Mexican Pill With 'ultra' Stamped On It

Sarita Says:

It's just small white round and says 'ultra' on one side and the other side just has a preforated line to break in half Every time I go to Mexico mi suegra gives me all these pills for anything from anti bitoics to allergies etc. I don't know what any of them are for

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Verwon Says:

Hi, Sarita!

Mexico really doesn't have any strict regulatory agency for medications, so they aren't tracked, they aren't required to log imprints anywhere and etc.

The best suggestion I can make is that the next time they give them to you, perhaps mark down what they say each is and what it's for….or just dispose of them, after you leave.

Does anyone recognize the one that's been mentioned?

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Iliana Says:

I got a round lime green pill that says ultra on one side and the other is a line through it. The bottle says levetiracetam but i have never gotten them in this shape or color.

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Julie Says:

Small white pill scored in a cross on one side a swirl ending with an E on the other side

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Carey Says:

I have a small white round pill with a Y on one side and 80 on other side. I thought it was an arthritis pill but I'm just not sure!

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