Methadone 10mg Rectangles

Margarete Horvath Says:

what is the difference between the round and the rectangle 10 mg methadone pills?

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Verwon Says:

Probably just the manufactured, however, I can't really give you any specific details, without knowing the markings on the tablets.

Can you please post back with more information?


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Margarete Horvath Says:

I found out through a pharmacist that, it's just the manufacturer that makes them...there is no difference in the pills or dosage. I have reason to not believe this. Because I notice a drastic difference when I take the 10mg bars then when I take the 10mg circles...The bars seem to work a LOT better. But, like I said they claim it's just the manufacturer that makes them. So....who knows..

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Verwon Says:

Margarete, there can be differences in generic medications. Under federal law, in the U.S., they are allowed to differ from the name brand, by as much as plus or minus 20% of the active ingredient.

This is considered an acceptable therapeutic window and, when you think about the actual dosages of medications in milligrams, it is a very small difference.

However, since they are only required to measure against the name brand, this means that one generic can differ from another in the amount of the active ingredient. For most people, this small variation has no effect, however, for people who have been on a medication for a long time, or who are sensitive to any fluctuation in the amount, it can cause some problems, such as what you are experiencing.

In the future, you can ask your pharmacy if they can order the ones in for you from the prior manufacturer, or you can see if a different pharmacy carries it.


Is there anything else I can help with?

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Pablito Says:

Hy Margarete,
I find a lot of difference in the two. The oblong pill Is hard to swallow, nasty tasting and egregious to my stomach and the round pill (by Roxane Labs) is just a normal pill it goes down easily.

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Margarete Says:

The round pills are all that I can find in my area. No matter what pharmacy I go to....I've called all over the place...I live in a suburb outside of Detroit....I know for a fact that there are pharmacies that sell the bars in my area...but, no one will tell me where they get them...I have a prescription for the 10mg pills...They are white, round, and have a number on one side 52 over 142 and the other side is just scored. How can I find the bars???.. They work so much better...even though the pharmacy will tell me that there is no difference between the two...which is bull****. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. :)

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MissesV Says:

I also feel that there is a difference in the two. I get the oblong ones also, and like them ten times better. I shop at Rite-Aide, but have found that the manufactor of the oblong ones are trying to do away with them. I don't particulary care for the round ones and I do go a good bit out of my way to get them. Good luck in your ssearch. Maybe get in touch with the manufactoring and see if they can suggest something

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Karen Says:

I find that my arms and legs hurt when I take the round ones and not the rectangular ones

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james Says:

Rite Aid for coffin shaped round malkr are stonger a little but like the coffins because sometimes I will take halves if so and they break in center easier

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coyote Says:

I have rods & screws in my back , and also have had 3 knee surgeries -just trying to keep working and take care of my family. I have been through Hell, and back - I realize Methadone has a bad stigma - but methadone saved my life period. My dose was lowered by my choice, and I take 10mg 3x daily. I have been in a new location and have been taking the square/rectangle ones for over a year which I never really paid attention to until now. The last refill was round pills, that have not taken care of pain. I told the doctor I know something is different, and this just makes me mad. This action makes them want to run more test, more visits, and cost me a lot more money. I have been on Methadone for over 10 years with great results, and now I'm having trouble because a pharmacy decided to change companies 2 months ago putting me through this. YES THERE IS A DIFFERENCE - the new round ones are 54-142 and not as effective in dealing with my pain. Just mad that my life has been negatively affected because I'm sure a cost saving measure. So thankful to read others views on this- after all trust yourself-don't let a so called expert that has no pain tell you what is the same. Trust your body-trust yourself - Thanks to all of you who share your life- to help others

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ladycarlo2012 Says:

I also am having a problem with the difference. But when you try to tell them they say no no they are the same. I showed my pharmacy two pills and there was a very noticeable difference even in the size although they were suppose to be the same milligram.

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Screwed up system Says:

I'm so glad you said something. I have been on methadone 10mg for 21/2 years now and always got the bars due to a doctor screwing up a surgery that left me with nerve damage in my right leg that I will have for the rest of my life now that I am on them I can finally walk but there are days that I really have still have problems anyway now I get the round ones I really don't see a difference but now the everyone says they do I'm thinking is it because I pay for my pills a get a discount ??? I use it pay about 90.00 for 180 of the bars and now with the discount I pay 28.00 for the round ones ...

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tooth Says:

Dude look this is very very simple buddy I get the 2 mg xanax n sometimes I don't want the white ones I want the yellow or the green just call around to every pharmacy even to the next town n just ask if they have the oblong or bar ones as people call them they will tell u if they have the circle or the other ones trust me been doing this for years n they never denied me to knowing what they have at that pharmacy hope this helps you don't even have to go to all of them just google the number n town n talk to someone from every pharklmacy til u find them

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Stricksh Says:

THAT IS EXACTLY RIGHT. Been on methadone for 20 years. The round ones are soft too and you will have dust in your bottle

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Judy Says:

Re: coyote (# 9) Expand Referenced Message

Actually the coffin shaped ones are the newest. The 54142's replaced the original dolphine made by lilly

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Leroy Says:

Re: Margarete (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

Family pharmacy smaller pharmacy

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