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Can Telma 40 and Ecosprin 75 be taken together

Can Telma 40 and Ecosprin 75 be taken together in the afternoon, as in the night I have to take Rosuvas F,and Urimax and Nikoram5 ## They can be taken together, as long as your doctor has instructed you to do so. The U.S. FDA lists the typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, increased urination, and hypotension. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Can I take telma 40 with Ecosprin 75 together at night?

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Minipress XL 5 mg and cilacar 5mg

I suffered a CVA .the doctors prescribed minipress xl 5 mg and cilacar 5mg both in the morning and evening.i am also taking clopilet 75 and rosuvas 20.i am having severe pain in my right leg and right knee my doctor has directed me take minipress only in the it okay to stop minipress in the morning abruptly. ## It is always best to follow your doctor's instructions. The NIH warns that these medication may cause other side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache, increased urination, and hypotension. Have you made the change, yet? Has the pain improved? ## I am taking cilacar 10, starpress XL 50 Arkamin 0.01 for long. Now my legs are swelling and Dr has changed cilacar with minipress 5mg Is it OK ? Will lt control my BP and also get rid of eh swelling ?

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erratic blood pressure

I was on concor 5 and lnblock 20 in the morning with aquazide 12.5 (half in the morning) and minipress 2.5 xl and alfusin d for my prostrate at night. My blood pressure was fine for three years but suddenly it shot to 170/97. The dr has changed my medication now to metasartan (40/50) from concor. I am worried that this may further disturb my blood pressure levels? ## Your blood pressure will always fluctuate, depending on your activity levels, the time of day it is checked, what you've eaten, and etc. It will never stay at one steady level all the time. The NIH lists the typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, increased urination, and hypotension. Has there been any change, yet?

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I had high bp. I am taking now Telma h 40 & prezopress xl 2.5 one tablet each daily. BP is under control, but is the combination ok? ## You should take them, if your doctor has instructed you to do so. Multiple medications are often prescribed, if someone's blood pressure is very high, to try to bring it down as fast and as safely as possible. When I first had congestive heart failure, I as on quite a few medications, until my blood pressure was lowered to better levels. The NIH lists the typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, increased urination, and hypotension. Is there anything else I can help with?

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Side Effects Of Predmet 4

I am an old female patient (age 81)suffering for ILD (Interstices lung disease) and R.Arthritis. Having Predmet since last 4 years with varying doses (16mg to 6mg) as per Doctor's advise. Since last six weeks dose reduced to 4mg per day. In addition to general weakness and Blood sugar disorder (which is due to predmet - according to my Doctor), I am suffering Short time memory loss recently from last six to eight months. Other medicines are Ramistar5, Volibo0.3mg, Minipress XL 5mg and Aztor20. Have BP 120/80 more or less uniform. Also take Idrofos 150mg - 1 tab/month. Let me know Is the memory loss is for Predmet?...and advise. regards Full Rani dasgupta ## Have you consulted your doctor as to what is causing it? There are several different possibilities, including your medications ...

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replacement of bp tablet Concord 5 to metzok 50

Bp for last 10 years have been using Concor5 For last two years now it is highly fluctuating after lunch, can I replace with metzok 50 tablets ## Hello, Vinu! How are you? How high is it after lunch? What is it at other times of day, such as when you first wake up? According to the information provided by the NIH, it is normal for your blood pressure to fluctuate throughout the day, depending on when you've eaten, your activity levels and etc. It will never hit certain numbers and remain there all day. What has your doctor advised? You shouldn't make any medication changes, on your own. The FDA lists the typical side effects of blood pressure medications as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, increased urination, stomach pain and hypotension. Do you also watch your d...

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fluacting BP

i am 49 year old female and have been having hypertension for the last 9 years and i am also having hypothyroidism for the last 15 years. My thyroid profile is ok. I am obese. Initially i was prescribed atenelol 50, but after 2 years it was changed to teneroic 50 as i was having edema. but after taking it for last 6 yrs. my BP has started to fluctuate a lot 180-140/110-90. i have been prescribed amtas twice, metpure xl 50 twice, minipress, arkamin 1/2 twice. now my BP is 116-121/65-75. it is ok

Use of Mexovas 0.2 mg for a mild kidney patient

I am a Type II patient with sugar 140/104, HbAic 5.5% Creatinine level 2.0 BP with medicine 142/76. For BP Doctor is giving me Rincil 10 mg (Morning and Evening), Mexovas 0.2mg (Morning), Minipress 5mg (Evening). I n the internet it is indicated that "Moxonidine should be avoided in patients with moderate to severe renal impairment". By taking these medicines I am passing more urine in the night. Please advise me regarding my BP medicines.

providac pantodac refagut joindis glumate thyronorm cardac leprasar minipress

I am sure I must be taking medications which may be technically not compatible with one another. Please advise what to avoid or replace. My medication: Morning = Thyronorm + Glucomet + Pentadac + Shellcal SD After breakfast = Providac + Refagut , Minipress, Lapresar + Cardac After Little gap = Joindic Super + Glugen + Tydol Evening Before food = Pentadac After food = Refagut + Providac Followed by Minipress, Leprasar + Cardac Followed by Atorvastatin before Sleep = Sulpatec + Nexito plus.

