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Abortion Tablets Name In Pakistan

plzz help me.... tell me the best pills to remove the pregnancy ## I'm sorry, but I don't know exactly what's available for this in Pakistan and most medications of this nature require a doctor's prescription. The one commonly used in most countries in Misoprostol, but it can cause side effects, such as: nausea, dizziness, abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding. Have you consulted a doctor? ## plz reply me urgently, who i can removes the 20 days pregnancy with medicine, other then mifepristone and misprostol, plz, urgently and also which dignose medicine will be available in pakistan ## Gigi, Mifepristone and Misoprostol are the medications that are used, there really aren't any other options that I'm aware of and I have no idea what you could find in Pakistan. We a...

why did i have only a few hours bleeding after taking Misoprostol

I inserted abt 12 misorpostol virginally,24hrs after taking miferpostone orally. I did the inserting with a 4hr margin because there was no blood,after abt 2 hours after last insert,I experienced light bleeding and minor cramps,I had just 1 blood clot. The bleeding lasted for jst a few hrs. Am sooooo confused,wot home remedy shuld I use cos seeing a doctor in anotyher country is out of the question. This pregnancy is getting to the 6th week n tym is running out. Getting a gud D&C doctor here is goin to b like finding a needle in a haysack!!! Pls help!!! ## Did you do an actual pregnancy test again to see if you were still pregnant, or if the medications were successful? It's been several days since you posted. What is going on with you now? Not everyone bleeds a lot, especially ...

Dueton Capsule To Remove The Pregnancy In Three Days

My gf is 25 days pregnant. She took 2 capsules of dueton 9hrs ago, but still there are no signs of her period. ## No, Dueton contains a combination of hormones, which can be used as a contraceptive to prevent pregnancy, either by taking them regularly, or by taking them in a high dose within the first 5 days of unprotected sex. However, these hormones will not do anything to end a pregnancy that already exists. Learn more oral contraceptive details here. Since she is already pregnant, if you don't want to have a baby right now, the only options are medication induced abortion, or a surgical one from a doctor. The most commonly used medication is Misoprostol, but in most countries it requires a doctor's prescription. Learn more Misoprostol details here. Is there anything else I c...

effect of using expired misoprostol

I was 37 wks pregnant and was given expired misoprostol tables to induce labor and i gave birth to a still born baby. Can the expired tablets be the cause? ## This drug Mistropol is used to assist in termination of pregnancy. Expired medicine still contains a degree of potency....the expiration date basically confirms the product is fresh, and is as the amount of potency.....within the time period manufacture stated. Why were you given a drug to assist putting you into labor that assists in TERMINATING a pregnancy? This could yes,very likely be why the baby was still-born.Taking any medication while pregnant is a risk to the unborn child.Sorry,but you need to know,so this does not happen to you again.Look up any medication,and read everything about it before taking it.This could save yo...

Abortion Tablets Name In Pakistan to remove pregnancy

I had sex with my g.f on june 8th and her last period date was june 4th. Now it is july 8th and she does not have her period. Please tell me which medicine is used to remove a pregnancy. ## I am not a doctor and I don't know what's available in Pakistan. However, the most commonly used medications are Mifepristone and Misoprostol. Learn more Mifepristone details here. Learn more Misoprostol details here. They do, however, require a doctor's prescription in most countries. Has she consulted a doctor? ## how to stop pregnancy before starting without medicine sex had done 2 days ago??????? ## my GF is pregment from 2 months so what can we do. have u any medicine to stop pregmency ## Dear sir my wife is pregnet for 40 days what I do to remove this ## May 20 saal ka ho. Meri g.fr...

Is misoprostol available in the phillipines?

I'm just curious, if Misoprostol available in the philipines? can I buy it at the pharmacy w/o prescription of the Dr.? ## Yes. You can buy it at Quiapo, Manila. ## is it available in cebu also? without the preacription of the dr? pls.reply ## need to know how to abort 1 week delayed of menstrual ## Can i buy it without prescription? what particular place and drugmart am i going to buy the said medicines? ## hi...i need to know if it can be obtained in cebu also ## Gd.pm ,Is there any drugstore here in Davao can sell the said misoprostol tab.? ## San banda sa quaipo?magkanu?hnd b peke?nid reply asap ## please give me specific place in quaipo where i can buy that pill.... and how much it costs....THNX! ## sn pu vah sa quaipo..i ned 2 know now. pls help me.. his my no. tect me up 09xx...

