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I have been taking Methysergide (Deseril) for 14 years as a preventative for migraines. It is the ONLY drug which works for me and I am devastated by the news that it has been discontinued. I am keen to try to find a source for some even if it is only to get me over the next 8-9 months when I still have to have three weekly infusions of Herceptin for the treatment of breast cancer. Herceptin gives me more headaches as one of its side effects so I really need my Deserils! Can any one help or if not is anyone in the same boat? Maybe not the Herceptin bit! ## Hi Rufabug, Sorry to hear about the headaches you've been experiencing lately. While it is true that the manufacturer Novartis withdrew it from the U.S. market after taking over Sandoz, I'm not sure what the case might be rega...

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I have been taking Sansert, later called Deseril in the U.K., and had almost none of the chronic daily migraines I had been suffering from for several years. Finally, I had a life without pain again, and I felt reborn. Like the rest of you, I am desperate to have this medication back on the market. Life with a constant migraine and vomiting is no life at all. I have called several compounders in the U.S., and none of them are willing to try making it. Others say they will make it, but they balk at the cost of it. Others say the raw materials are no longer available. Too many stories, and not enough answers. Are any of you taking this medication from a U.S. compounding pharmacy? Does it work for you? If so, are you willing to share the pharmacy name here? If no one has had any success, d...

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