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James Says:

I have taken 100mg of methadone around 0600 then I took another 100 mg about an hour later. Now I have been taking .5 mg of klonopins about four times today...I don't feel imparied...I'm not nodding out....should I be concerned that I won't wake up?

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Jlest535 Says:

Possibly yes I've recently lost two friends that overdosed on benzodiazepines and opiates. Be careful. Moderation is key.

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Cats68 Says:

I'm also on suboxone and klonopin. I take (24) of subs. And (3) of klonopin every day. As long as u take them as prescribed, u don't have 2 worry. But, don't abuse them, because, u can run into trouble. I don't know everything, but I'm a nurse and I can tell u what I do know. Any other ??? Feel free 2 ask.

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Lilly Says:

I take 70mg methadone daily.. usually around 5am bc that's when I'm up for work. I get 6 take homes. Anyway yesterday my clinic was packed and didn't dose till 7:30am..this morning I took dose at 4am...question is a couple hours early won't hurt me will it?

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coolmommaducky Says:

Possibly, it's dependent on on your body's tolerance and recent use. If you had a high tolerance and haven't taken any thing for a bit, on your own or from jail, you probably won't FEEL high but you are more likely to OD and end up in a hospital if you are lucky. Have a friend check on you if you won't answer the phone.

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Alex Says:

Ur an i**** if ur taking suboxone while methadone is in you... No wonder ur not nodding... Ur draining the methadone out of u if u take a suboxone while u have opioids in ur system...

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GretchUsa Says:

i took 8mg a day for 2 months then 4mg for 2 months, then 2mg for 2 months, i told the doctor to give me the 2/0.5 so i can get the heck off these things!! he gave me .5 klonopin for the anxiety that comes with the detox, i am scared to take them???

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GretchUsa Says:

hi cats, why so much? I'm prescribed Sub 2mg and pieces of a .5 klonopin

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Helpalwaysisnthelp Says:

GretchUsa, It's always wise to be cautious especially on powerful rxs like subs and klonopin however if you've tapered down and your doc prescribed that minimal dose of klonopin you should have nothing to worry about. That protocol seems reasonable. Furthermore, when you experience withdrawal you'll be happy you have access to a tranquilizer to help take the edge off. Best of luck

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ptrsnake13 Says:

No, not at all. You are used to taking it at the same time daily but you don't have to take it the same time every day

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michy Says:

I'm so confused. I was on 150mcg fentanyl ever 48 hrs with 2 clonazepam .05 a day as well as head meds. I was taking all that for 10 yrs. I abused my fentanyl for the last 2 yrs. So I went to go get help to get off. They made me withdrawal for 3 days and started suboxone. Went through hell. They started me on a very low dose I believe at 6 mgs per day. Went home, saw a methadone Dr and within a 2 week period I went up to 28 mg. Still going crazy with pain. I have chronic back n neck pain, and migraines. So they said try methadone. Well after a period of time I went to 100 mgs. Still have chronic pain but it takes the edge off. There is no difference between 100 mg and 37 mg which im on now cause of trying to get off. So now the methadone Dr says I have to wean u off clonazepam cause it causes respiratory issues. What the hell? I was on 150mcg of fentanyl and 2 of .05 of clonazepams per day n now on a low dose of methadone. I'm on 1 .05 a day. Taking 1 clonazepam a month. I need them to cope with an anxiety disorder. She told me to meditate. Well i'm an recovering alcoholic for 8 yrs now n it looks like im going to start drinking again for pain and my anxiety.

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GeorgiaPeach Says:

That is for real a not good combo that will knock you into bad withdrawals. You best be careful taking those meds.

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Mario Aguero jr Says:

Re: Lilly (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

You'll be okay I've been on methadone for 8 years my highest dose was 198mg and currently right now I'm at 2 mg. Just as long as it's not a 4 to 6 hour window. Stay strong you can do it.

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