How to use St Mom

How do you use this medicine (st mom)? Plz tell me. ## Mery Beve ke Manses 15 January ko ane te per nahi aye jab ham ne pregnancy test kya to wo positive aa gaya ab qareban 40 den ki pregnancy hai kya ab wo S.T MOM use kar sakti hai? plex Jawab lazmi dy. Shokria. ## hello my last mensis had came at 11may now in June I haven't mansis till now so can Iuse this medicine without having test because I m sure I m not pragnent ## Sir mare Wife 1 month sy mensis nai hui. Kia mai ST mom teblts us kr sakta hn ## Sar mere beve prednet hai 90 din se ziyda ho gaya kia main os ko st mom dedo to use sab clear ho jainga ## I need to know how to use s.t mom? Mere bate k age 20 sal h 2 month sy period nhi arhy ky ma s.t mom k istemal krwa sakte ho or kesy. ## My period date was august 7th but it did ...

pills to terminate the pregnancy

now i'm 53 days.by using the tablet can i get abortion.my menses date was 26th of october but my menses are not started.thats why i want to know a abortion tablets name. i want to know the name a the drug i will take for abortion am in Pakistan ## Have you taken a pregnancy test? I am not sure what is available for you to use in Pakistan. In the U.S. the most commonly used medication for abortion induction is Misoprostol, but it usually requires a doctors prescription and is only safe to use up to the third month of pregnancy. It may cause side effects, such as: nausea, dizziness, vaginal bleeding and abdominal cramping. ## I can help u in this matter... mail me. ## had unprotected sex [withdrawal method] 2 days ago and took N tablet 20 hrs after. will it prevent pregnancy ? ## Naan...

Abortion Tablets Name To Avoid Pregnancy

I need the abortion tablets to avoid my pregnancy, i had a sex with my husband and now we dont want child now, and i didnt get my periods for a past 45 days, so please send me the tablets to avoid my pregnancy ## This website doesn't manufacture, prescribe, nor sell any medications, it is an information only website. The two most commonly used medications are Mifepristone and Misoprostol, they are actually often used to together to cause abortion. Learn more Mifepristone details here. Learn more Misoprostol details here. I am not sure, however, if they are available there and in most countries, they do require a doctor's prescription. Have you done a test to confirm pregnancy? ## mene 3 din pehle apki tablet dia 1 hour k lie period aaya tha phir band ho gaya kripa sujhav de ## i...

abortion by misoprostol

I have took misoprostol of miso gun co. Veginally but bleeding stop after 4 days then I took ultra sound and few pieces appeared then what should I do plz reply ## Hi am dee and am pregnant for one month seven day I used the Naman stone kit but I just had a little blood n having a runny stomach,when will the bleeding start

I Had A Sex After My Periods Completed We Have Done Unprotected But Beleive Sperm Not Got Inside There Is Doubt Of Went Into Vagina Can U Help Me Out

hi this is ragini ., i had sex with my boyfriend after my periods end nxt day we had sex ..... our doubt is the sperm might went inside the vagina ... can u help us out how to stop the pregnancy ... please reply us back immediately ## You posted this message about more than a month for now. I think you must have thought about using the Emergency Contraceptives? And if not then without wasting time, you must find the easily available Misoprostol (i.e. abortion tablet) available in your country. And for the future, please don't don't this. Try to get married as soon as possible. If he loves you, he'll marry you. ## we started femilon on the second day of period and have unprotected sex on the fifth day is it safe ## Another option is to get yourself a regular, reliable contrac...

how you will know when your pregnancy is terminated?

I am two to 3 weeks pregnant..I want to abort this pregnancy...please help me...what kind of medicine I can used to terminate my pregnancy..... Because I'm trying misoprostol and aspirin but still it didn't work.... ## I'm 1 month pregnant and I took the pills n only received a tick blood from my vagina n then it stop so what is the problem? ## I took a drugs containing misoprostol 200mg and i m five week preganant little blood came out. I want to keep the preganancy ## Hi My girlfriend got pregnancy one weak so still we are student and plse tell me The easiest way that we can destroy it ?

medicine for abortion of 1 month

I missed my periods I cheked with preganews kit so got positive then I went to medical shop for misoprostol but he was saying these tables isnt their these arent coming in the market ## hi i got maried recently.. we met in sex after her dates of 10,11 and 12 if any chance to gt pregnancy tel me any tablet or ways to destroy pregnancy.. this is 30 th day to our met.. ## I abortion my one month baby because i have already two baby so plz help me ## I am pregnant of one month and want to take a drug to induce, so kindly send me the name of the medicine and how to use? thanks ## I am pregnant of one month...and i want to abortion it by medicine at home....so pls tell me the name of that medicine...and how to use it??? ## Me ne st mom tablet khai he mujy 10 days bleeding hoti rai he phr jb m...

Irregular periods - suggest tablets

I have had my irregular periods for at least a gap of 3 months. Please suggest me a tablet (other than regestrone) to regularize my periods. Please help me! ## i didnt get my period yet, 15 days over from the date. i am not married, what is the tablet to get period, ## Nancy what you need to do is see a doctor to determine whether or not you are pregant, if you're sexually active and once you know that, then you can find a solution. If you are pregnant and do not wish to have a child, there are solutions available, such as the use of the medication Misoprostol, which can cause an abortion: If you aren't pregnant or sexually active and are just having menstrual irregularities, your doctor might want you to use something like hormonal contraceptive tablets to help regulate it. Are...

