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Lea Says:

Has anyone had hair loss after taking Mobic?

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Lisa Says:

I've been losing tons of hair the past month and just read this. My hairdresser said it's probably either stress or all the meds I'm on for an arthritic condition. I started taking Mobic at the end of February and am now wondering, because of your e-mail, if that is the culprit for all this hair loss. Have you found a definitive answer to the hair loss question yet?

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linda Says:

I started Mobic 3 months ago and am losing lots of hair each day. Mobic works great but will be bald soon if I cannot stop this. Any suggestions?

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Lisa Says:

I ended up being taken off Mobic because of drop in blood count and slow gastro bleed (had been taking Feldene for about nine months prior), so I can't take any anti-inflammatories anymore...not even OTC Motrin. BUT when I was losing hair, I used Nioxin shampoo recommended by two hairdressers that helps thicken your hair. It actually worked, but now that I'm off all inti-inflammatories, my hair stopped shedding so severely. Now, if only there was something to control the severe pain of arthritis.

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Verwon Says:

Lisa, there are other options to help with pain that do not contain anti-inflammatories, narcotic opiates are one such class, you can get them in formulations by themselves, without any Acetaminophen or Ibuprofen as buffers.

The drawback of course, is that they may help with your pain, but they are not going to do anything for the arthritic inflammation that you are experiencing.

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Lisa Says:

Thanks for the tip. My rheumatologist has been giving me a combo of Extra Strength Tylenol and Vicodin PRN (usually every 4 hours) for the last 15 years, but in my last appointment she got worried about the new negative Acetaminophen reports, so she's wanting me to cut back significantly. What are some of those other alternatives? I've not heard about any of them, and she did not say there was anything else out there.

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Verwon Says:

The newer alternatives in that class actually use Ibuprofen, rather than Acetaminophen, one of them, which is also available in a generic form, is called Vicoprofen.

Plus you can get other pain relievers, the opiates, by themselves, without Ibuprofen or Acetaminophen as buffers, such as oxycodone, Morphine, Hydromorphone, and others. They are all available in low dose forms, so you can start low if you don't have an opiate tolerance.

However, since you did use Vicodin, if it worked well for you, you might want to ask her about switching to the Vicoprofen, so then you cut out the Acetaminophen entirely.

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Lisa Says:

Thanks, Verwon. I'll ask about the straight opiates without any ibuprofen or acetaminophen buffers. As concerned as doctors are about the new acetaminophen guidelines, ANY sort of ibuprofen is out of the question for me per my gastroenterologist because of my severe stomach ailments due to my illness. Just some background for your frame of reference -- I have mixed connective tissue disease (lupus in particular), with severe, often crippling, arthritis and gastro problems (i.e. severe IBS, GERD, Barrett's esophagus, ulcers), as well as lung involvement and other miscellaneous effects. My system has not tolerated or responded well enough to the chemo and antimalaria drugs like methotrexate, plaquenil and the like over the years, so the doctor is just trying to help me survive day-to-day and keep me functional with prednisone and vicodin, along with a combo of other meds for my stomach, lung and circulatory problems. I've had to learn (as I'm sure many others have had to do) to live with some amount of ever-present pain and discomfort 24/7. I'm not complaining--just giving some background in case I happen to stumble across someone in a similar boat who has found a magic bullet that may benefit me and others, as well.

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Verwon Says:

Wow Lisa, very sorry to hear that, though I do understand. I, too, am in pain 24/7 nothing ever relieves all of it, I consider it a good day if I can take the edge off enough to function, spend time with my family, and maybe get a few things done. On top of this site, I also work for another one, where I am in complete charge of the bulletin board section and the moderators,plus I have my husband and son to take care of, along with 4 spoiled brat cats and 1 lady dog! So my days can be very busy and I just can't lay around and not do anything.

With that many problems with the NSAIDs on your stomach, you will definitely want to stick with something that doesn't include them. I can't believe you are on Vicodin with the Acetaminophen in it, that is the worst on your stomach of any of them. I definitely recommend asking your doc about the other options that don't have NSAIDs with them, such as Oxycodone, Morphine, or Hydromorphone.

With my taking Morphine and Oxycodone everyday, plus Ibuprofen for my headaches, my stomach gets upset easily and I have a standing scrip for something for the nausea. (Meclizine 25mgs) For some reason that they can't explain, Morphine can also affect the receptors in your brain that cause the gag reflex, lol, so sometimes you get sick for no reason at all!

