Methadone Withdrawl- The Strangest Thing

Remaining hopeful Says:

I am a current opiate dependent. 62mg of methadone maintenance/day. I have been only wishing to get off of this stuff, just as everyone else. I am feeling very hopeful. Just a month ago, I asked my doc to give me adderall for my ADHD. I was diagnosed with this as a child and used to take adderall long ago and thru my 20's and no abuse. I have not taken adderall for about 10 yrs now. So, I begin taking it. The day I got my script, I forgot to take my methadone take home that morning and it was now 5pm and just taking my 30mg adderall. Within the hour I feel energized. Felt great, focus was good, cleaning house and all the stuff I use to do prior to becoming dependent. I realized at 7pm that I still had not taken my methadone. Alls good though. No pain, no worry. So I decided, I am not gonna take it til I feel bad. See how long this will go. Feeling an remaing hopeful, I am thinking this may be just my ticket to FREEDOM!! Could not sleep that night. Definitely from the adderall. But still felt great. By this time it has been well over 36 hours since last methadone dose. Yes, I am keeping in mind that I am a long time user, the long half life and a of that. Still remaining hopeful. Sun rises, just a few tweaks of sleep, coming upon 48 hours. Still feeling great!! Took my 2nd days dose of adderall, skipped the methadone again!! Went thru that whole day just fine!!! That was yesterday. Trouble sleeping again last night, but that's ok. It is now 2:43 pm on day 3, just passed the 72 hour mark with no methadone. Of course, still having it in my system.

So, in the past, before adderall, if I did not have my methadone at least by the 24 to 36 hour mark I would start to feel the withdraw. I am a very fast metabolizer.

So. I am wondering, remaining hopeful, that replacing the methadone with adderall (methamphetamine), if I will be able to slide by the withdraw symptoms of no methadone and just continue on my NORMAL dose of adderall?

Anyone had this experience before? Yes, I do realize that I am replacing one for the other. But I feel I would have better control and way less symptoms with the switch, IF this keeps going in my favor.

Remaining hopeful!!

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mike Says:

Hello, two months ago I took myself off of 100mg of methadone after three years of take homes, I ended up in a detox and it took a good six weeks to start feeling better, I lost thirty pounds of water that I had while on the stuff, bloating, irrational thinking, depression were of the worst while being on the substance. I am glad that I went through it all, and now its off to twelve steps groups and therapy, I hated the feeling so much.. Mike

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Verwon Says:

Yes, it's just replacing one with the other, but in reality, Adderall has far less withdrawal symptoms and possible complication than Methadone.

Learn more Adderall details here.

Learn more Methadone details here.

The one suggestion I would make is to double check with your doctor, or pharmacist to make sure there aren't any major issues that are going to arise from doing this. I am not familiar with using Adderall to get off of an opiate, so I am not sure what may crop up.

How are you feeling? Are you still doing good?

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sherry Says:

Hey i just read your story
.I've been on methadone 15yrs I've had one relapse in that time....but I'm intrigued by ur situation and wondering if you are still methadone free..

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amanda Says:

Hi, I am recovering from methadone and ALL of the prescription medications and you can read about how Suboxone has really been a life savor along with counseling without inpatient rehab if your unable to go to rehab for whatever reason on medchat detoxing from methadone while using Suboxone. My drugs of choice was methadone, xanax, any amphetamines and I have done methamphetamine but broke that addiction with methadone!

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