Monocef Injection

Sanjay Says:

For what purpose is this injection (Ceftriaxone) given? Looking for any details about this drug.

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Jayanta Says:

Why would monocef injection be given to a 18 months old infant with a problem of Acute Gastroeteritis?

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Nyasa Says:

I am suffering from vaginal infection since 1 month. Dr prescribed me amoxyclav 625, itraconazole, v wash, and candid b. Still problem continued. Then Dr prescribed me Monocef 1 g IV. After some time I started feeling irritation again. Now what next?

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Roy Says:

Monocef (Ceftriaxone) is used in the treatment of various bacterial infections (it is an antibiotic drug). In the United States the brand of this drug is called Rocephin. I was once given a shot of this in the emergency room when there was a red line traveling up my arm. The needle was large and it was painful. I also remember that I had to submit a stool sample a few days later to test for C. Diff infection.

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Nyasa Says:

It was given to treat bacterial infection but still I was facing itching. Then another doctor prescribed me Terbinafin which is worked very well.

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