My ex-sister in law had lupus, I was very young then and didn't know much about it, so the one thing I remember most from then, is she was always, in any kind of weather, wearing long sleeved shirts to hide the skin markings. I have learned more about it now, but back then, I was only about 8 years old and had no clue what it was or what it did to people. My dad mainly talked about the skin markings, so I never realized back then that it did anything else.

Back then, however, she did not have the other problems that you do, and later, after they divorced, she didn't keep in touch with our family, so I don't know any other details.

My chronic pain condition is caused by degenerative scoliosis that wasn't treated properly when I was a child. As I grew into adulthood and basic never worried about it, I worked, had a baby, lifted stuff and just did whatever I wanted, and it all eventually took its toll. I have a curve that is shaped like an odd S, it curves 67degrees towards my right side at the top, from the 3rd cervical vertebrae down through most of my t spine, then there is a huge gap in the vertebrae, where the curve changes direction, and then it goes around 47 degrees back towards the left all the way to the end of it.

I used to have 3 straight vertebrae, the first 3 in my neck, and that was it, but Friday, I had a doc's appointment and just got the results of my latest MRI, and found out that there are now only 2 straight, I have arthritis starting at c3&4 and it has pushed that third vertebrae out, so it is now crooked as well. I also have arthritis setting in at two others spots in my spine as well, at T4&5 and then right in the very bottom of my lumbar and going into the tail bone.

For the past several weeks, I had been getting these bad headaches that I just could not get rid of, then they would turn into full-blown migraines that were so bad, I couldn't hold anything down. So I was planning to ask her about it at this monthly med appointment anyway. So when I brought it up and she looked at the MRI results with me, well it suddenly explained a lot.

My migraines have never been caused by the usual problems, mine have always been from the discs in my neck getting out of whack, with that gap in my spine, where the curve changes direction, it crushes the discs together, so they herniate whenever they feel like it. LOL!

I have always had to use a prescription strength of Ibuprofen, since the traditional migraine meds won't work for this type of thing, and now, sometimes, even my 800mgs of Ibu doesn't touch it. Basically the arthritis gets flaring and the inflammation is just putting pressure on all the nerves in my neck. I have had instances recently where it was so badly bulging at C3&4 that even my hair swishing against it is painful.

My options for this, are, as I said, very limited though, so like you, my doc is trying steroids to bring down the inflammation and try to lessen the severity and frequency of the migraines.

It also suddenly made sense in relation to something else I was planning to ask her about, sometimes in this cold weather, when I would go into to use the bathroom or perhaps be outside when it was cold and bend over to pick something up, when my shirt and jacket would ride up and expose my spine to the air, as soon as cold air hit it, my lower back would suddenly feel as if it were on fire and then a throbbing pain would set in, so she said in relation to the arthritis starting, that makes sense. It is well known, at least by the doc's who admit it, that weather can affect many types of medical problems that cause pain and the inflammation of arthritis can get aggravated very quickly from cold air.

So in summary on this topic, STAY WARM! LOL! When it is very cold, near zero in the winter and the wind chill falls below, my husband doesn't even let me leave the house. For those times when I do have to go out, I picked up a longer coat and a longer scarf and I always make sure to wear a larger sized sweatshirt or sweater to keep those areas covered, just to try to stave off some of the effects.

Just to provide some more information for you, since you are currently using Acetaminophen, the toxic daily dose of that would be 4grams or 4000mgs, this dose can start severe organ damage and could even be fatal, Acetaminophen poisoning is a very slow and agonizing death, so make sure you stay under that dosage in each 24 hour period.

I really, really wish I had a magic bullet for you, so you wouldn't have to suffer so much, maybe we will get lucky and someone else with a solution will stop by and tell us. Please keep in touch, i wil be worrying and thinking about you.

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Angela Says:

Glad I read this discussion! I have taken Mobic only twice and the 2nd time I litterally thought I was dying. My heart was pounding so hard and fast I could feel it pulsing strongly on both sides of my neck and in my wrists. I thought I was going to have a heart attack. NEVER AGAIN WILL I TAKE MOBIC! Afterwards I looked up the side effects and then read the user reviews and was scared by all the people who had heart attacks after starting it, even people as young as in their 30's! It has been 2mths since I took it and my heart rate now stays high and beats irregularly. My BP is running higher than normal for me as well. I have chest pains often now. It works for some but not to all. It certainly isn't a one size fits all drug. I informed my doctor at my followed up about Mobic's side effects and she said that I was the 3rd person in 2 weeks that said the same thing as myself.

