Methacholine Duration In The Body---removal?

Martha Says:

I'm still waiting for a reply to someone's 5/21/2009 question---how long does Methacholine stay in the body after a challenge test? I had my test on 5/10/11 and STILL feel it in my lungs and want it taken OFF my lungs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What is your recommendation as far as medication to remove this gunk off my lungs???????????????????? Been absolutely miserable with my breathing/lung congestion since this test.

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Verwon Says:

Metacholine is used to bronchial tests, such as diagnosing asthma. It s broken down at a relatively slow rate, but if you are still have problems this long after the test, you should contact your doctor.

If you were tested, because you have been having breathing problems, then you need to discover whether this problem is being caused from the use of the Metacholine or something else.


Have you contacted your doctor, yet?

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Gypsy Says:

Methacholine test

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Med Says:

If you look up what this med does it shrinks your lungs, blocks your bronchial passages, interferes w/ the communication to the brain & body to & where your body needs blood produced I can't find my notes but its called "blood barrier" it's on the web.

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Med Says:

It is methacholine ! It's a nasty mix of chemicals that need to be banned or heavily monitored w/a second approval needed & complete disclosure a must be revealed if I had been told I would've told the quack where he could stuff his test Lung shrinkage is 1 of the many side effects

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Med Says:

The life expectancy of Methacholine is Top Secret ! I can't get a straight or honest answer & for some reason they removed the side effects web page

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