months.that means itching skin some times swelling the nose.i was taking monticope day after day.i have been taking the homeopathi medicine for i take the monticope weekly once. pls go for homeopathi treatement

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Dhananajay Says:

its right

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Satish Reddy Says:

I'm suffering from dry cough is this monticope helpful to cure dry cough.

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Dhiraj Says:

could you suggest any ayurvedic replacement to monticope

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Mitesh Says:

Monticope tablets need to be consumed before or after food?

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Alok Gupta Says:

Sir when i take any high dose antibiotic then after 6-7 hour i feel weakness in my leg and hand and there is difficulties in walking. Sir i want to know why this is happen. Is there any diagnosis for that?

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dhaval Says:

i am suffering from a problem of coughing .doctor has advised me MONTICOPE it good to be continue forever for this as it has not any side effects?

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Sha Says:

Hey if you don't mind can you tell me if you smoke or used to smoke? If yes, how regularly, etc?

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Sushil ku Jain Says:

I am a
Asthma patient .near about 20years
Breath is my problem

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Sushil ku Jain Says:

Became problem for breathe .am a Asthma
Patient. Near about 20.years .
Daily one tab Monticops 7 year
No Smoking. No drink No any bad habit
Plz sir help me

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Ishika Says:

Hello, I've been taking monticope for the last 7 years, as I have had a cold and asthma. Whenever I stop taking it, I start having itching and breathing problems... What should I do? 7 years is a long period... Am I becoming addicted to monticope? Has it become a health risk? Waiting for ur precious reply.

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Sagar Says:

I am 25 yrs old, suffering from a dust and cold allergy. I also have an asthma problem. I take monticope every 2 days. Other tablets have not worked. Please help me.

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Santhiraju Says:

I have been taking monticope for the last 3 years as it gives quick relief, but it gives me some side effects (gastric problems and sleeping disorders). What is monticope indicated for?

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