Methadone And Traveling To Mexico

nadiainbc Says:

I am going to visit a friend in mexico for 23 days. And I take methadone, liquid form... not sure if there is other forms, so that's why i mentioned it's liquid form i take, mixed with orange juice. My doctor has okay me a months supply before i leave, but how do i pack it safetly in my luggage, so it doesn't explode leak, or anything else horrible. Cause god knows i can't go without it, i hear i would become sick as a dog. and i don't want that. i want my trip to be pleasant and relaxing, not dealthy sick. So.. my doctor said he will also write a letter for me for customs in case they go through my luggage and find it... but any advice from anyone... please anyone... i am leaving on mar 5, 2011 and i need answers quickly... packing help, how to pack, what the doctor letter should say and not say... stuff like that... anything that can help... thanks... please do reply. thank god for this site, or else I wouldn't know where to go. cheers, nadia.

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Roy Says:

I think that you should be able to take it in your purse or carry on if you are able to show that you have a valid prescription and doctors letter for it. Then you would not have to worry since it would be in the pressurized cabin with you.

"Medications, baby formula and food, and breast milk are allowed in reasonable quantities exceeding three ounces and are not required to be in the zip-top bag. Declare these items for inspection at the checkpoint. Officers may need to open these items to conduct additional screening."

Source: TSA http:/­/­­311/­index.shtm

Hope this helps!

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nadiainbc Says:

yes but i'lll be carrying with me for a 27 or so trip alot more than that. It will be around 2 litres of methadone... and i don't think they will allow that on board. Damn it was so nice when travel was simpler without all the craziness... when people could just be trusted not to be idiots or criminal. damn... so because it's 2 litres, maybe more, that's why i thought i might have to put it in my suitcase... because i had already heard the amount they allow on the plane, to carry, is very small amounts. I'm going to mexico for 27 days... so i need that times 50mls per days...1350 mls, equals 1.35litres... but thanks, at least you gave me some hope that they won't throw me down, strip search me and dump my meds down the sink... leaving me to withdrawal in some mexican prison. The worst outcome possible. Maybe my doctor can say i have a terminal illness and this is for my pain management... cause i was told her can't mention drug addiction treatment, or else the red light will go off and i will be treated like a criminal. it's pathetic. but that's the way it is. i guess. Anyones else with idea????

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Tammie Says:

Isnt it separated into daily bottles though? I think the limit is per container, so you should be able to carry it on.

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kitty Says:

You can get methadone in tablet form speak to your worker or GP

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kerry Says:

i have taken liquid meds over on holiday before, and have always put the bottles in my case, put celotape around the lid and then packed it in a make up case. i have done this when i flew to greece and to egypt both times i never had a problem with leaks or anything. as long as you have a letter from your doctor, a copy of your perscription, and all the bottles are in there origional containers with labels im sure you will be fine, i have never had a problem. but if you are still worried ask for tablet form medication. hope this has helped you. good luck. x

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josaphene Says:

i have taken methadone into another country legaly and i bubble wrapped each bottle when i was given individual bottles and placed them in socks underwear inbetween clothes. if its in one bottle just do the same you may be able to carry in in your hand luggage im not sure if thats allowed? aslong as you have the correct documents saying you can take this controlled drug into another country youl be fine. you can get methadone in a tablet form which is usually given now days because of liquids not allowed into certian countrys. have a good trip.

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pink-princess Says:

dont what ever you do hide it in luggage!! you need to ask your doctor to perscribe you PHYSEPTONE tablet 5mgs per pill they need to be its origanal container (as u get them of chemist) also makes sure you get a letter of your doctor ! carry it in your hand luggage in clear plastic bags i went to mexico cancun 2 yrs ago and did this also going for 23 days on 16th of may and doing the same i cant understand why your doctor would give you liquid to travel my advace dont hide it keep it in hand luaggae as you may need it (im in uk 9 hr flight) and thats ruling on medication keep in same packaging , keep letter of doc on u at all times and also dont worry you will be fine ow and have a nice holiday

