Men Use Althea Pills For Acne Treatment Only

Del Says:

Is it okay if I use Althea Pills eventhough im 17 years old and im a boy, just to treat my pimples? is there a side effect on me?

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Del! How are you?

No, they will not do anything for you, except cause problems. These are hormonal based contraceptives that are formulated for women, so the doses in them are far too high for men, unless they want to start developing female characteristics, such as breasts, losing chest and facial hair... you get the picture.

You need to consult your doctor and get something appropriate for you to use to treat your acne.

What have you tried, so far?

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Del Says:

my acne problem started when i was 14 years old and i tried so many products for acne and creams for my face, and i already visited dermatologist but nothing of those recommended cure for my acne didn't work, i used many of it like eskinol, garnier, mesriza soap, ponds, beauche, dermabest creams,dermavenue clinic, acbegone, pinto clinic, and so many more,. im so depresed witht this pimples and i realy dont know now what to do to remove all these pimples , i want to really remove all my pimples, because its not easy to be infront of other people wearing this many pimples in my face,. im so disappointed with it,.. can yOu give me a Pills for my acne,. the one that really works faster?

My doktor anyway give me a medicine called Erythromycin tablet. and i just started it last week.

please help me get rid of my acne and pimples, thank you,. more power,. GodBless!

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tina Says:

Maganda po bang pang gamot ang althea sa acne? Super laki kasi ng pimples ko kakainis..

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jenny Says:

try mo yung DALACIN-C,anti infective yan.kailngan mo lang ihalo sa eskinol.then apply only every night.matapang kasi yung gamot.base sa observations ko,1 to 2 weeks after ,maglalabasan muna ang mga pimples mo then matutuyo ang mga yon and pimples will fade pag palagi mong ginagamet...
yan din ang gamit ko ngayon at effective sya...
btw,do not use it during day,baka kasi masunog ang mukha mo..

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Chodinole Says:

According to my obgyne it can help cure pimples to those who has a hormonal acne as it can regulate menstruation. You should consult the doctor before taking the said pill.

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Marian Says:

I Was confuse... I thought i missed 1pill so doubled it. Then when i count the pills.. Its not.. The pill for the next day was already taken. What would i do?

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