Methotrexate Side Effects

Tiddly Grace Says:

I have been on Methotrexate and folic acid for 3 weeks. Started with three 2.5 mg tablets of MTX for two weeks, then up to 6 tablets this week. The first week, I had terrible stomach pains, the second week I had bad fatigue. After taking my 6 pills on Friday, the side effects have been bad: nausea, no vomiting, diarrhea, stomach pain, back and right side pain and a rash. I finally reached the doctor on call in my practice (Memorial Day), and his comment was that it didn't look like I could take 6. My question is this, if you have switched to the injectable MTX, did you have less side effects, and at what point in your treatment did you switch?

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Renee Says:

Hi my son started taking the injection 3 weeks ago he have had some stomach pain but no nausea. His doc told me pills have way more side effects than the injection. Hope this helps

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David Says:

I just wanted to comment on the statement from that doctor who said that pills have way more side effects than inj's. I actually strongly agree with this notion because pills are usually comprised of a variety of binders and fillers that also make up a tablet's composition to help add bulk. My feelings are that these "inactive" ingredients are more harmful than they are beneficial, since most of them aren't recognized as having any real medicinal value, and in my own observations may even inhibit bioavailbility to an extent. On the other hand, a simple inj. is mainly composed of the active ingredient and perhaps sterile liquid or something fluid as opposed to solids, which wouldn't "get in the way of" the substance working as well as it is intended to. So looking at the bigger picture it would seem to me that inj's. are more straight forward, if you will, when it comes to administering the medication without all the "extra" ingredients that aren't deemed medically necessary.

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Tiddly Grace Says:

I stopped the methotrexate and went on 10 mg. of Arava for 1 month with no major side effects, but no change in level of pain. Then moved up to 20 mg of Arava with bad side effects and no relief. After dr. visit today, as soon as it insurance approves it and my blood work is ok, I will be starting on infusion treatment. Left the info in my car and can't remember the name.

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Dorianna Says:

My doctor just diagnosed me with rheumatoid arthritis and put me on methotrexate I appreciate all the things shared I really just want to stop hurting

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