Methadone Clinic Stopped Dose Increase At 85 Ml


My Methadone dose increase was stopped by my counselor at 85 ml. I'm on week 5 fresh off Fentanyl and Hydromorphone. The crazy thing is my counselor looked pleased that she stopped my dose as if she caught a drug addict trying to use drugs lol??? So I was told to see the doctor, I entered the office and my counselor came in with me she jumped on the patient's bed Indian style and a smirking grin as my doctor asked what was my issue? I said I'm trying to get to a blocking dose of methadone like 120/140. The doctor says there is no such thing as blocking does of methadone and told me No. What do any of you think about this? Feedback is appreciated good and bad thanks.

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Nicky Nub Says:

I'm on my lowest dose of 120 since 1970. They said then that 40 was the blocking dose and you couldn't go past 100 ml. Private clinics are VERY, VERY different than state. I always saw people with doses up to 450 ml, especially if they were on other meds such as seizure meds which cut your dose by 40%. I don't know where you live but if you can get off a private clinic, please do so. Like I said, I've been on methadone 51 years and hope I helped.

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Anonymous Says:

There is no mathematical way to convert morphine over to methadone. If there is, please tell your doctor to explain that to you because there is not.

Maybe they believe that 90 is equivalent to 90 milligrams of morphine equivalent but then if that is the case this doctor did not pay attention in medical school. You simply cannot convert methadone to a morphine equivalence!

On the other hand, I have never heard of a blocking dose before either, and if a patient told me that I would suspect addiction also, not saying you are addicted but it would certainly raise my suspicions.

My thoughts are you need off the Methadone, unless using it to wean your addiction. These are highly addictive medications with known significant abuse potential.

If using for pain, then go to morphine sulfate twice a day or lower to something equivalent to morphine milligram for milligram, such as Hydrocodone.

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Optimistic Says:

What is your goal with the Methadone? If you’re 5 weeks off why do you need a blocker?

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Lori Says:

I am a chronic pain patient that switched to Methadone about 15 years ago because I couldn’t function on Dilaudid and all of the other schedule 2 narcotics because they made me very impaired...

It doesn’t matter what reason why anyone takes narcotics for whatever their pain issues are; but after 3/4 weeks on ANY NARCOTIC PAIN KILLER YOUR BODY WILL BECOME PHYSICALLY ADDICTED TO IT PERIOD.. Then you’ll be continually needing a higher amount to get the same relief from your pain.

I started at 150mg a day from my pain management doctor and when he retired I had to go to a Methadone Clinic. Over the years I’ve crept-up to 213mgs a day. And that is the dosage needed for my body to be as pain free as possible because when your truly a chronic pain patient you will unfortunately never ever have a completely pain-free day. The best you can hope for is that your pain is controlled enough to allow you to be able to function out in the world.

My clinic is in Santa Cruz Ca. And If I wanted too go up even further on my dose I could. As Can You!! When you're at a Methadone Clinic they have to treat your condition as substance abuse issues period. Methadone Clinics prescribe Methadone as MAT. (Medication Assisted Therapy) per state & federal law.. you can’t walk into a clinic saying your a chronic pain patient and you want Methadone to control your pain period. They will tell you that what you are asking for is illegal for the doctor to prescribe at a Methadone Clinic which is absolutely 110% true because these clinics are set-up for addiction treatment medications that will keep people off of heroin or any other form of pharmaceutical narcotics that you’ve become addicted to; because ANYONE who takes any form of narcotic pain medications for more than 3 too 4 weeks your body becomes physically dependent upon it just to feel “normal” and then you have to take an even higher dose of whatever pain medications your currently taking just to get the same pain relief that you'd gotten from a lower dose.

The doctor was telling you the truth. There is “No Blocking Dosage” of Methadone period. A patient at a Methadone clinic is allowed to test the waters their doses regarding how many milligrams they personally need to feel normal and not physically crave or need the narcotic of their choice.

A Counsler has no say whatsoever regarding how much or how little a patient needs. It is all done by the “Medical Side” of the clinic. Counselors are there for counseling you like a therapist would.. My counselor and I have a wonderful relationship and he’s become my confidant and my friend.. The only reason why a counselor can put a hold on your dose is if you haven’t done something with the administration side of the clinic. They have no medical Authority whatsoever and they can’t handle or dispense Methadone.. The folks who actually dose you are all registered nurses in case you didn’t know and you can and should complain to management telling them that you are not comfortable with your current counselor and they have to reassign you to a different counselor PERIOD.

And if you say that your counselor seemed pleased that your dose wasn’t increased that’s totally not normal because your counselor is supposed to be your advocate period.

I suggest that you take a different tack and just tell them what they legally need to hear from a MAT PATIENT to increase your dose.
I wish you luck and please keep us posted on your situation!

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