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Anthony Says:

My mother was prescribed methadone for her Neuropathy while living in Florida. Since then she has moved back to Michigan by necessity. She left her job to move to Georgia with her husband who was a military vet. He got OxyContin from the V.A. Hospital in Atlanta for his back issues. With her having no insurance he used to share with her. Now he's dead and we moved her back here to Michigan. She still has no insurance except Medicare A&B. she's almost out of meds and the pain she will experience is excruciating. The docs she has seen here all want her to jump thru hoops to make sure she's not a drug addict. How can we get her the meds she needs without spending her ssi check all on doctors who give her no help?

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David Says:


Sorry to hear about your mom's situation. If I could suggest anything else that may be of help in the long run, it would be to also focus your attention on natural alternatives. This way your mom doesn't necessarily have to rely on the availability of those pills at every waking moment, let alone a doctor that is willing to continue prescribing more.

This is not to say or suggest that the pain meds aren't doing any good; but if she has to keep taking something for months or even years on end and is still experiencing chronic pain, then it seems to me like another approach to pain management would be the next viable option. Continuing to use something that doesn't work just seems like insanity; no pun intended.

Medication temporarily covers up nerve pain. It does not and is not intended to cure or help remedy the condition of the nerves in and of themselves. This is why I highly recommend turning to plant-based nutrition (juicing and/or eating fresh raw fruits and veggies) & doing the right types of exercise on a regular basis. Contrary to popular opinion, it has been proven that raw foods can help our bodies heal from the inside out over time; as does exercise in various forms on a daily basis. This can actually strengthen and tone the nerves.

Hemp oil, hemp seeds, and even marijuana itself, is another possible remedy for regenerating damaged nerves. I would just encourage you or anyone else to do some additional research on that, as I've only read a handful of testimonies and articles so far, attributing to these claims. All in all, I do hope this advice helps in some way! :)

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brandie Says:

I need to find a private Dr.that prescribes methadone for chronic pain?I have a [email protected] that means I just can't afford a methadone clinic.

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FL girl Says:

Brandi, I promise you that you will be MUCH happier and feel like a normal human if you go on Suboxone for your pain instead of Methadone. You won't get "high" like with methadone, but you also won't nod off and feel like a zombie ( like the movie 'Methadonia)...which is especially dangerous around your baby! Good luck with whatever you choose. Just don't breast feed on Methadone....it will get your baby hooked:('

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MsTweetie Says:

@Brandie... while I can't help due to where you live, you do NOT want to go to a Methadone clinic!!! I cannot stress this enough. You would have to go EVERY SINGLE MORNING, be labeled an addict FOR LIFE, and no, I mean NO pain management Dr. will EVER treat you. Some states have varying number of years you must go to get your Methadone. My state, Virginia is one of the worst. I believe it's TEN YEARS (to life), no pun intended, tho actually I got a chuckle out of it. I'm sorry of your situation and so wish I could help. If you have a baby, perhaps you could ask your pediatrician for a referral. I do not know your history, however the more info you have to back up your pain, the better, i.e., MRI's, X-Rays, medical records, etc. Good luck and I pray you find the help you need.

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f100ford Says:

To All of you are taking methadone for pain should do some more research on this drugs? This drug has been responsible for many deaths in last few years and some drs. have stopped prescribing it . Most of those drs. highly recommended methadone and prescibed on a daily basis until a convention came along on methadone and when they got home from that convention they all stopped giving methadone at once. this drug biulds up in your body and can release all at once and can be deadly. My son died 2 yrs. ago at 28 yrs and had been taking methadone for his back pain mainly neck area, he was on zanax and taking IV's. He had only been on methadonefor month . Some thing happened that he had siezure and if onlly thedrs would tell your what your life will be like 10 15 trs from now , you will want to go kick his ass if you are still alive . Lol Do you self a favor and do as much research as you can on the drugs you plan on taking for a long time. Suboxone is a good alternative 'lot of people seem to like it.

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MsTweetie Says:

Anyone wondering why their pain med supplies are drying up? At least in FL. Here is an article:

Florida pain doctors convicted of money laundering
Published July 31, 2013

" MIAMI (Reuters) - A jury acquitted two South Florida doctors of causing the deaths of patients who overdosed on pain medication, but convicted them of money laundering for their role in a conspiracy involving a chain of pain clinics


Florida once had 90 of the top 100 oxycodone-purchasing physicians in the nation and 53 of the top 100 oxycodone-purchasing pharmacies.

