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Generic Viagra and Insomnia

I just recently started generic Viagra and I have noticed insomnia. Doctors say it is not a side effect, but online says it is. Wondering if anyone experienced that or if it will subside? I tested to make sure by stopping a few days and my sleep went back to normal. Any suggestions?

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Androgel caused dizziness even after stopping use after one month

Hello, I am a 50 yr old male diagnosed with a 225 T level and was prescribed Androgel pump 1.62% in January 2014.I started applying it and did not see a huge noticeable change in my energy level but I thought I'd give it some time to absorb. After about 3 weeks I started getting dizzy especially when I was sitting and working on my computer.Stopped using it now for a month. But the effect remains! At first I thought it was eye or ear related. Both were ruled out by extensive eye and ear tests. Has anyone noticed such a side effect? I feel as if I am little drunk, the top of my head feels a bit heavy and feel slight side to side bobbing. Do not feel sever vertigo or anything just a mild swaying effect making it difficult to work! Going to see Neurologist and Endocrinologist this mont...

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Red-brown diamond shaped tablet with "homll" imprint

Found this in a package of what I can not share, but it appeared to be a diamond tablet with a brand name “homll” imprinted (from what I can make out of the text - cursive) and of a red-brown colouring. I’ve done research (minimal) and apparently there’s a Japanese brand that makes the same looking tablets but blue. I do not know why the difference in colour, or what they are even supposed to be used for but I have an idea. The Japanese brand “homll” makes ed pills with the same shape and size of the ones I found but in blue (as mentioned above) with tadalafil. I do not know if the ones I found have the same active ingredient. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I will not be taking it to find out, or will be taking it if or when I find out what th...

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Edex Reviews

I recently switched from Trimix to Edex, 40mcg cartridge. The URO has written on the label to "inject 40mcg into side of penis for erection". I tend to think 40mcg will be way too much and may put me in the ER. Has anyone used this particular type of Edex? I am thinking that at the most I should not inject more than 20mcg and then go from there. Any inputs or suggestions are appreciated.

Sildenafil comparison

I was originally prescribed Viagra 100 ( ) and then after the patent expired I was prescribed Sildenafoil Teva 100. The original script works very well - the secondary one is almost useless. Is there any difference other than price? ## Has anyone any information on this thread please? ## No, they are the same medication, Sildenafil is the active ingredient in Viagra. I'm not sure how it works there, but in the U.S., under the Hatch-Waxman Act of 1984, generics are allowed to different from the name brand by as much as plus or minus 20% of the active ingredient. If such a difference is allowable there, you could only be getting an 80mg dose in the generic, which may not be enough to work for you. The FDA lists the typical side effects of this medication as possibly including nausea, ...

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Tri-Mix Injection for ED Treatment

Is there anyone using Tri-Mix (papaverine, phentolamine, and prostaglandin E1) or other ED injection medications with success and satisfaction? I am looking at giving one a try. Are there any other medication recommendations? Thank you.

Pfizer / VGR 220

Pill in question is a diamond shape blue pill with pfizer on one side and VGR 220 on the other? I'm positive its viagra. My question is, is it 220 mg? Based on viagra pills, it makes sense since the mg are written on them. ## This pill should theoretically be 220mgs, since they do have a track record of typically putting the dosage on the pill itself. But I don't believe that 220mg is part of the standard doses for this tablet. Was this dispensed by a licensed pharmacy? If not, it could be counterfeit. For example: Pfizer VGR 25 = Viagra 25mgs Pfizer VGR 50 = Viagra 50mgs Pfizer VGR 100 = Viagra 100mgs (NDC 0069-4220). Ref: DailyMed They are all blue diamond shaped pills, which had me confused at first. But you can also verify this information on the manufacturer's contact ...

