Methylphenidate (concerta) Prices

CJ Says:

Why is the price of methylphenidate so expensive now? My doctor informed me that it is dirt cheap, and is generic. I was diagnosed with ADD, and was informed it was a cheap drug since I could not afford health insurance. My memory and attention is poor. I am willing to try the drug in generic form.

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philip Says:

I take 10 mg methylphenidate three times daily for narcolepsy. I have no health insurance, but I have been paying $6 for ninety pills at the local Wal-Mart. Today I went to have it renewed and got hit with a $55 bill. I am a senior on fixed income. I would imagine that it is either caused by the increased demand due to upturn in ADHD diagnoses, or some effect of the wonderful new Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare. His Grace strikes again?

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philip Says:

And I am taking the generic...forgot to tell you...

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philip Says:

Generic is what I take...forgot to mention that....

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David Says:


While it is very possible that the sudden price increase could simply be due to an increased demand, I would still be curious to know whether or not the price continues to increase or drop back down by the next time you are able to fill your script.

Maybe there's a strange pattern at certain times of the month or year when supplies could end up being much lower than the increasing demand. Perhaps based on shipping and receiving times to various pharmacies, etc...

Have you had to use any sort of prescription drug discount card prior to this, to help keep the cost down?

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CJ Says:

wow! Walmart was $72.00 for generic and $120 for the Ritalin
I guess it's like the gas prices never know from day to day!
I'm on methylphenidate 10mg 2 a day morning and 3:00 pm so I can sleep at night for 7 days then was told to up it to 20mg in the same manner for AADD(adult)
I also take citalopram 40mg and clonazepam 2 mg morning and night for deppresion,anxiety,Aragoraphobia , social anxiety, nervouness. (Also no insurance)

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Mary Zapata Says:

I am taking 2 10mg of Ritalin in the morning and 2 10mg at night. I have bipolar and the meds they have me on can be very sedating. So I take Ritalin to have energy. If you have your dr. Write your script for 10mg instead of 20mg you will save a lot of money.

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Chris Says:

Thanks for all the good experienced info!
I don't torerate meds very well but if it will held with out bad side affect and not expensive I'll try to pay for them. I will have to check into the prescription drug prgram.
Thank ya'll!

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Stacy Says:

Thank Obama care

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Misti Says:

That's cheap...I'm paying 144.00 a month at Walmart for the generic 20mg pills...And my sons Daytrana patch is 186.00 after the 60.00 discount card the Dr gave us (and that's the low dose) so it would be costing me 246.00 a month..I wish I could pay 55.00

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james Says:

Well it depends on the strength of methylphenidate and whether its long acting and what your insurance will cover i lost my health insurance now im paying $150 for 30 pills out of pocket..if you are low income and cant afford your meds you can do what im gonna do and go to the drug maker and see if they have patient assistance programs that will help lower your cost (this is bc the drug companies know they are screwing us with the cost) maybe even get the drug free

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Kiekie Says:

You really think Obama care had anything to do with this!

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Tracy Says:

What happens when someone is on Concerta (Methylphenidate) for 30 days and is then taken off without being weaned off? What are the effects of that?

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