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what over the counter drug will give a false positive test for methamphetamine
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what over the counter drug will give a positive test for methamphetamine ## what over the counter drug will give a false positive test for meth dirniung drug test ## how can my husband prove that he had been takin CLARItin D 24 hour everyday for a week not using meth ## Zantac will cause a false positive for meth amphetamines. It just happened to me yesterday. I was shocked. ## was stopped while driving home one night from Dennys cop took me in for DUIbut do not drink or do gdrugs, heart trouble. it casme back positive but omnly took days before severasl over counter cold and cough syrups for bad cold. also take alot of presecription meds for alot of things, they are: Spirolactate,Levothyvxine, Zerit, Lotensin, Coreg, Ziagen, RTitonavir, Prezista, and had out-patient surgery for an absc...
Updated 6 hours ago.
false positive on drug test for methamphetamine
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Hi, i am voluntarily drug testing for CPS because my daughter's father (who had physical custody) passed away suddenly due to a motorcycle accident leaving her "without a legal guardian" I have a previous history of using Methamphetamine. I am clean now or so i thought. Yesterday my test apparently showed positive for Methamphetamine. I know i haven't used. So far i have only came up with two possible explanations. 1. I just had to serve my ex boyfriend with a domestic violence restraining order. To make a long story short, not thinking, I ate some fast food that he insisted on leaving for me. And the 2nd being a cold medicine that I just remembered. I took one pill approximately 2 maybe 3 days ago called ST. JOSEPH DECONGESTANT-FREE HBP. Is it possible that this medicin...
Updated 7 hours ago.
false positive on saliva drug test for methamphetamine
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I have tested positive twice now and cps is trying to have a court order to place me out of the home. I wasn't taking methamphetamine. I am prescribed multiple meds. help me prove that it was a false positive. ## What meds are you taking? Certain meds (Adderall) may give a false positive for methamphetamine . Did they perform a second test by a different more expensive method to verify the original results. what were the results of the second test? ## I have worked for CPS and administered those tests. Adderall will make you test positive for Amphetamines only, which is fine. If you test positive for both Amphetamines and Methamphetamines its a positive for Meth. If you want to clear yourself request a hair follicle...because EVERYONE denies use, for obvious reasons... ## if the sin...
Updated 7 hours ago.
a false positive drug screen methamphetamine
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How do you prove you only take sudafed when you show a false positive drug test for methamphetamine and you never did drugs except sudafed 120mg 2x daily non drowsy ## Ask for a GC/MS confirmation test. It's the "gold standard" use the gas chromatography mass spectrometry method....... Will show negative for meth if you didn't do methamphetamine, or consult a MRO (medical review officer) , doctor trained to interpret drug tests. ## Nice try. Only taking sudafed will not show up as anything. Your caught! Sudafed needs to be chemically altered in order to become meth!!!!! Therefor if it showed up as meth, IT MEANS YOU DID METH! Any further bull sharting will only make you look dumb. If sudafed only by itself showed up as meth than you are an alien and need to be deported b...
Updated 13 hours ago.
Tested positive for methamphetamine
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If i tested positive for meth but use an inhaler, can i pass the drug test if test is sent to the lab? ## Can the lab doctors tell the difference between meth the street drug and my prescription inhaler? ## Yes, the lab tests are more precise and should be able to tell exactly what you took and eliminate the false positive. Lab tests are often used, when someone gets a false positive for something, just to make sure that the doctor gets the correct results and doesn't stop treating someone over a mistake. Learn more drug testing details here. What type of inhaler do you use? ## I am prescribed Diazepam, Methylpredisolone, and Hydrocodone-Acetaminophen. My lab work came up positive for methamphetamines. Is that even possible? ## Tested positive for methamphetamine. Haven't used i...
Updated 14 hours ago.
False Positive For Methamphetamine On Drug Test
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I took a urine drug test for my job and they said it came back positive for methamphetamine, but I dont use methamphetamine. I've just been real sick the whole week before and took a lot of diff. meds to break da fevers and my bad cough. What could have caused it to come up positive? ## Well, I can't check the specific medications, since you didn't list what you took, but there are some cold remedies on the market that can give false positives for Methamphetamine. Some examples would be: NyQuil, Tavist-D, Sudafed and Dimetapp. Can you post back with more information on what you took? If so, I'll gladly check them for you. ## I also got a false positive for methamphetamines on a drug test after taking perscription Nalex-A , a decongestant. Is there some response from the ...
Updated 2 days ago.
How to get methamphetamine out of your hair for drug tests
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Ok so I have to take a hair drug test for a new job. They said it would go back a year and well I am freaking out right now because I took some methamphetamine (a very small amount) back in september of last year. ## A hair drug test is meant to show consistent use over time. If you only did a small amount it won't show up. Depending when you have to take the test you can do your own anonymous hair drug test to find out for sure. Only body hair can go back approx a year. A 1.5 inch sample cut at the scalp line will give a 90 day history. ## I used some meth back in august . Not a hole lot jus like maybe 6 hits but i am gonnago for a job that requires a hair follicle.test they go back 90 days do you think it will show. ## I am assuming you are a female. Most women don't have much...