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Combining 10 and 20mg Caverject

My doctor said to increase dosage from 20mg to 25 and then in small increments if necessary. He has prescribed both 10 and 20 mg packets. Do I use the same syringe and fluid to mix both vials or use separate syringes and fluids which would result it having to have two injections, 20 from the first and then half of the 10 mg syringe to give 25 mg? ## Same problem. What I did since 40 mcg is not available th EU, is use two vials of powder and one ampule of benzile water supplied. Mix the ampule with one vial of powder then transfer to the other vial of powder to get 40mcg then withdraw 30mcg (. 75 ml) ## Yes, as Geno said, there shouldn't be a problem with mixing them both to administer it just once, but you should check with your doctor, or pharmacist to be sure. The FDA lists Caverj...

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Caverject availability in Philippines

After radical prostate surgery the only thing that has worked was caverject .... only trialed twice... no pills have been any good. Thinking of going to Philippines to get married and live there.... so the question is please: Is caverject available in Philippines.. if so could you please advise which cities doctors etc. ## I am a 65 year old male who has been looking for alprostadil in the Philippines. So far no luck. It is not carried by Mercury, the largest drug store chain in the Philippines. It is approved for use here, but getting it is a problem. ## How & where can i buy vitaros cream (alprostadil cream) in the Philippines? ## It's available in angeles (the injectable version)... What I'm interested though is the cream type, is it available in the Philippines? If so, w...

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Cialis and mood swings irritability

I'd just like to know if anybody else has any experience of seeming to be more irritable and emotional during the time that they are getting the effects from Cialis? ## These are not normal side effects of the medication and I haven't read posts from many other people experiencing such a problem. Medications can affect everyone differently, so it may be caused by the Cialis/Tadalafil, or it could be caused by something else entirely. Have you contacted your doctor to discuss the problem, yet? ## My husband takes Cialis and has experienced SEVERE mood swings when he is on it. He is also having chest pains. I have asked him to discontinue for one month to see. ## My husband, too, becomes very moody and irritable when he is on Cialis. Consequently he only takes it spasmodically. ##...

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Testopel injections leakage. Two time cancer survivor

Got my third round on Friday. 12 pellets and I'm telling you I'm a new person. I feel great while on them. The first two times I had trouble with leakage from the injection site. This time I figure to keep the bandage on and the strips on for 2 extra days. Instructions say wait 3 to 4 days to take bandage off. Has anyone else had problems like this? ## Actually yes, I had a friend in Canada who was being treated with it, and asked me about a similar issue, however, he never found a good solution, and we lost him to other issues late last year. Have you informed your doctor of the problem? What does the leakage look like? The FDA lists the typical side effects of Testopel as possibly including administration site reactions, redness, irritability, mood changes, weight changes, and...

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Alprostadil Cream vs Injection

Has anyone tried these Alprostadil products that are manufactured in India? Have you been satisfied and are they safe and effective? Is there anywhere else you can fill a prescription for them? Thank you.

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can men use anaerobyl 400

I have a burning urine when i pee or after peeing and my penis is so uncomfortable. Can i use anaerobyl 400? I enjoy sex with my partner, then all of a sudden i will have this penis infection and it causes me to have a very low libido. ## I slept with my partner and suddenly I have blisters on my penis. I think I got a penis infection. Can I use anaerobyl? ## Can I use Anaerobyl 400 if my penis is sore with blisters?

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sildenafil citrate tablets vega 100

its use and side effects ## Sildenafil is commonly sold in the US under the trade name Viagra, it is used to treat erectile dysfunction and some cases of high blood pressure. Common side effects may include: nausea, headache, runny nose and flushing. You can read more on it here: Is there anything else I can help you with? ## i use vega 100 properly in week,when i started it, i was took 1 tablet in a week but i had been feeling headache on the top side during the intercourse and so disturbed and i saw different colors ,so i reduce my dose in half but same conduction,now i take quarter but its function not better,while i used the half of table it function better but feel headache.Please sir advice me what can i do . ## i am ptcl ofreter ## sir, i have know about your product Sildenafil, ...

