Misery: Loestrin 24 Fe Was My Lifesaver.

Jami Says:

I used to bleed clots the 1/2 size of the palm of my hand, cramp and lay in bed 2 weeks, wear adult diapers over my pads and tampons, be extremely unpredictable with emotions and thoughts from minute to minute. I suffered like this from age 14-28.
No pills worked. I got diagnosed with an ovarian tumor, and within the surgical removal my OB found Endometriosis and PCOS, double whammy.

Then I met Loestrin . 100% changedy life! It was like curing a chronic DISEASE!!!!!

Now I'm forced, like the rest of you, to get on Minastrin. I absolutely approached it open mindedly but had a tiny bit of fear. I tried to ignore the pill and the fact it was new just so I was sure I wasn't psyching myself out.

============= 2 MONTHS into MINASTRIN=======

•••Vaginal discharge/ yeast infection
•••Muscle/bone aches
•••Cramping lightly and spotting daily
••• lethargic
••• upset tummy
••• vivid and terrifying dreams, wake up screaming and sweating
••• psychotic,EXTREME irritability that makes no sense and comes put of nowhere
••• sound,people,tv,pets etc ALL irritate me.
••• sensitive to sound
••• low energy
•••• brazen and outspoken/no filter/no fear
••• emotional outbursts
••• Physical Outbursts
••• depressive thoughts
••• harmful thoughts
••• obsessive thinking
••• ISOLATION because I don't want to damage others or hurt them

This is all very real. Very heightened.
Very scary. I'm sane enough to know I need to avoid people right now and that I am NOT myself.

I need a DOCTOR or PHARMACIST who knows what they're talking about instead of just leisurely repeating manufacturer information. SIT DOWN, STUDY for themselves, and SAVE US!

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Jami! How are you doing? I'm sorry about the problems tha you've been having.

Have you discussed this issue with your doctor?

They can write your prescription so that only the brand name can be dispensed to you and that should eliminate these issues.

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Days Mother Says:

Can't say enough about Loestrin. I genuinely can't understand WHY such a drug was discontinued and WHY so many of us are suffering now. The "replacement" IS NOT THE SAME. They can talk all they want. It's not. Way too coincidental that we are all experiencing the same symptoms, all just had Loestrin taking out from under us with no notice, and now we are all miserable.

I want some REAL answers! Not this double speak that "it's the same" "give it some time" etc. Taking a drug that causes all this pain, anguish and utter terror is NOT good.

Too bad Lomedia 24 Fe IS NOT the magic bullet we were told it would be.

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Nelly Says:

Have you tried Lomedia 24 Fe?

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Days Mother Says:

I am so sorry to hear all this has happened and you are now going thru this.
What can we do? This is a nightmare. There's got to be someone who can help us!

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