Metoprolol, Adderall Subjective Opinions... What's Up?

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I am a 68 year old woman in relatively good health and physically active. My soap opera began with an aortic valve (porcine) replacement 1/29/09. I thought the surgery was hugely successful and I was home in seven days. While in the hospital I was put on Metoprol. I need to back up a little here and provide additional information; when I was admitted I provided the Heart Surgeon a complete medication list. While we discussed the details of the surgery and the medications I was currently taking. I told him I was taking Adderall for adult, A.D.D.; I asked him if I should discontinue taking my Adderall. He seemed almost ambivalent about it and said if I wanted to discontinue while I was in the hospital it would be fine with him and it was up to me. After surgery my only complaint was excruciating headaches, on about the 2nd or 3rd day the surgeon said he was going to restart me on Adderall because other than the surgery, it was the only thing different. He thought perhaps the sudden withdrawal on the drug may be the cause of the headaches.

When I returned home many health professionals including home healthcare nurses, doctors and doctor's P.A.'s all saw my medication list. Recently 6/13/09 I had a follow up Echo and it revealed the gradient had gone from 16% to 50%. Suddenly my local cardiologist is upset to hear I've been taking Adderal. I understand that Adderall has a questionable reputation because of its misuse. However, my BIG question is number 1, “Is it a subjective belief amongst doctors regarding the use of Adderall, and/or could this create the increase in the numbers associated with gradient?” And number 2, who was responsible for discovering that perhaps I shouldn’t have been on Adderall?

The Echo I had prior to surgery indicated that my case was moderate to severe, however I had zero symptoms. The cardiologist conveniences me that I should have the surgery now while I was fit and without symptoms, thus my recovery would be easy. This is my dilemma, the Adderall has provided me with a better quality of life and I don't want to discontinue taking it unless of course it is truly creating a problem. I’m left not knowing how all those medical professionals that saw my medication list did not see fit to advise me or each other before now...?

Now I could be facing another surgery to remove a thickening in wall of my heart; what’s up with this? Right now I feel like I've been duped.

Further in my recent research I see where headaches, weight gain, dizziness, dry eyes and hair loss are all symptoms associated with taking Metoprol... the one med they want me to take, I am confused and upset. I’m guessing they want me to stay on the med that will make me continue to gain weight, be lethargic and dizzy, continue to loose my hair and endure more headaches. And of course they will want me to discontinue Adderall and the rational will be that I will live longer… and have a crappy life!

Further, when I saw the cardiologist I complained fiercely of weight gain and I couldn't make any sense of it because I was exercising harder than I have ever worked out in the past, playing golf 3 times a week and I was restricting my caloric intake and nothing was happening, except I was gaining weight. I asked him if it was possible that the Metoprol could have changed my metabolism he indicated that he didn’t think it was possible. The last question is didn’t he know that weight gain is a well known side effect of Metoprol or is it a subjective belief…?

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danigirl Says:

I took a beta-blocker topral (I believe metrol is the generic) for 5 years. I dicontinued taking it because it interferes with birthcontrol and also I would get occasional fainting spells. At the same time I also was proscribed on and off adderall. The only time I gain weight is when I stop taking adderall. I had no wieght problems from the toprol. I wish Doctors could see the benefit of Adderall because I have ADD my whole life and when I dont have that extra push from addrell I get larthargic, then derpressed and gain weight.

Good Luck, hope this helps

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Verwon Says:

Metoprolol, which is most commonly used to help control blood pressure, a generic for Toprol, has the hair loss issue listed as a SERIOUS side effect, which SHOULD NOT be tolerated for any length of time!

There are several other issues listed as well, you can read them here:


Sometimes doctors are not aware of these, you may need to bring it to their attention.

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Valerie Says:

Thank you for your post and sharing your experience. I throw my hands up when I hear stories like these. Sounds like you asked all the right questions, researched, and explored all the possibilities prior to surgery and after. The side effects to using these drugs together in combination of your recent surgery should have raised an alarm to at least reference more detailed information instead of moving forward on an assumption. Our senators and state representatives and hospitals needs to hear about these real life changing examples. There is only change when you lift up your voice and your story. I am sorry this happened to you and stronger for reading your story. I hope this post finds you well.

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Salvie Says:

I take both adderall and metoprolar daily. I take adderall for depression. I don't take it everyday cause I use it for depression I'm bipolar2 which is more depression than manic. On the days I take adderall the metoprolar is great for the end of the day knocks the adderall out like nothing! I take 20mg 3 times when I take the adderall and 100 mg of metoprolar before bed. It works wonders for me

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Salvie Says:

Adderall use is not always negative. There are 2 sides to the adderall debate. There is abuse but there are good things the drug can do.

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