Migraine Prevention

Mia Says:

I was prescribed Topamax about a month ago for migraine prevention. However, I have developed side effects of numbness and tingling in my hands and feet, concentration problems, problems with motor skills, and not much improvement in my migraines. I am going to ask my doctor to stop taking the the Topamax even though he advised that it would take a couple months to completely see the benefits of it. I just can't deal with the side effects and don't expect them to improve unless he says otherwise. I had high hopes for this drug and I'm really disappointed.

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nothresholdforpain Says:

I too was recently put on Topamax for bad headaches. Within the first week noticed sharper pains in my temples, strange pressure behind my eyes, became much more agitated with people and situations-really short fused. (what the family is calling TOPAMADIC)
Second week; muscle cramps, swelling, no tolerance for the heat, and strangely dizzy. I have stopped taking this before I get into the third week. I am also on other meds and think it is aggravating those health conditions. This is not a drug to be taken lightly. It's my understanding- once started the withdrawal is as bad if not worse.

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migraines too Says:

I just started Topomax a month ago and am taking 25mg twice daily. So far I have seen inprovement, but I also started acupressure at the same time. I only have had some tingling in my feet and a decrease in appetite. I have lost about 5 lbs this past month which I have welcomed.

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Heather Says:

I have recently started taken it, too. I am nervous, but after doing lots of reading up I'm reading to do a trial run to see if it cuts back on my migraines. I typically get 6 to 8 a month lasting 2 to 3 days each.

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whitney Says:

i was perscribed topamax for migraine prevention and it caused the numbness in my hands an feet also... i called tha doctor an the told me to stop taking it come to find out that was some kind of allergic reaction from it...

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