Methadone And Surgery
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kanaffa Says:

I'm having surgery for knee replacement and this is the first time I've had surgery and general anaesthetic while on methadone. Can anyone advise me about the safety of this and how they will treat post-operative pain?

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Liz Says:

Re: Sissy (# 13) Expand Referenced Message

It could be a 20 minute ordeal . Well be an adult and tell the anesthesiologist . It’s not that big of a deal.

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Liz Says:

Re: josaphene (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

Just quit cold turkey and get on subutex ASAP or before you even quit the methadone. I was on 80mg for 6 horrible years I wanted off went and got subutex and I had no withdrawals. Been on subutex for 10 years this drug has saved my life and will continue too! These clinics brain wash people trust me I know. Good luck

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Liz Says:

You MAKE SURE THE SURGEON AND THE Anesthesiologist knows. So they know what they can and can’t give you. Methadone is a very very strong drug. You could end up dying if these specific people don’t know! Put it all over your chart.

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Jen fm Ga Says:

Re: Jennifer (# 29) Expand Referenced Message

Hello Jennifer. A different Jennifer here but with same problems as others in the discussion forum. I have been on methadone since 2011 and have gradually lowered my dose down to 40 mg per day and now I am set up for tumescent lipo on my stomach in just 7 days I actually did just call my doc office and tell them about my methadone, they were not familiar with it, said they would have to research , discuss it with colleagues and call me back. I got the feeling they are going to cancel my surgery and not deal with me because they may think it's risky , they think methadone can't be taken if a general anesthesia will be used , I will be awake for entire process, with numbing agent injected into my abdomen ... I read up and see doctor that say it's not problem only maybe pain management issue afterwards....I don't care about pain level I just want my surgery I hoping to just take my methadone and some Tylenol .Please post or share documents they could read to better understand the safeness of methadone and my procedure....the link for docs you posted no longer works .... {edited for privacy}

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Hailey Watson Says:

Hey everyone,
I’m having breast implant surgery tomorrow I hope, I’m about to find out at the clinic. I decided to tell them as of yesterday my doctor from the clinic told me that they wanted to postpone my surgery for several weeks. I was extremely upset and said I wouldn’t raise my dose from 40 ml and not dose the morning of the surgery. I was worried that they were going to give me non- narcotics pain medication- I hate the stigma- my doctor from clinic was going to call the anesthesiologist And the breast implant surgeon and tell them it was okay if I had surgery what do you think

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Toy Says:

Re: kathy (# 26) Expand Referenced Message

Hi did your every have your surgery they refusing to do my bbl or give me my $8000 back say my doctor have to manage my pain but my methadone dr said he don’t have to take the responsibility for my pain. I dont know what to do

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Mrs Blue Says:

Re: Cyndi (# 83) Expand Referenced Message

No he won’t. I’m having the same surgery. I’m on 90 mgs daily. My dr is keeping me pain free.

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Liz Says:

Re: Jay (# 72) Expand Referenced Message

Yes!!! U may never wake up from surgery if you don’t tell them.

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Mrs Blue Says:

Re: Cyndi (# 83) Expand Referenced Message

Hi Cyndi, how did everything go for you? I’m having same thing done in 2 weeks. I’m on 90 mgs daily. The plan for me is to replace my methadone with the morphine equivalent. After I’m thru taking OxyContin after surgery the clinic dr is raising my methadone to 120 mgs or so to make up for the Oxycontin- which will have raised my tolerance to maint med. Then bring me down to 90. I have a knee and another hip replacement, all scheduled before the end of 2018. Replacing methadone with morphine will be better for a general anesthesia, in my case. I’m 61. Been on mmt 21 years. Im using thc to control pain. 2000 mgs a day helps. Yes. 2000. I couldn’t tell the dr that. He’d freak out. Your drs duty is to keep you pain free. You’re not going to feel high on pain meds because you’re in pain. Unfortunately, the stigma of methadone is still with us. I avoid these people.

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Chel Says:

Re: Tammie (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

I agree 100%. Doctors and nurses literally treat people who are on Methadone like s***. I have a friend that works in a ER and told me how patients cone in with pain and they address it right away. Not the case if your on methadone, they don't give you any narcotic pain reliever. This is for serious pain like broken bones, childbirth...I myself was denied any pain medication during labor because I was on Methadone. It is a bit different when you NEED something for pain and not to feel high from at all.. I would think a doctor could tell the difference between someone needing pain relief and someone trying to "feel high". Also because a person is on Methadone they are allowed to let that person suffer?? It's not right.

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Liz Says:

Re: Jay (# 72) Expand Referenced Message

For the safety of your own life you better tell the anesthesiologist when he comes in right before surgery!

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Brittany Says:

Re: lisa (# 11) Expand Referenced Message

Hi Lisa , my gallbladder surgery has been moved up from June 1st to tomorrow due to severe vomiting, and pain believed to be cholecystitis instead of cholelithiasis, I'm on 67 mg of meathdone twise a day I'm not aloud to drink anything 3 hours before surgery begins but I haven't been told what to do about my medication I don't know weather I'm supposed to take it early tomorrow morning or wait it out , did you're surgeon and anesthesiologist allow you to take it the day of before surgery?

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Cyndi Says:

Re: Puppycat (# 82) Expand Referenced Message

No, tramidol does not put u in withdraw. I've taken 5,6,10 pills and guess what? No withdraw.

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Anthony Says:

Re: Laura (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

I am on 95 Mg of methadone and might need to have my Gall bladder taken out my Dr. Knows but I don't know what to expect

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Cyndi Says:

Can I have hip replacement surgery while on Methadone? Any thoughts? And what about after? I'm on 75 mg for 10 years because of hip pain. I'm afraid the surgeon will say no and go suffer.

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Puppycat Says:

Re: anon (# 32) Expand Referenced Message

Please know tramadol aka ultras will put u in withdrawal from methadone

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Jjenni Says:

Re: panicked (# 15) Expand Referenced Message

Methadone raises your tolerance. That's why. 60mg is like 300mg oxy

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Donnie Says:

Will methadone thin your blood...I'm having surgery on my back and have been on methadone for back pain.. Prescription by the Doctor... will it make my blood thinners?

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Boo Says:

Let your Dr .ALL MEDICATION you are taking and soon as you can get some you need to get that methadone it is destructive sad to within it self

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Liz Says:

Hello. I went to the methadone clinic for six miserable years. Of course it was the liquid form. My only suggestion to you is make SURE you tell them at your preop when they ask what medications you are currently taking.. then the most important is when the anesthesiologist comes to speak to you before surgery MAKE SURE HE KNOWS YOUR ON METHADONE AND HOW MUCH.... I had both of my knees replaced last year and it was truly heaven sent... good luck

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