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josaphene Says:

i do not understand why they are giving you liquid form methadone to go away with my sons father has just went to spain for a month and he was told that you are not allowed liquids anymore so he was prescribed physeptone tablets 5mg tablest he had to get a letter from the home office a letter off his doctor the clinic he goes to and a photocopy of the prescription. i have taken liquid form methadone when travelling in europe bu tha was a few yrs ago they just put it in one big 500ml bottle so i bubbled wrapped it and put it into a plastic bag and put it in the middle of my suitcase so that it wouldnt get smashed or anything. you can hide it in your clothes aslong as you have the documents your alright you dnt want it to leak or the bottles to break etc as then you will be in dire straights my sons fatehr he took his meds this time in his hand luggage as he had vallium and serequel so he had alot of meds and didnt want to chance it as last year someone picked up his suitcase and he picked up theirs he got it back with his meds 3 days later and basically had a very rough 3 days. if you are worried about the liquid form of methadone ask if you can be prescribed physeptone now the pharmacist said to my sons father that physeptone are worth alot of money on the black market so dnt tell anyone you have this much medication and to be careful. my sons father he rang me yday and said that he didnt have to take as much mg in the tablet form as he does on the liquid methadone he is on 60ml liquid methadone reducing every 2 wks by 2.5mls he said he has only had to take 30mg of physeptone and he feels absaloutly fine. he has taken alot of medication with him 30 days worth of 60mg physeptone daily 600mg serequel daily and 35mg vallium daily and declared it and they looked at his documents and the medication and it was ok aslong as you have the documents you need and the medication is left in its original packaging with the labels left on you will be fine. i would definatly speak to you doctor or key worker whoever you see and tell them you have worries about taking liquid methadone into mexico or even the fact of travelling with that much liquid they should be giving you it in tablet form i know other people who go to the usa and australia from the uk and they always get it in tablet form now. if they do give you liquid form they might put it in little bottles rather than a big bottle thats happened to me before and thats when i made sure the bottles were secure and safe and i put them in my underwear socks etc so they didnt get banged around too much. speak up for what you want and research it as you do not want to get to mexico and they say 'no you cannot bring liquids into the country' goo luck and have a safe trip.

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josaphene Says:

it doesnt matter where you put it in your luggage aslong as you have the documents that are needed to take controlled drugs into other countries. they dnt prescribe liquid form to travell abroad from the uk usually they will prescribe physeptone tablet form methadone. i have taken liquid form methadone when it was still allowed into other countries and i usually wrapped each bottle and stuffed them into my luggage not to hide it but to make sure it wouldnt be bumped around as you see the way they sometimes throw your luggage onto the plane you dnt want any of the methadoen to leak or the bottles to smach or crack. i always declared told them where it was they looked at my documents checked my luggage and off i went. i honestly did not think that liquid methadone was prescribed anymore to travell into other countries? its probably to do with money as the pharmacist at the chemist i go to told mus that physeptone tablets are worth more money thn liquid methadone and that the tablets are worth alot of money on the black market and to be carefulb but he also says that when i pick up my methadone in full weekly pick up he always says be careful whilst walking back home and puts in a big carrier bag for matter where she pack he methadone she will be ok aslong as she has the right papers.

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Nadia Says:

I went on my trip, and had a letter from my doctor.. he didn't mention it was 'for addiction' or a heroin anything... he just stated that if i don't take it i would get violently sick and might require hospitalization.. that was enough to make them let me 'easily' though with it.. no question asked.. they did scan it at detector place... they were courteous NOT to put it IN THE machine... but they swabbed it to make sure it had not 'illegal' traces on it... which was fine.. since i had no worries either way... and when they came out 'negative' for anything illegal they were quick to pack it up safely and send me on my way.. no problems.. thank you for your help and for all the replies.. sooo much appreciated. it really works, i wish i had tried this years back, and it would have saved me from all those s***ty ups and downs of relapse... with it, i'm fine... i feel 'normal'.. like i did before i ever got curious about drugs. I got my life back. i'm only on 50ml... which is small i hear, since some are on 125ml.. or whatever.. so i' fine... but with the success i have had for the two years on it.. i'm thinking of dropping my dose a bit... if you are having addiction issues to heroin... don't give up.. try.. please give methadone a try. don't listen to the horror stories they aren't true.. people that have those, are people that aren't being honest .. that are still using 'other ' substances.. and that is what there affects are coming from.. not the methadone... i've beeen on it, and my teeth are perfect still.. my bone density is actually stronger... and my health, lungs, heart, are excellent.. no loss of stamina, sex drive, hair.. nothing.. it's fine. If anything you get stamina, you get a drive, because you have a life back.. you get dreams and goals in your life. It worked for me, so don't let others make your choice to try it or not.. give it a month, and i promise you, in the first two days you'll notice a difference. i was at 150 a day, so it works... and i have NO cravings. none. but than again, i truly wanted to quit, it's just the withdrawals sucked soooo bad. that's no life. just thinking about those withdrawals makes my skin crawl... who would ever choose that. no one would... so give yourself a chance and give methadone a try.. it works. I wish there were options like this for others on other things, like cocaine or pot even.. i feel guilty almost having such a positive way out. because so many don't have the chance or opportunity as i did. and it's not like i was a bad person, just too curious.. one day i thought heh why not try it... and yeah from day one, i was hooked.. and had a horrible six years of hell because of it.. so believe me, IT works... and for two years, NOTHING, not one slip, not a craving... and power to make the choice not to use, and because of that, i haven't... whereas before that choice didn't seem like an option for me. it was a hell i thought i was stuck in. so if someone you love is suffering from heroin addiction, show them this, so they have hope. thanks.... nadia.....