I have Fibro, Narcolepsy, Chronic Lyme Disease, possible Lupus/RA..awaiting labs to see what doc thinks. Osteoarthritis so severe that the Pain Mgt doc I was referred was floored at its severity with me being only 38. Chronic daily headaches and awaiting MRI results of my neck/shoulders/spine as he thinks it is a pinched nerve or Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. I dont get how I have so many health problems at my age. The most recent is my platelet count has dropped and I am bruising easily as well as bleeding horribly even from a small cut. My legs look horrible due to the hemmoraging under the skin called Petechial Rash. I feel so damn old! I have a husband and 5 kids ranging from 20 to 2 and one is special needs and requires much interventions (tracheostomy/tube fed). I have to push myself daily to get through. I too have been losing tons of hair since taking Mobic. I am going to the FDA website to log my side effects so others are aware and the FDA can monitor.

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Coleitha Says:

I have been taking Mobic for two years now. I have been experiencing hair loss since I started taking 15mg a day. Lisa, did the hair you lost grow back? I am trying to figure out if the medication caused the hair loss or other health concerns. I have spent so much money on products that haven't worked for me.

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Kathie Says:

Boy, this is weird. I had my thyroid checked a couple of weeks ago because my hair is falling out so fast (and I have a lot of hair) but it came back normal. When I read this blog, I stopped taking Mobec, which I have been on since July 9 for neck issues. I would rather use something else and not go bald. I'm glad I read about this side effect.

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Coleitha Says:

About a week ago, I reduced my dosage to 7.5 MG of Mobic. I am still trying to find out what is causing the hair loss. I am waiting to see a dermatologist now. I would love to quit taking it completely, but I need to find a drug to replace it because of the severe pain and limited mobility I experience when I don't take it.

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Kathie Says:

I thought about going to a dermatologist also. Let me know what he says

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adelheid Says:

why do coctors give people addictive pills? there are better medication available, which do not cause people to become addicted to narcotics.

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adelheid Says:

Mobic should be taken off the Market, It makes people depressed and and has too many bad side effects. If yor doctor does not change your medication, drop them, and find another doctor, who has real compassssion, and gives you a medication, that you and your family can live with. Some doctors are not interested in dealing with the whole person. They just push pills to get you in and out of their office as fast as posssible. There is a real difference between a pill pusher and a good physician who will trat the whole person, and finds out what is really going on with your body. On the other hand there are people who are only interested in getting a cheap fix, any way they can.

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candi Says:

I have been on Mobic 15mg a day for a yr and a half, for arthritis in my lower back. It has worked wonders for my pain and stiffness. However, about 2 mo. ago my hair started fallen big time! In one morning,everytime i touched my head hair fell and fell. I counted over 200 hairs! Some days are better than others. My dr. first told me it was stress, but I believe its the Mobic. So I go to Dr. tommorrow to see what my other options are for stiffness because I am definetly getting off the Mobic.

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Wendy Says:

I have been shedding hair so bad... I decided to check out if anyone was losing hair from mobic. I figured out I started shedding around the time I started taking this medicine.

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Wendy Says: dog was 17 years old and healthy. She did have a hard time moving. The vet prescribed mobic for her. She was acting like a puppy on that med. A couple of months later she was sick and wouldn't eat. It kept getting worse. I took her back and he told me togive her pepcid. Two weeks later I had to put her to sleep. Mobic have her a huge ulcer that she was bleeding internally so severe. Found out it was her medicine mobic that caused it. Never give it to yer pets. I loved her and was so crushed. I want to pass this to everyone to help save other pets.

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Tobi Says:

I have been taking Mobic for fibro for about 2 months now. It makes me feel great, but I have been sweating buckets and have finally figured out it is the Mobic. Has anyone else ever heard of this? It is so bad I have to change clothes 3-4 times a day, and it drips out of my hair. I hate to stop the Mobic because it works, but some of your posts now have me a little worried.

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Grampa Ed Says:

Last week I bloated up and looked like I was seven months pregnate with ankels to match. When you have a heart condition it is best NOT to take Mobic. Now I have to take other tests to see if it damaged something else. Pain is back but also have a small stomach ache after eating. Did not lose any hair for I have none.

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