Updated 2 days ago.
how to clean my system from methamphetamine when pregnant
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I'm pregnant and i want to know how long it takes to come out of your system?? WAT DO U NEED TO CLEAN YOUR SYSTEM??? ## I think getting a brain would be a good start! What could made you think doing meth while carrying a life INSIDE YOUR BODY was in any way ok? I hope you give a positive test ,atleast the baby will get some sort of medical attention befor starting life in withdrawl! Your a mess! ## That was rude and very uncalled for. Don't act like you've never made a mistake. Don't put people down, lift them up and try to help. ## You are not alone in the matter. ## So what happened when u had ur baby? ## look u are old enough to know right from wrong and knowing that u are pregnant and still doing this is jst shows wat life u gonna give ur baby and nobody and nothing ...
Updated 4 days ago.
what can cause someone to fail a urine drug test for methamphetamine when been clean for a month.
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Boyfriend failed a urin drug test for probation and has been clean for month. They gonna send him to prison for something he has not done. What could cause it to show positive when he hasnt done any illgal drug? ## If I have sex with my significant other and he uses methamphetamine but I don't, would I be able to pass a drug test 5 hours later considering we exchanged body fluids? ## What is the baking soda water thing to pass a drug test. I never knew about it but need help. Have to go to drug court tomorrow. ## It only worked for my instant tests. ... the lab results still came back positive ## As to the sex question, u should be OK. I have the same problem and haven't been dirty on a test, but I need to know. I blew up a sandwich baggy to pop it then licked the corner of my m...
Updated 5 days ago.
how do i pass a urine test for methamphetamine in 48 hours
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I never use methamphetamine, but I had 1 bowl Friday night and have a etg ua on Monday. How can I pass? Does baking soda and water work? I'm 5'8 and weigh 115 pds. HELP!! I made a mistake! ## I'm in the same boat right now. I wish somebody would answer. ## YES, it DOES work. I've used it twice now.... It WILL give you bad diarrhea, but who can't use a little cleansing right? Lol ## How exactly do i use baking soda to give a clean drug test for methamphetamine ## I posted a very similar question sunday night, except i was suposed to take the test today. I used saturday night. My Dr's office is an hour away, & I didnt have a ride. So now I have until Wednesday. There was more to my question though. I havent qotten anything back yet either. I look forward to rea...
Updated 5 days ago.
is there a sure fire way to pass a hair follicle test for methamphetamine
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Im a everyday methamphetamine user and I have to take an unexpected hair test within a week. Is there anything that will help me pass this test? Please help! ## What can I use from home to pass a hair follicle test for methamphetamine and marijuana? ## I did a hair follicle test not long ago and failed at the end of july, and I have to do another one in October. Ive still been using and dont want to fail can u please tell me wat treatment do u do toIir hair to pass plz ## I am trying to get my grandchildren out of foster homes and if asked to take a hair follicle test I am told I will fail because of the over the counter allergy meds I this true"? ## How do I pass a hair test without spending Alot of money to pay for hard drugs no cameras ## I have the nexxus aloe rid sh...
Updated 14 days ago.
Marijuana and Methamphetamine mouth swab
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I've been using Methamphetamine and Marijuana for about a month and a half. In 5 days I'm getting a mouth swab. will I pass? And what can I use to cleanse my system? ## I've been on antibiotics for 3 days and drinking lemon water and I have a saliva test on tomorrow and rinsing my mouth with peroxide every 2 hours will it help me pass?
Updated 14 days ago.
how to pass a test for methamphetamine
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I only take methamphetamine 2 to 3 times a week. It's been about 8 days n I took some tonight. Can I pass a drug test on Monday morning? I actually have lab work to do. ## Eat a whole orange with the peel, the oils should mask it ## Listen, methamphetamine is easy. You have 2 options for urine tests - first option (NOT RECOMMENDED) all you have to do is drink a solution of baking soda and water. About one fat tablespoon per 12-24oz of water per 60-70lb body weight. Do this within an hour of testing, 30 mins to be safe. What happens is the baking soda temporarily shuts down your kidney allowing the water you drank with it to pass right thru your system and out your pee hole. This will produce a non diluted clean urine sample for methamphetamine. It will also cause explosive diarrhea ...
Updated 15 days ago.
how to pass saliva drug test for methamphetamine
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Used methamphetamine tonight, can i pass saliva test tommorow? ## I used methamphetamine last night and I have to do a mouth swab at 5pm tomorrow night. How do I pass the test? ## i have been clean off meth for two weeks. i relapsed two days ago i did a quarter of a gram i have a drug test tomorrow mid morning. i bought a product called herbal clean ultra eliminex maximum strength. i drank it today will i be clean for my test ## I have tried everything on the market as well as some "at home" methods. I am here to tell you if you pass it is by the grace of God. There is one way I was able to pass but it's tricky. The place I test doesn't watch you the whole time so I would bring it something that had water in it. I used a tiny dish. When they handed me the swab I held it ...
