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Methacholine Duration in the Body---Removal?

I'm still waiting for a reply to someone's 5/21/2009 question---how long does Methacholine stay in the body after a challenge test? I had my test on 5/10/11 and STILL feel it in my lungs and want it taken OFF my lungs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What is your recommendation as far as medication to remove this gunk off my lungs???????????????????? Been absolutely miserable with my breathing/lung congestion since this test. ## Metacholine is used to bronchial tests, such as diagnosing asthma. It s broken down at a relatively slow rate, but if you are still have problems this long after the test, you should contact your doctor. If you were tested, because you have been having breathing problems, then you need to discover whether this problem is being caused from the use ...

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Methacholine can stay in body how long?

I had a methacholine challenge test and was still feeling light headed 3 hours after end of test. Due to lack of communication between medical professionals, the methacholine was not removed from my lungs as the cardio-pulmonary dept. stated needed to be done when I called to express concern over feeling drugged hours after test. I've not woken without pain a single day since, and pain has expanded from my lungs, to my chest cavity, to my head; with pain centering in one location for 3-6 months before expanding into next part of my body. Is there anything that can be done to either remove methacholine left in my lungs, or to stop the continuous reaction my body has had to the methacholine? I've consulted various specialists as pain has expanded to different areas of my body, but...

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