Meloxicam Side Effects And Concerns

debbsc Says:

I started taking Meloxicam (15 mg) ten days ago for spondyloarthritis. I few days ago, I started having headaches and tension in my neck/shoulders. I read that you're not supposed to take iboprofen or other NSAIDS with it, so I took Tylenol instead to get rid of the headache, which worked.

I also noticed that I was having bloating, belching, loose stools/diarrhea, and weight gain, despite diet and exercise. In fact, while I was doing my walking yesterday (roughly 3 miles or so in an air conditioned mall), I started feeling a little lightheaded and getting winded easier than I should have.

Afterwards, on my way home, I stopped by the grocery store and was still feeling a little strange and when I reached the blood pressure machine I decided to check mine. It was high for me: 161/90+ (I often forget the second number). I checked it again when I got home and it had raised to 175/110. It occurred to me that I was possibly dehydrated, so I drank water (specifically, Propel with the electrolytes), sat under the air conditioning, and was able to get it down to a more normal bp of 123/86.

Before I went to bed, I was taking stock of all that was going on with my body since I started taking Meloxicam and here's a list that may or may not be related to taking this:

-pain in my left side, just below my rib cage, to the left of my stomach
-nausea, lack of appetite
-flushing feeling from my upper chest to my head
-rash across my chest and on my right foot
-sleepy/tired/trouble sleeping
-slight shaky feeling, particularly in upper body and arms/hands
-tension in my neck
-clenching my jaw (I do have TMJ, so this is not necessarily new)
-muscle soreness in my calves (not sure if this is due to exercise or medication)
-"pins and needles" feeling in hands, lips, and head at times
-generally feeling "down"

I spoke to my rheumatologist doctor's nurse, and she consulted with the doctor. They feel I might be having an allergic reaction to it and have advised me to stop taking it. (I already skipped this morning's dose, anyway.)

They/she couldn't/didn't give me any further instructions, such as what I could take to help bring down my blood pressure and start feeling better. She just said to stop taking it and see if my symptoms clear up.

I failed to ask how long that would take, so I wonder if anyone here can help with the timeframe and anything else that can help.

Thanks in advance!

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Verwon Says:

If you've only been taking it for 10 days, or so, then it should only take a few days for things to start improving, according to the NIH. I have to agree with them, it really seems that this medication doesn't agree with you.

The FDA does list most of what you've listed as being possibly dangerous adverse reactions. An allergic reaction would usually include hives, swelling, itching, trouble breathing and the like.

However, it is possible to have adverse reactions, without actually being allergic to something.

If it was the sole cause of your elevated blood pressure and the other issues, they should rectify themselves very soon.

Has there been any change, yet?

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debbsc Says:

I ended up in the ER after I posted this. I was having even higher blood pressure (189/119 which prompted me to go to the hospital; 194/101 when I arrived). I was also having a heavy feeling in my chest, not quite feeling like I was getting full breaths.

Luckily, I did not have a heart problem/episode, or pneumonia, and all tests came back normal. The only conclusion was a continued/residual bad reaction to the medicine. Once my blood pressure was down to a more acceptable level (but not in my normal range), they sent me home and suggested I follow up with my regular doctor. I see him tomorrow

I'm still having an uncontrolled blood pressure roller coaster ride, but have started feeling a reduction in the number and severity of symptoms. I'll probably feel silly being a lot better by the time I see the doctor, but maybe he'll have some tips and help anyway.

Thank you for your information, too. It's helpful.

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Ruth Says:

I had same experience with very high BP....192/102. Had same symptoms of dizziness & not feeling well. My doctor was concerned about kidney damage & prescribed a fast acting blood pressure med called Labetorol. I had only taken meloxicam for three weeks & I felt great pain relief, but would never take it again. I have been on gradually, lower doses of BP med but It has taken me almost one month to gradually go off the B/P med & for my blood pressure to go back down to normal, consistently throughout the day. I think this is a dangerous drug for some people & I would never take it or any NSAID again.

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Herniated disc sufferer Says:

I took meloxicam for 12 days for a herniated disc. Side effects were bad. Is there another anti inflammatory to take besides naprosyn?

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Ruth Says:

The most dangerous side effect of this drug, after stroke & heart attack is kidney & liver damage.
This can start in just a few weeks & you would not know it until you had dangerously high blood pressure. I got it in three weeks & it took 3-4. weeks on a beta-blocker med. for everything to go back to normal. I loved the pain relief, but would never take it again. This is probably not common, but it happens & is listed as a side effect!

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mary Says:

I have been feeling dizzy taking meloxicam 7.5mg, plus I have been having extremely bad muscle cramps in my body. Is this normal? I'm gonna stop this medication.

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A Anna Says:

I took meloxican for 9 days before my dizziness and legs cramps causes me to stop.

How long before those issues go away?

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A Anna Says:

Hello, after you stopped taking , did your symptoms improve ? If so, how long to get out of your system? Thank you

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Aa Says:

I took maloxicam for 10 days stopped due to severe side effects such as headache, neck & shoulder pain, sore jaw, leg cramps. I have been off of it for 6 days I feel exhausted, have body aches & headache. Hoping this stops soon. Aweful drug would never take it again

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Laur Says:

Took just one dose of meloxicam 7.5, woke up and I am itching and my body is very red. How long does it take for this to get better and how long does it take meloxicam to get out of your system?

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irene Says:

Does this drug cause severe mood swings or anger? My mom has been taking this for about 4/5 days now. She seems to be very upset and angry all the time. She is even saying things that are extremely hurtful and this is not like her.

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Debs Says:

I started taking meloxicam 7.5mg twice a day for mild arthritic pain in March. At my last 2 Dr appointments, I had high blood pressure. I'm sure it is from the meloxicam because I have never had high bp before. I stopped taking it 5 days ago. How long does it take meloxicam to get out of your system and how long until my blood pressure will get back to normal?

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Cheryl Says:

I have hepatitis C. When taking any form of NSAIDs, my abdomen bloats badly. I am a 60-year-old female smoker. Clean and sober, yet I take 71 mgs of Methadone daily. Please advise me. My Ortho Dr prescribed two 7.5mg doses of Meloxicam a day, but I have not taken any yet. Does Meloxicam cause impairment?

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Linda Says:

I started taking Meloxicam several years ago and Nov.21st I got so weak I couldn't walk and within a hour or so I couldn't hold my head up I was so weak. Aside from Osteoarthuritis i am a very healthy women. I had to go to hospital by ambulance and was put right into ICU and given 2 pints of blood and Dr. said it was a good thing I came in when I did and they said after reviewing my meds that Meloxicam was the culprit I cause me to to have a bleeding ulcer. I will never take that medication again and I would sugest anyone taking it to stop if you don;t want more problems...

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Nick Says:

Hi. I have been taking Meloxicam for almost 3 weeks now and I have a burning stinging sensation in my bladder area. Has anyone else experienced this with Meloxicam?

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