Uncontrolled Hypertension

sir, i am 41 yr old diabetic and high B.P. patient for last 10 yrs. My sugar is under control with VOBOSE-M-0.2. But High B.P. disturbs me quite often. recently my doctor prescribed me ASOMEX-5(BD),Telvas-H40/12.5(OD),minipress XL (1 tab ar night).inderal 40-1/2 tab (BD).still my B.P. is high and reads160/100,now he advised me to take TIDE-10mg at noon. Please advise me as my RFT, LFT are normal and LIPID profile(marginal increased),HbA1c-7.0 . Please advise me what should I do as It seems I am taking too much medicine. ## Hello, Golden! Sorry about the problems that you're having. What is your diet like? Are you eating a lot of salty foods? Sodium can elevate your blood pressure, so if you aren't watching what you eat, then you may be defeating some action of the medications wi...

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Cardace Side Effects

BP remainsinthe range of 160/100 - 180/115 despite taking medicines like metoprolol100, metolar100, dilgem90, telma40, olsar, cardace, prazopress, minipress, starpress, amcard, atenolol, atrova, lacilactone, me12, dizide, alprax.25, colsprine100 etc.etc on various intervals but with no effect.even the ecg,tmt,echo,angiography could suggest nothing ## my husband is advice to take TAB CARDACE 2.25 AFTER BREAKFAST. BY MISTAKE HE HAS BEEN TAKING CARDACE 1.25. CAN THIS BE THE CAUSE OF HIS DROWINESS. ## I have been having B.P. ranging from 160/100 to 180/115 and have undertaken all preliminary tests/diagnosis as advised by my consultant doctors except angioplasty which was not recommended. However, different medicines were prescribed including betacard, dicard, metoprolol, metolarxr, dilgem90...

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Side Effects Of Telsar Beta 50

I take 1/2 maclazide,galvus 50/500,tazlok h 40,minipress xl 5,telsar beta 50. for my suga and bp which undercontrol. my prblem is mild headache and rt foot swelling.can u enlighten me on my drugs and their side effects? ## mild headache and rt foot it due to tazloc h 40 or minipress xl or due to telsar beta 50? ## Have you had an exam and testing done to have it checked it out? While some blood pressure/cardiac medications may cause fluid retention, the resulting edema is not usually isolated to just one foot, leg, arm or etc. Learn more Edema details here. Have you injured that foot recently? As to the headache, yes, it could be a side effect, but there's really no way for me to narrow down which one may be causing it. What have your blood pressure readings been? ## I w...

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Emusulide side effect - for cronic renal failure case

my mother age is 49 years, she was suffering by maigraine headche from past 4 years,also have high BP problem, recurrent UTI, As per DMSA Scan ( scarring in left kidney with 7% working and right kidney is 93% working condition. Serum creatinine level 1.60. Uric acid 47, as per latest lab report 24 urine creatinine clearance range - 35 mg / 24 hours. Current medicine- Nephrosave ( for creatinine ), Febutaz/Febujet 40 mg.( Uric Acid), for BP- Calcigard retard 20 mg, metapure xl 50 mg, minipress 2.5 mg -2 tab. daily in night, telma H 80 mg. now the problem is headche attack frequency is sevior. please give ur seggetion what we can do?

Tonact 20 mg

Hello Doctor!! My mother is 64 years old and obese.We suspected her to be having hernia in the stomach and consulted a Dr and it was ruled out that she does not have hernia but her tummy is sagging and was adviced for Abdominoplasty.We got all the tests done and after the tests the Dr suggested her to take Tonact 20 mg.She is having cholesterol on the border and she is active and all her tests results are good.Please suggest if she can continue to take this medicine as she is already suffering with Diabetes and BP, and is taking Minipress, Losar H etc. Need your expert advice

Ramistarvise abt the ongoing medication.

My husband was having BP which he ignored for 2-3 years. Last yr he was admitted for 8days with severe head ache & resistant BP. Now he is using the following medicines daily for BP : Ramistar H 5mg, Metzok 50, Inapure 5mg, Minipress XL 5mg, Nicardia Ret. 20mg., Rantac 150mg. Please advise now it is almost 1year & 4 months he is daily taking these tabl. We hv gone to 3 cardiologist & none have reduced the medicines. How long should this be continued ?? His BP is in normal levels. Frequent he has Body pain, feet swelling, weakness... is it because of these medicines..

Side effects of Predmet

I am an Old Female Patient Age 81suffering from ILD (Interstices Lung Disease) and R.Arthritis. Having Predmet Since Last 4 Years With Varying Doses (16mg To 6mg) as per Doctors advise. Since last Six Weeks Dose of Predmet reduced to 4mg daily. In addition to General Weakness and Blood Sugar Disorder (which Is due to Predmet according to my Doctor), I am Suffering from Short Time Memory Loss during last 6 to 8 Months. Other Medicines taken are Ramistar5, Volibo03mg, Minipress XL5mg, Aztor20, Shelcal500 daily. Have BP 120/80 more Or less uniform Also Take Idrofos 150mg 1 Tab /month . Let me know if the Prolonged Uses affecting current memory loss OR advise. Regards Full Rani Dasgupta

predmet 16 mg

I have been suffering from R Arthritis, Interstitial Lung disease and Hyper Tension. prescribed doses increased from 8mg to Predmet 16 for last two months following recent problem of Coughing. Presently my eyes(bottom lead) swelled , puffed (or puffy) lids. In addition having noted compression fracture in L1 and L4, Osteoporosis?. It is due o prolonged use of Predmet for last two years with varying dose. BP is controlled. Other medicines: Ramistar 5mg+Minipress XL 5mg,Citromacalvit1200mg,PantocidIT one tab per day. Inhaler Foracort400 - 2+2puffs daily. Is the Eye swell and Osteoporosis for Predmet 16 mg?...Pleaseadvise ## I cannot find any information on a medication called Predmet, can you tell me what country it is from? If I had to guess, from the name I would assume that it contains...

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