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Been having an itching scalp and skin at night when going to bed and it keeps me awake. Changed shampoos several times thinking that was my problem. Then I saw the list of side effects and it could be this medicine. Feels like ants crawling on my skin during the day and at night. Been taking this since my open heart surgery in Jan 2015. Seems to be getting worse. Anyone have these side effects?

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Hello, Jules! How are you?

This class of medications can cause those types of issues, due to the way they work on your circulation to lower blood pressure and improve heart function, as reported by the FDA. I used to experience it myself, when I was taking Candesartan.

However, since you have had open heart surgery, there could be something else going on with your circulation that isn't related to this medication, so you should consult your doctor to have things checked out to be sure.

Is this the only medication you take?

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Actually I called my cardiologist and they put me back on atenolol which I took before my surgery. Which is also a beta blocker. Itching seems to be gone so far. Thank god!!!
Actually Coumadin can cause the same side effects. Glad at this point it wasn't that. Harder to take you off of that and get you on another. Hope this problem is behind me.

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They actually changed my medication back to atenelol that I had my valve replacement surgery. The side effects are gone now. Thank god!!! Thanks for your imput. Will keep in mind if happens again.

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I had same thing. Try aussie large. Kinda high priced..but well worth it. Stopped mine..lasted over a year.. small kangaroo on bottle.

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Yes I have itching all over my torso and head, yes same as you like ants crawling over my skin. My Doc prescribed Metoprolol Tartrate for my blood pressure and irregular heart beat. I took it for a week and started itching . Didn't realise that this was a side effect and continued to take it for another 4 weeks, when I decided to check the side effects and there it was, "itching". I took myself off it immediately and went back on my old BP meds. I told my Doctor I wasn't taking the metoprolol tartrate anymore because it was obviously the cause of my itching. That was 5 months ago now & I am still itching.
My Doctor even apologised, but that still doesn't help me. I have been taking antihistamines since it started too. they help a bit.

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I am still itching now 5 months after I took Metoprolol tartrate for only 5 weeks before I realised this was what was causing me to itch all over my torso & scalp. I read the screed with side effects listed & there it was in Black & white, … itching.
I take Antihistamine "Telfast" and that helps a bit. My Doctor hasn't got any answers for me., just says sorry.

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Yes Jules, you are not alone. I am still itching after nearly 6 months after I stopped taken that drug. Some days are better than others. I take an antihistamine each day which helps a little. Yes my scalp itches a lot too. I wash my hair when I shower & have tried switching shampoos & soaps too, nothing makes any difference. My doctor prescribed me some cream to spread on the bad itchy parts which vary all over my torso, but I cannot reach my back with the cream which is Betamethazone 0.02% 200 gram tubes You get two with a script. This stuff works to stop the bad itchy parts. Maybe you should stop taking the Metoprolol Tartrate. Surely your Doctor could prescribe something else.

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Am still itching somewhat, some days are better than others. I will still be itching when they bury me. Not a good outlook.

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Hello I suffer from similar issues but I don’t think a severe as yours. I’ve tried shampoo with Teatree oil also try some pure coconut oil and just apply it like with cotton balls like and see if there some of those Indian sites old Indian remedies from India they have different creams sometimes help more than commercial made they go back hundreds of years you know they relied on these different herbs I do know that the T3 oil‘s will will help also him you can get a prescription from your doctor for lidocaine to help numb.

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Seems there is no answer for me, still itching, 7 months now. My Doctor took away the Allopurinol for gout as this exacerbates the itching she says, but itching is still just as bad . Some days it is not so bad , later into the evening it gets worse. I also take an antihistamine, & that help a little. I feel suicidal at times.

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I have been on Metoprolol for about 2 months now and I have had no side affects with it all I would talk to my doctor if I were you and ask for a different medication

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