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michael Says:

i've been taking metoprolol for several years as partial treatment for high blood pressure. through diet and exercise, i've lowered my BP to the point my doctor says drop the metoprolol.

i did, 3 days ago, and i'm soooo tired, dizzy, irritable, and my vision is blurred.

is this withdrawal? how long will it last?

i remember starting this medication was terrible to get used to. it appears that stopping it is just as bad.

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Cupcake922 Says:

Well, my SIBO turned into full blown Mast Cell Activation. Luckily I was able to get in with a functional medicine doctor who made the diagnosis and is now treating me. I’m still not stable, but hoping I’m at least on the right path now.
I wonder how many of us who struggled with metoprolol actual have underlying MCAS. With MCAS, people have a tendency to react to inactive ingredients in medications. Metoprolol can be extra problematic in that in can inhibit DAO which is the enzyme that breaks down histamine.
For me personally, I think the MCAS caused my initial tachycardia. Since the root cause was never identified, I was given metoprolol as a “bandaid” and that only made things worse.
Just wanted to share my story in hopes that it is helpful to others.

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Juliya Says:

Re: RV (# 2540) Expand Referenced Message

I’m doing okay RV. How have you been?

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TxCandy1 Says:

I’m currently weaning off corlanor and most days feeling pretty back to normal.

I just got over Covid :( but luckily for me it was very short lived and I was pretty much back to normal at about day 5.

Last night I did feel a little funky which I haven’t in a while and I don’t know if it’s because I’m weaning or maybe Covid or maybe just a random off day.

I just had an echo and all was perfect. I still have my loop recorder and that’s been all normal except the few cases of tachy here and there.

RV- did you ever figure out what was going on?

JULIYA are you doing better with your MCAS?

dang Cupcake. I know you said you were having tests done: are you feeling any better now that you know it’s MCAS?

Sometimes I wonder if hormones are at play: I might have them tested

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RV Says:

Re: Juliya (# 2542) Expand Referenced Message

I am doing okay as well. One day at a time deficient/low in lot of vitamins i am wondering if metoprolol caused it or have some absorption issues. Back to old self?

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RV Says:

Re: TxCandy1 (# 2543) Expand Referenced Message

Hey there! Had two emg’s they were clean. I still have occasional twitches and deficient/low level of vitamins so i am wondering if thats the cause. I am really glad you guys got better.

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