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My wife is 39 yrs old, she is having Thyroid from last 7 years when she delivered 2nd son. She is regularly consuming 10 tablets for ten days for every 2 months, then menstruation occurs in her again and after 15 days a 2nd menstruation happens. Please advise us on taking the Meprat tablet:

1. Whether any side effects will happen.
2. Will she have to continue meprate life long.
3. Weakness is lot while doing household work.
4. Leg pains and she is overweight (85kg).
5. Chest pain occurs occasionally.

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David Says:

Listed below are the possible side effects associated with Meprate (Medroxyprogesterone acetate tablets):

• breasts that are tender or produce a liquid
• changes in menstrual flow
• irregular vaginal bleeding or spotting
• acne
• growth of hair on face
• loss of hair on scalp
• difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep
• drowsiness
• upset stomach
• weight gain or loss
• pain, swelling, warmth, redness, or tenderness in one leg only
• slow or difficult speech
• dizziness or faintness
• weakness or numbness of an arm or leg
• shortness of breath
• coughing up blood
• sudden sharp or crushing chest pain
• fast or pounding heartbeat
• sudden vision changes or loss of vision
• double vision
• blurred vision
• bulging eyes
• missed periods
• depression
• yellowing of the skin or eyes
• fever
• hives
• skin rash
• itching
• difficulty breathing or swallowing
• swelling of the hands, feet, ankles, or lower legs

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It is really up to your wife as to whether or not she feels the need to continue to take this medication for the rest of her life. By no means is this medication necessary for survival, in my honest opinion. Has she talked to her doctor about other options yet?

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Veena Says:

My mom(40 years & over 70kg) had DNS surgery a month ago,she was asked to take meprate tablet twice a day starting from the 16th day of her periods for 10 continuous days.She has to continue the process for upcoming 4 months.She felt drowsiness & often upset stomach.Could you please explain
1.Why is this happening?
2.Is there any side effects?
3.For what 'Meprate' is exactly meant for?
4.Did she has to continue this for life long?

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bm Says:

missed out my periods for last 2 months ,doc prescribed meprate(last took on 24-08-12,now waitng for my periods but have a fear of ecotopic pregnancy,m unmarried with age of 23 years..i nvr had this much delayed periods before so am stressed..plz help

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Sammy Says:

NEVER take any medications without consulting a doctor!!!! Oh god, please, PLEASE go to a gynecologist and take advice... An internet forum will not give you any concrete advice.

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thula Says:

i have periods for 9 days fso my doctor said to take meprate for 25 days,can i follow it does it produce any side effects

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saran Says:

Am 28 yrs married,trying to get LMP was on 7 dec 2012.1 positive hpt(very faint line) and 1 negative hpt.I have almost all the symptoms of pregnancy like breast tenderness,tiredness,fatigue,frequent urination etc.
I consulted with my doctor n she prescribed meprate 10 mg for 10 days.i have took 4 tablets and frm the 4th day itself am having pain in my abdomen and this the side effect of tablet?shall i stop using meprate?am i pregnant ?if yes, is meprate cause any problem to the foetus?Please rply me.

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Sindhu Says:

I had delayed periods. Doc asked to take meprate 10mg for 5 days(3 times a day). But after 3 days I have only spottings.It is my 3rd day with spottings. Is this a problem? Will there be any side effects?When will i get my regular flow periods?

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Megha Says:

Hi Sindhu!!!

The same thing with me too. will i get periods or spottings will continue dont know.But doc asked me to go for harmone test done. Am travelling too this week end.Anyone knows about Meprate,will i get my normal periods in a day or two???? please help

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munny Says:

Has pcod.14yrs old. no periods for two weeks after taking regesterone 5mg twice for 5 tuk meprate10mg for 7 days today 3rd day no periods.very tensed.what to do?

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Maya Says:

Hi,I'm having pcod and getting difficult to doc advice me to take it good for me to get pregnent

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megha Says:

meprate just helps in getting ur periods,but egg will
not be formed that's what my gynec calm always ,keep ur body temperature normal or cool and exercise.

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Nidhi Says:

thanx a lot for this information.:-)

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Megha Says:

Meprate increases weight even more. To treat any gynec problems one thing doctor advise is to reduce weight. Green sprouts & regular walk helps reducing weight and solves many problems.

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neha Says:

My periods r delayed by17 days, my doctor advised me to take meprate twice a day for 5 days . Shud I take it ??, I m 20 yrs old. Is der any side effects of it??

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manisha Says:

i am 27 years old from last 4 months i have not period pcod is their gyna. doctor suggest for meprate it is correct or wrong

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mubin Says:

hi. I'm a homeopathic doctor. practicing homeopathy since last 7 years. I have read ur question about pregnancy n thyroid. I want to tell one thing that there's permenant cure for ur problem in homeopathy.

{edited for privacy}

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M Sankari Iyer Says:

For the treatment of fibroid I am advised to take Meprate 10 mg for 10 days from the 15th day of my period for three cycles. Till now I have consumed tablets for two cycles this cycle bleeding was very high with big clots for four days and with bleeding four days I am having hip pain and feeling very tired. after completion of 3rd cycle tablet will the fibroid be go off or it has to be removed. pl suggest me shall I stop with two cycles medicine. Shall I go for removal of sub-mucous fibroid alone. I am employed lady & suffering a lot. I am 52 year old.

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simpita Says:

I am prescribed to take meprate thrice a day for 5days by my gynaecologist for irregular periods.but after completing my course I have an lower abdomen pain with back pain.also my periods did not clear..why it is happening ?
Is there any fear against it?

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M Sankari Says:

Please do not continue or take life long any tablet without a review from a doctor. For tiredness you should check your HB Counts in blood, because after stopping Meprate heavy bleeding would have been there. Moreover, I was prescribed Meprate for reduction of thickness of Uterine wall not for thyroid. After stopping the medicine, I had undergone Ultrasound test. The uterine thickness was reduced to 5 cm from 12 cm and at the same time HB counts was also reduced from 12 to 9.

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Rink Says:

I took meprate 10'mg for three day to postpone my periods. My last periods was on 28 October 2015 . Today morning I got my periods but it's flow is light then usual. Plz advise is everything fine

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