Metoprolol Er Tab Suc Side Effects

Leo Says:

This drug Metoprolo er tab suc 25mg is used for high blood pressure and they say it will treat cardiac conditions. What I want to know is what cardiac condition does it treat? I have heart fluctions and as far as I know I am not getting any medications for that. my blood pressure at home is always in the normal range 120/65 for my age, 79 but when I am in the DR. office it is always is high 145/ 79. Is there any medications I can take for my heart fluctions?

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Verwon Says:

What do you mean by heart fluctuations? Do you mean an increased heart rate?

Or are you referring to palpitations where you seem to be skipping beats occasionally?

Metoprolol can improve cardiac function and is used to treat both of the issues I asked about.

Learn more Metoprolol details here.

It is a beta blocker, so it is often given to people that suffer from hypertension and such cardiac issues, since it can help treat both.

And the 145/79 that you experience at your doctor's office isn't really very high, the 79 is still in the normal range. The 145 is high, but not considered dangerous, unless it's causing you symptoms.

Have you ever checked your blood pressure, when you experience the fluctuations that you're talking about?

Many times, they occur due to blood pressure elevations.

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Handytim Says:

dont take anything---just "white coat syndrome"

once u start taking it they wont want to to stop

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