Updated 18 days ago.
what medicine can cause a false positive for methamphetamine hair follicle test
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I had a hair follicle test done and it came back positive for amphetamines, and methamphetamine. I was wanting to know if any of the medicines I have been taken can cause a false positive. I have taken adderall, Advil, ibuprofen 800 mg, excedrin migraine, Zantac, night quil, Tylenol, aspirin, Xanax, midol, robaxin, and Abilify. Any information you can give me will be helpful. Thank you for your time. ## It doesnot mean u did anything or took anything. The test is false if u know u did not use. Mygrandson tested pos in two hair tests for morphine and morphine and oxycontin. That was impossiblr. I had samples retested both were CLEAN Cps dismisssed the case but damage was done You know you trusr ur self fight for what u know to be true. ## Adderall is an amphetamine, it will show up as su...
Updated 19 days ago.
Does garcinia cambogia show up on drug tests?
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I would like to know for certain if garcinia cambogia could show up on drug test? I am a pilot and always concerned about taking any supplements or things that could help with weight loss in case there's something that could show up as a drug. ## my husband was on this an came back postive on his drug screen ## What did your husband test positive for using garcinia ## No.. It does not because its not a control substance. Its a weightloss regime. Im pretty sure ur safe. ## Okay, I'd like to know how it would cause it's all natural and if you take it and are like me on c.o. b. Which is condition of bond which requires u. a. 's and show it to the p. O. Or manager or company or like me on c.b.o. then even if it does, they are aware your taking a natural supplement and it sho...
Updated 22 days ago.
saliva drug test for methamphetamine
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I injected methamphetamine into my veins late Sunday night around 11;30-11:45pm. I have a mouth swab on Wednesday @ 10:30 am, I only did a lil bit, and don't know the last time I even did it. But if I drink plenty of water and sweat, do u think I'll pass the mouth swab on Wednesday?? ## Sorry hun, I don't think so. Maybe you can go to hospital with abs ailment and call next day and reschedule and take proof u were in hospital the day u were supposed to drop. U need 3 to 5 days. More days the bigger u r. Where r u from? ## I've taken methamphetamine 4 to 5 times and I have had about 3 joints. I quit smoking last Sunday and stopped methamphetamine Tuesday of this week. I have a swab test Monday. Will I pass? ## So I have been clean for 16 months related Friday night did a ...
Updated 25 days ago.
False Positive On Hair Follicle Drug Test For Methamphetamines
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I have custody of my two oldest children and their mother has a problem with methamphetamines. I know this for a fact because that's why we separated, but she is claiming that the positive hair follicles that she has taken and failed are all because of her asthma medicine. Are there any asthma medications that cause a false positive on both methamphetamines and amphetamines on a hair follicle test?? ## Yes, there are some asthma medications that can do that. Do you know which one(s) she uses? Such information would enable me to check more precise details for you. ## I believe she is taking welbeutron....but the hair follicle tests are also coming up positive for meth ## My boyfriend has to take a pre eployment hair follicle test. He has been a heavy user or meth in past, but gave it...
Updated 30 days ago.
how much water do you drink to get methamphetamine out of your system
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How much water do you drink to get methamphetamine out of your system? I used early Saturday morning, and have a U.A test Thursday. ## I have used for the pass 2 weeks what do I need to pass a ua on Wednesday? ## If I took methamphetamine at 7 pm and had drank water and been n the hot tub to sweat it out, will it be out of my body by morning? I drink water all the time and have only taken it 3 times .. Please help ## I took methamphetamine and I must test in 72 hrs. How much water must I drink to pass & what foods to eat as well? ## Will drinking a lot of water get methamphetamine out of your system? ## I took methamphetamine at 2am and i might get a urine test done tomorrow. How can I get my system clean before 11am? ## It's 130 am my drug test is between 7-9 am this morning. I...
Updated 30 days ago.
pass urine drug test while using methamphetamine
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I drug test today (URINE) for perenatal program relapsed last night.,,,have been doing good for awhile. Please explain step by step using the baking soda method to me. Do i drink cranberry juice too or just stick with baking soda and water? Do i have to only chase the baking soda down with water or i can drink soda too while getting it down then drink tons of water?? ## Ok. Very simple. Here's how ya do the baking soda method. You wanna pass a piss quiz??? Ok. You wake up in the morning, tell yourself your not gona use. Do this for several weeks and when you need to take a urine test your NOT GONA FAIL!!! Also, cranberry is very good for your renal system and baking soda is great for chocolate chip cookies! ## If I was clean and then took 4 doses of methamphetamine at 3 o'clock ...
Updated 1 month ago.

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