Metoprolol Tartrate 25mg Tab


Is the best time to take this medicine in the morning or night?

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Has your doctor made any specific recommendation?

Metoprolol is a beta blocker, used to treat high blood pressure and cardiac conditions and, in most cases, this type of medication is taken in the morning, because most people are far more active during the day, so that is the time their blood pressure can be elevated.

However, it can cause some drowsiness and dizziness, in some people, as a side effect, and in those instances, it may be necessary for someone to take it at night.


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I am taking Lisinopril @20mg and also i am taking Metoprolol tart 25mg tab myl, my question is why do i take two High bloodpressure pills? Can i stop taking the Metoprolol Tablet? i think it is the culperet that makes me dizzy aswell, I have no regulad doctor here in Florida. can you please give me some insight on this? Thank you so much for your reply. Wilson

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I didn't receive your reply Carry

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Wilson, you should really consult a doctor.

The Metoprolol is a beta blocker and the Lisinopril is an ACE inhibitor.

Whether or not more than one medication is used, really depends on the severity of the condition being treated. For instance if your blood pressure was severely high, or you also have a heart condition, then more than one medication may be used.

Some people have high blood pressure that is resistant to treatment and that can also require more than one medication to treat.

However, whether or not you need to continue them both depends on your blood pressure levels and only a doctor will be able to help you decide that.



Metoprolol is well known to cause problematic side effects in some people, however, if you are getting dizzy, what you might be running into is having your blood pressure drop too low.

Do you check it regularly?

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Can I take 100 mg of ER metoprolol in the morning and 100 mg of regular metoprolol at night. I've taken them both but not on the same program. Right now I don't have insurance so cost of the metoprolol ER is a factor.

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I take a 50 of Met. succinate ER daily. Cost is adding up. At least it's not name brand! Aetna says the tartrate would be an alternative and talk to doc. My friend says the only diff is that tartrate is not ER, so I"d have to take more that 1xday.

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I know a person, it is 6 month he is eating Metoprolol Trartrate 25 mg daily half a tablet. He has problem of arrhythmia. I mean we should read broad effects of this Beta Blockers; not for high blood pleasure only. Thank you.

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Price of Metoprolol at Walmart is $4 for 30 days supply or $10 for 90 days supply. Same for Lisinopril.

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i take metoprolo 25mg one 2 times a day can i take2 in the m------------two in the ev

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Iam taking 25mg of metopril 2x a day,l also take hydrchlorothiazide 25mg 1x a day, plus 50mg of hydralazine 1-3x a day, plus lisinopril 49mg once daily, plus 500mg of metformin. 2X a day.
This seems like a lot of medicine for high blood pressure.
I have this terrible uncontrollable cough with clear phlegm. This cough is hard.
I get dizzy, and blood pressure is still high. I get nauseated. I have been on these medicines since dec. 15, 2014

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Your hair will slowly start to fall out....

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All I know is when they prescribed Metoprolol along with Terazosine I have had severe dizziness ever since.

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Lisinopril is _well known_ for causing cough as a side effect. This symptom is listed as ''see doctor immediately'' in the literature. _Many_ people have this reaction to Lisinopril, and there is no tolerable dosage for such people.

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I am having the same effect. My cough is so severe it has induced vomiting and choking and I have wet my underwear as well. I stopped taking it a week ago and still no change in the awful coughunhing episodes.

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Lisinopril is most likely the cause of your cough. My husband coughed all the time for 9 months. I convinced him to talk to his doctor about it. His BP medicine was changed and with no more Lisinopril came no more cough.

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I take 1/2 Metoprolol tarte 25mg tablet in the morning & 1/2 at night for A Fib to regulate my heart.

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I have been taking Metoprol Tar 25 mg twice a day for 7 years. Lately I have been feeling physically exhausted and sore and have much pain in all my joints that prevent me from simple physical activity like walking to my car. I had my prostrate removed 3 years ago and now make as many as 12 visits to the bathroom every night. Thinking I may be urinating away too many essential vitamins and minerals I started taking 1 Klor Con M20 tab per day from a 3 year old left over prescription I had and the results have been remarkable. I would like to suppliment my diet with a potassium equivalent to the Klor Con M20 and wondered how many mg per day I should take. Would there be any adverse reaction with the Metroplol tar 25mg.

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You say your hair will fall out why?Started taking g it for blood pressure.

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amlodipine 5 mg and metoprolol 25mg high blood medication how do I use this formula

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ace inhibitors side effects is cough (lisinopril)if you can talk to your doctor

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Never, bad side effects, I am still itching after taking it for 5 weeks , 6 months ago.

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I take half of metoprolol 25mg in morning and half in the evening also I take hydroclothyrazide25mg in the morning sometime is drying my skin out and I am tired most of the time,my joints are very weak, I also take astorvastatin which was 80mg but doctor cut the pill in half which is equivalent to 40mg and finally I take warfarin 5mg... something is drying my skin out I don't know which one it is, I don't want to keep trying different meds I am human

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Is there a difference between Metoprolol tartrate 25mg tablets by MYL and Metoprolol tartrate 25mg tablets by ALE? I noticed the difference in pill size. Are these the same meds?

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I am on intermittent fasting. How much food do I have to eat with 2.3 metoprolol tartrate to lower my heart rate of 135?

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How long before my blood pressure comes down after taking metoprolol? I've been on it for months with great success. Forgot to take it this morning and my BP is creeping up. Now it's at 175/105. I took it about 20 minutes ago and I'm starting to panic.

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I'm taking 25mg of Metoprolol in the a/m and p/m. My blood pressure gets very low late in the evening going into the next morning. Can I cut the 25mg dose in half and only take 12 1/2 mg for my evening dose?

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when is the best time in the morning or in the night

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I've had Psvt for years. From 1998 to 2007 i had recurring episodes which was controlled by holding the breath hard for a few minutes and letting it go. I took calaptin as it is called in india (vepramil) for two episodes which occurred with pneumonia and emotional disturbance. In 2007 i started taking metoprolol 25 for the problem and not a single palpitation episode occurred till today but my doctor is of the opinion that i may not be able to survive for a long time. Is it a serious disease?

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