Misoprostol during pregnancy

i had sex with my gf on 23rd feb after some time around 10th march we go for pregency test and we got positive result than after i give her misoprostol cytolog after having medicine bleding starts after 2 days and bleding was very heavy and continue for 8 to 9 days and afer 20 to 25 days we again go for pragency test we got again positive report and then we go for ultra sound in this report we found small piece left near uterus. so what shoul i do now please help me. mye e-mail id {edited for privacy} ## I had an unprotected sex on the 8th april,so I think I am pregnant cause I haven't went to my periods.what can I use to terminate the pregnancy?I am 20years old.plz help me ## hello you can try MTP kit which available at medical store. but better you concern doctor. ## I am already ...

what is the effect of taking misoprostol for a 2 week pregnancy

I want to know cos my wife is 2 weeks pregnant and i have given her misoprostol and i want to know the effect it will have so then when any symptoms come i wont be afraid. ## Hi..i am 4weeks pregnant...not willing to continue..took misoprost200 4tabs yesterday..having bleeding but no clots..wht to do.??plzz help. ## can a woman that is 2 weeks pregnant take misoprostol? please i need an answer to this question... hope to hear from you soon Thank You ## Just checked ur msg. I would like to tell u that if u want to discontinue ur pregnancy anytime before 13 weeks, you can and its not harmful. Use Only Cytotec (which is known as misoprostol 200 mcg). {edited for safety} Your pregnancy will be terminated. I am kind of an expert in all medical issues. I will always encourage you to take the ...

why do i have few hours of bleeding after taking misoprostol

Hi I'm candy I used misoprostol at about 9pm and I had few blood clots and the following day was dry so do that mean pregnancy is gone , was 5 weeks pregnant? ## Sir I want to know that my gf is now facing the problem of menstrual cycle we dont want to have baby now please give some medicine to slove our problem ## Im i still pregnant,i used vanprazol,misoprostol 500mg and i bled for a day with just one blood clot,i used nemeclox afther then with hot water and now im no longer bleeding.im confused if i am stil pregnant or not ## LMP 29may had sex 7/8 June,took 4 tabs of cytotec on 25 June,yellowish water oozes out following little blood clot n bleedn,stopped den yellowish discharge n water till date,plz was d abortion successful? ## i took misoprostol sub lingually 3 times within 12...

tablet name to remove pregnancy chance after 10 days, that's available in pakistan

Give me the name of tablets available in Pakistan to remove all the risk of pragrency right after 10 to 15 days of sex. ## Meri g.friend ki period date 27 hai.magr is month hum ny sex kiya aur mai us k andr he farak ho gya tha.so plzzz koi tablet bata dy. ## Give me the name of tablets available in Pakistan to remove all the risk of pragrency right after 10 to 15 days of sex. ## I want to know the name of tablet which prevent pregnancy after 15days of sex. ## Pls show me a tablet to avoid pregnancy after having sex for two days in Ghana ## hello sir plz mjhe koi mdcn btaein main apne bf se mili thi or bs 1 br sex kiya mjhe periods nhi a rahy 6 days ho gays ## What can I take to prevent pregnant after 3days of unprotected sex ## Plaza tell me tablets name to avoid pragnecy after 10 r 15 ...

To Abort 2 Months Pregnancy

She don use GYNAECOSID for last month but sill there,I need to know the right medicine to use? ## my girl friend have two month pregnancy hw to abort it please tell me right way, she did nt consult doctor ## Am 2 months pregnant and i want to abort ## I am 1 month pregent I have been 2 d doctoe she checked me n said still d heart of d baby is not formed only d spurmes r formed so I dont want d baby so what can I do ## What to do tell me plz ## PRIYANKA....Please listen...your baby is a very small baby with a beating heart! Don't let anyone tell you different. Please do not kill your baby! Let me know what country you are in and I will help you find an adoption agency that will help you out financially and will find a loving home for your precious baby. GOD bless you and your little ...

Abortion Pill For 1 And Half Month

I had sex wid ma bf for the first time and i bled alot ...gues its normal for virgins. The first time we used a condom bt the second time on the same day we didnt use any contraceptives and nw i think m preg...nt sure for how long bt nt mor dan a month n a half..sumbody pls help me. im only 18 and in university....i dnt want da baby. ## Have you had a pregnancy test, yet? I am not sure where you are located, so I have no way of knowing what options are available for you. You should consult a doctor to see if you are pregnant and to discover what your options are from there. The medication that is most commonly used is Misoprostol, but it can only safely be used up to the third month of pregnant and it can cause some side effects, such as nausea, headache, abdominal cramping and vaginal ...


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