[ Methycobal 500 Mcg ] - Rash On The Right Hand & Pain In Nerves After Taking Methycobal For Two Days

Ajaz Says:

I am an athelete, Recently i was said that i am having a deficiency of vitamins which has shown some symptoms on my skin, and deficiency of b12, vitamin-d, calcium had resulted in crackling sound in joints. After taking multivitamins, i am feeling better than earlier. Couple of days back I started consuming Methycobal 500mcg (vitamin B12) oral tablets. I am an athelete by profession, and I am left handed, My right hand is very weak. From second day from intake of the supplement, I experienced a rash in my right hand, and some sort of pain in the nerves in my right hand. Can you please let me know that do i need to be more cautious about it or is this common ? Pain is inside the nerves. Before taking this supplement I never experience this kind of Pain. I was totally fit. But now i am experiencing nerve pains. Please some neurology expert suggest on the same.

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