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Methscopolamine Nitrate

What is the reason for FDA to withhold Methscopolamine Nitrate from use as an ingredient for in pharmaceutical products? ## I'd like to know as well. I have been taking prescription allergy medications for years and suddenly I am unable to get the prescription I need to ease my symptoms. The pharmacist tells me that the FDA has recalled the drying agent in these medications, but doesn't know the reason for the recall. Unfortunately, me and other allergy sufferers, are not able to get the full relief from OTC allergy products as they do not contain this ingredient. I tried for over a month taking OTC antihistamine/decongestants without success. My ears began plugging and I began having residual pain in my ears. The only thing that seems to relieve this uncomfortable symptom is th...

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I found a small white pill, Help

It's small with a B on one side and 161 on the other, what is it? ## Hello, David! How are you? I think the marking may actually be intended to be B 191 and it contais 2.5mgs of Methscopolamine, it's sometime used to treat peptic users and intestinal spasms. Is there anything else I can help with?

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Hista-Vent DA/ I am trying to find out if it is still manufactured and where I can get it.

I have a prescription for it and can't get it. Wallgreens said they have it online but don't. It works wonders for me. ## From what I've found, it's not available due to the Methscopolamine that was in it. Learn more Methscopolamine details here. It was never actually tested and approved for use. Have you found an alternative yet?

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ANAHISTMINE ## This contains Methscopolamine and Pseudoephedrine, the Methsopolamine is an acid reducer, and the Pseudo is a decongestant. ## This previous post is quite inaccurate. Allerx DF contains no pseudophedrine HC decongestant. It does contain the methscopalomine, which does more than act as an acid reducer. It also has an antihistamine. Look this up elsewhere for information!

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04 | 302

it is an oblong white pill, not gel coated, the 04 could be a circle with two tails or the 04 pushed together ## Pill Image This is Clorpheneramine 8mgs, Methscopolamine 5mgs, and Pseudophedrine 120mgs. This is an over the counter product used to treat allergies, sold as DayHist and several other names.

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