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How long should Veltam Plus be taken

I am 68 yrs. Having prostate problem. Started taking Veltam plus tabs for the past month. They have a good effect. How long can I continue? If I continue will there be any trouble. I take Aten 50 also. Pls advise. ## Veltam Plus contains the active ingredients Tamsulosin and Dutasteride, both of which are used to treat the symptoms of BPH. And there can be risks associated with the use of any medication, such as organ damage, but what you have to do is weigh your options and decide whether any possible risks outweigh the benefits. Learn more Dutasteride details here. Learn more Tamsulosin details here. As to how long you should take them, that is something you should decide with your doctor. Have you talked to them about it? ## As per my scanning report my prostate gland enlarged 45% .I...

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Very high testosterone

My recent blood work revealed an exceptionally high level of testosterone (1600 ng/dl). My doctor's office requested that I call and reveal whether I am supplementing. In fact, I'm not. That is 160% higher than the highest natural level my doctor has encountered. I'm 35yrs old and weigh 150lbs. I was also diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at age 30. Behaviorally, I fit the general expectation of a male with high testosterone who's conflicted about expressing it. I engage in behaviors that are risky, dominance seeking, and aggressive. I'm easily provoked and prodded. I probably drink more than I should. I self medicate to be more relaxed, but I'm considering seeking therapy. I don't smoke. I also hold a PhD in Biology with a highly competitive resume (CV) but am ...

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Does generic Cialis (Tadalafil) work the same as the brand?

I take 5mg Cialis for BPH and erectile dysfunction, and it is working well. My Health care is going make me change to generic Tadalafil. Will it work as well? ## Theoretically the generic SHOULD work as well as the brand if the amount of active ingredient is the same. The inactive ingredients (fillers) will vary by manufacturer. There have been anecdotal reports in other threads here of people saying that being switched from one manufacturer to another makes a difference, but that's usually in reference to other medications, not Tadalafil. You should notice relatively soon after making the switch. One thing to note is that the FDA states "Any generic medicine modeled after a brand-name medicine must perform the same in the body as the brand-name medicine. This standard applies t...

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besides flomax & hytrin and avodart what is there to treat BPH? ## I have BPH. I tried Avodart and found it frustrating: it was very effective in removing symptoms of BPH fast, but unable to move beyond turgid for intercourse; if climax occurred , it felt like someone strangled me down there, ie: the gun fired but no bullets. I was switched to Cialis 5mg: just as effective on BPH but slower to have an effect. Took 4 months for effects of Avodart to wear off. Gun has bullets. But Cialis also can have side effects in some people. ## You can learn more here about your BPH treatment options. As always, you should try the medication, or treatment approach that your doctor advises to achieve the best possible outcome for you. Are you on any other medications?

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Will Viagra show up as a positive for anything on a drug screen given by a Probation Department

My boyfriend is on parole and gets daily urine analysis. I was wondering if viagra will show up as any kind of street drug, such as opiates, or anything like that? I am having trouble finding anything out about it online! Any info would be helpful!! Thanks! ## Your Boyfriend probably is a champ with or without the pill. He probably feels more like a champion with the pill, so feed him as many as you can handle, cause my man is in the same spot and says it maid sex seem better then even the frist time. ## Does Viagra show up on a federal ten panel drug screen? ## Am having a hair follicle drug test for concine I 've only took viagra will this give a false result for concine use ## Will Viagra come out on a ua drug test please let me know thank you ## Do u test dirty with viagra while...

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How to use Vega 100

I want to use Vega 100 but I don't know the proper way to take it. Please tell me about that. ## Vega is another brand name for Viagra, which contains the active ingredient Sildenafil. Usually, it is supposed to be taken between 30 minutes to 4 hours, before sex and not something you are supposed to take every day. Common side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, priapism and stuffy nose. Read more: Do you have any other questions? ## What is the most important side infection of Vega. ## I am a new married,can I use it daily or weekly? Does it's increased timing of sex ? ## How do you use vega 100? And how long does it work for? ## is it serviceable to use the vega twice a week? ## Sex Before how much time to take Vega table What is the side effects of Vega tables ## Can i k...

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