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Kimberly Says:

I am going to Cancun on vacation and I take MMT.I have called and searched till I am ready to scream,so could you please tell us how your trip went as far as getting your methadone into Mexico.I am not worried about getting it out of the US because of the 311 deal.But no one can tell me what to do for getting my MMT into Mexico except for it to be in its orginal clear container in a zip lock bag(tats the 311 for the US.I have called 2 US Consulates in Mexico.Too no avail,and I have called 2 Mexican Consulates in the US,still nothing.Please help if you can.

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Fish Says:

I have heard of people putting slices of bread in the baggie that has the bottle of methadone . If it were to leak the bread would soak up the methadone, Eat the bread and get dosed. Assuming you are in the states, it sounds like you go to a clinic therefore each of the daily doses will be bottled separately.

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jamie Says:

Can someone tell me if its legal to make methadone pills into mexico with a doctors prescription

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ashman1 Says:

To bring drugs in the methadone, you have to get them for pain. If you say it's for addiction, then they'll deport your ass. I don't understand but hey, what can we do. My friend got deported in Canada for trying to go to b Alaska tgriugh Canada with a DUI on his rec. I hsd zero issues getting into AUS. I don't know why u.s. won't allow known dig addicts, we have plenty and should share the openess other countries give us. Damn stigma. REMEMBER, U ARE A CHRONIC PAIN PATIENT, NOT ADDICT WHEN GOING THROUGH CUDTOMS. if need be, write your own Dr. Letter for the meds with fake letter head and info. They never check, way too busy to call everyone with a script, s Dr.

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myssamy Says:

My fiancee and I are currently planning a trip to Mexico to get married... he just came from his MMT doctor & the doctor said NO MATTER WHAT, do NOT tell ANYONE you are carrying methadone. When going through customs, your carries should be locked up and you definitely take them on the plane with you - do not put them in cargo - you will get a letter from the doctor indicating it is a prescription and all that necessary stuff. Methadone goes for a huge price in MX & apparently over 90% of people who declare what they are actually carrying get it stolen... not something anyone who needs it would want to happen unless they can get on the next flight home.

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confused man Says:

Iam headed to cancun Mexico and have liquid methadone with doctors name .office and all info plus it says methadone on the bottle. Iam only going for 4 days .what should I do as far as declaring it,packing it in the carry on? I also have pills as well. Should I take those instead?

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I would contact the airport you will be flying out of, and the airport you are going to be arriving at and speak to someone who specifically deals with that for work and they should be able to give you the correct information on how to carry your liquid methadone on the plane, then if you run into a problem you already have started to get it worked out before you go They can't tell you you cant bring your medication on your trip and even if it's for addiction, well they have already declaired addiction a disease so they are going against our rights if they don't let us bring our meds on board no matter how you look at it! So that's what I would do just make sure you are speaking with someone who can override the luggage checkers and get you on your way.

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Adam Says:

I'm going to Cancun from Canada on Saturday. I will be bringing 7 115ml bottles of liquid methadone mixed with Tang. The label says Methadone on it, so has anyone actually been robbed of their meds by mexican authorities? As well Is liquid methadone permitted over the border? I had no problem going to Montreal but that within Canada. I havent gone away in 25 years because of methadone and the fear of it being seized by border people

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chris Says:

This may help people: methadone liquid is 10 milligrams (mg) per millimeter (ml). So a 100mg dose is 10ml. A 30-day supply would then be 30*10ml, equalling 300ml, which is also 0.300 liters (since a ml is a thousandth of a liter). So even 30 take-outs would add up to less than a third of one liter. Each take-out would be in its own little 25ml bottle, but this info is just to give a better idea of the volumes of liquid involved. Remember: 10 milligrams of methadone are in 1milliliter of the liquid.

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