The state claims to have made enormous strides in recent years against a nationwide epidemic of prescription drug abuse. "

Source: lifescript.com / reuters news

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Aaron Armatti Says:

Every Dr knows you can't take xanax with methadone. It's the worst combination you can take. Methadone is the best pain med - take it as prescribed and you will have a pain free life

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just me Says:

I dont know about anyone else, but I have a family history of intolerance to pain meds, my father self medicated with alcohol, I dont drink. I went through 4-5 meds before Methadone was tried, I had the least adverse reaction to it. Methadone has a dangerous half life, and if someone has an addictive personality, or combines it with other drugs, it wont help. I have personally taken my self off of it twice-SLOWLY- by waiting for the withdrawal effects to start then taking the tiniest bit I can take to make it stop. Hylands leg Cramp formula and potassium helped alot. When Im done nursing my baby, if my pain is more than the Hydrocodone can handle I will have to start on Methadone again, but I will most likely break a 10mg into 4 pcs to start back. Methadone taken **responsibly** for pain will not kill you, but mix it with flexeril, or alcohol, or xanax, and your heart can stop. I do use medical cannabis as well, and have reduced or eliminated prescription drugs.

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j Dubb Says:

a lot of people like methadone too different strokes for different folks

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bettyboob Says:

That is why my pain doctor took me off of methadone, too many people are having heart problems from it. He switched me to a different long acting pain medication and I am happy he did.

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Terri Says:

Just be careful for the fact that you have a newborn...my daughter been on methadone for a few years prescribed by an MD for a back injury..so when she had my granddaughter, cps got involved because the hospital stated they had to report any mother than was on a narcotic??? It was a small backward Texas town..from that, it escalated through uneducated case workers to her losing her daughter. Just be careful...

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Darryl Says:

I have chronic back pain from my sciatic nerve and need a doctor who will prescribe methadone for pain in Los Angeles.

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JJ Says:

Re: f100ford (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

I'm terribly sorry to hear about your son but you also should do some research. Methadone clinics have saved many people's lives including mine. I have been going to a clinic for 8 years now and was clean before I was living on the street. I did not know where I would go or get money, how I would make money, and degraded myself in ways no one should ever have to do. When I finally had enough and went to a clinic I was saved and from there they recommended psychiatric care which I did take. After seeing the psychiatrist he told me that because of the circumstances of my upbringing, sexual abuse and watching my father shoot himself in the head, I took drugs to forget, but he put me on anxiety medication (alprazolam) which I am still on for PTSD. I take 2 mg three times a day and have been for 8 years, and also mirtazapine for depression and adderall for my ADHD because I've gone back to school and now know why I could never focus before. So there are good stories that come from Methadone Clinics. You just have to look for them. What happened to your son was awful but the doctor should have told both of you that mixing methadone with an anti-anxiety drug, especially a strong one like Xanax, is very dangerous and must be taken the way it's prescribed. I hope this gave you some insight into other people's lives that were changed for the better.

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JJ Says:

U can look for methadone maintenance clinics she would have to go every day for a few months until she starts getting take homes she just needs a couple months of clean urines. I pay$16 a day but just got Medicaid and they are going to reimburse me for the last 3 years and pay for the next 10 years.u can look for a doctor I've heard that athsentrics(spell?)r much easier to get a methadone or fentenal from I am going to look for 1 and try it now that I have Medicaid I only stayed here because it's 4 blocks away.

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Skip the docs Says:

FL girl (I was on methadone for pain for 14 yrs.I never got high off it.pill form..but coming off was a nightmare.It gets in your bones n can take years to fully withdraw.Never ever again

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Skip the docs Says:

Re: JJ (# 13) Expand Referenced Message

My Dr had me on 160 mg a day of methadone..xanax 6 mg..Zambian 10 mg tizanadine 12 mgs..14 yrs..Then disappeared..Lucky I'm alive on that withdrawal.Never told me aboutvaddiction and even taken as prescribed..I seized..hallucinate..and didn't know my name for 2 weeks.Thank my husband for rehab when he found me.Pure hell

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IpHepops Says:

Re: Aaron Armatti (# 7) Expand Referenced Message

It’s not true that case can’t take Xanax with any opiate. Suboxone is a partial antagonist which means it’s a half opiate, being safer to take with Xanax. But I take Xanax and methadone all the time and I’m fine.

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