Mirtazapine And The Side Effects*

alex t Says:

i take mirtazapine and i have been with it a few months now i was taking it in combination with celexa i eventually stopped the celexa and only took the rem i like it because it makes me sleep and wake up very easily when i need to(for work or appointments) i only take it at night and i actually try to lay in bed with my eyes closed after i take it not battle it to see the hallucinations they do cause however sometimes pleasent dreams but more horrible terrifying dreams. I'd wake up some nights from a horrible dream sweating and breathing heavy. and yes this drug also makes you gain weight and ALOT of it if your not careful just reguarly excercise and all will be well


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Verwon Says:

Thanks for sharing your experience using the medication, it will be very helpful to many people.

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The odd dreams have been known to happen with this type of medication, so has the weight gain, but it's great that you're aware of it.

Are there any questions or comments?

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DeDe Says:

My Dr gave me Remeron 7/12 for depression to try. I am 83 and wondered if it help or be a waste of time at that dose. It does help to sleep some, but also very have lots of anxiety. Thank you

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dyslexic bri Says:

I was on the same mix, I soon found out the Celexa was the bad med

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