Met Xl T And Stamlo Combination

vedanth Says:

My BP is always around 120/80 and 130/80 when i used to take Stamlobeta for the past 30 years. Ever since my physician changed this drug to Met XL T 50, my BP levels have never comedown to the earlier levels. Though i do not have symptoms, whenever i check my bp it was showing around 150/90 or 160/90. When asked my doc he said i should continue with the same medicine. Will there be any improvement if i take stamlo 5 mg in addition to this Met XL T 50, of course with the consultation of my physician. Why did my BP levels increase when i shifted from Stamlo beta to Met XL T 50?

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Yograjpuri Says:

I am a diabetics patient and high blood pressure at present I take stamlo 5mg with glipezide 5mg

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Ravi chaturvedi Says:

Most of the time the readings of B.P. readings on B.P. monitors taken at home are highly inaccurate. I have got Omron B.P. monitor. As per them 135/85 is normal B.P. as against 120/80. There is lot of cheating involved n prompting us to take B.P.medicines

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