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I WANT TO KNOW ABOUT BENADRYL, TYLENOL INTERACTIONS WITH MICARDIS. ANYONE HAS EVER HAD SUCH, OR ANY OTHER MEDS. ## if a person is on micardis plus BP medicine can they use Tylenol for headaces and colds ## The only notable warning I found is a possible interaction between the Telmisartan in the Micardis, and the Diphenhydramine in the Benadryl, the FDA does warn that the combination could cause more drowsiness than usual, as well as lowered heart rate, and lowered blood pressure, so you should be aware to watch for any warning signs, such as severe dizziness, or drowsiness. I don't take Micardis, but I do take a similar medication, Losartan, and Benadryl and Tylenol are among the few medications my doctor has approved of me taking. Is there anything else I can help with?

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IS THERE A SUBSTITUTE FOR MICARDIS HTC THAT IS CHEAPER AND STILL WORKS AS GOOD. ## Micardis HCT was only approved for use in 2000, this the companies patent is still active and a generic is not available. ## THANKS FOR THE INFO. ## Very welcome ## Is there a drug in the same family as Micardis that might be cheaper? ## is there a substitute for the drug micardis hct 80mg/25mg that is cheaper ## My Pharmacist and Cardiologist just changed micardis to losartan potassium at a MUCH lower cost. Check it out with your Dr. ## My insurance recommended Losartan to replace Micardis, because of the cost, I was on it for a month, it didn't work for me, plus it gave me headaches, had to go back to Micardis. ## My pharmacist suggested amodipine besylate, trade name Mylan. He said it would be much...

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My mother has a very low morning blood pressure 90-100/55-60. During the day and up to the afternoon her blood pressure raises to 150/90. She was prescribed Micardis HCT 40 mg. We are very concerned to give her this medication when her blood pressure is low as 100/60. Should we wait for the blood pressure to raise to over 120 and then to give a medication. Or the medication should be taken in the morning regardless on the morninf blood pressure. ## Hi, Olya! Is she feeling dizzy or nauseous in the morning? What has her doctor said about it? Normally, if someone isn't having any symptoms from it the 100/60 is nothing to worry about, it's not a dangerously low reading and it is normal for someone's blood pressure to be low, when they first wake up and start moving around for t...

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D Is this worth the side effects ## Hi, Gina! Are you going to be taking it for high blood pressure or a cardiac condition? If so, then the question I'd like to ask is if your life is worth the side effects? I'm not intending to be rude or anything by asking that, it is a perfectly serious question. I have been there. I was diagnosed with high blood pressure, but I didn't take it seriously. When I had bad side effects from a medication, I stopped taking it and didn't go back to the doctor, or seek another doctor to try something else. I just let it continue out of control for another year…. Until I ended up passing out in the ER, unable to breathe from full congestive heart failure before I was 40 years old. Almost dying finally made me pay attention. It took sever...

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