Meloxicam Long Term Use

Joy Says:

I have been taking meloxicam 15 mg once per day for RA for more than six years now. I would like to know whether it is safe to use the drug for such a long duration? I can not stop this drug in my present condition. Is there any data available on this subject?

Thanks in advance.

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Verwon Says:

Hi, Joy!

Meloxicam is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory, so yes there may be some issues caused by long term use, such as stomach ulceration, edema, hypertension, congestive heart failure and liver damage.

Is your doctor monitoring you regularly?

Usually regular exams and blood tests are the best way to keep an eye on things and head off any problems, before they have a chance to get serious.

Learn more Meloxicam details here.

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Bill Says:

I have been on Meloxicam for nearly 12 years, refilled by several doctors which I have had. In the last 6 months I have been having severe stomach pain accompanied by headaches, blood in my stool, along with loosing over 20 pounds in about 1 1/2 months (without trying). Yesterday I went to see a new doctor and they believe that my symptoms are due to the long term use of the medication, which does help with my lower back issues. The advised me to get off the Meloxicam immediately and said that previous doctors should have been monitoring me on the medication, but never did.

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Adewunmi Says:

CAN I TRUST THIS DRUG:I have already taking 3 packs of 10 tablets of meloxicam but i still have pains in my joints and foots. Am aware of the various side effects of the drug and dont want to take it for long period. Pls can i get a more potent drug with less side effects. even now, have started itching on my body.

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Bill Says:

Follow-up - In about 2 week after getting off Meloxicam my stomach issues subsided. No more pain or blood in my stools. I was later put on Celebrex that seemed to have no relief with my back issues. 3 injections in my spine and a nerve block test later my Doctor will be doing a Radiofrequency Ablation in 2 weeks.

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Cathy Says:

can I cut Meloxicam 15 mg INT tablet in half

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Gizz Says:

One pill daily is my . Dosage, new to me.side effects, my concern.

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Bill Says:

Check with your doctor to see what other options may be available with less side effects, possibly Celebrex. I was on Meloxicam for about 12 years and had what they believed were bleeding ulcers due to long term use of the medication. Got off Meloxicam and felt like a new person after 2 weeks. Good luck.

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Lori Says:

My husband was diagnosed a year ago with kidney failure which was most likely caused by long term (5+ years) use of Meloxicam. He immediately stopped taking it but it was too late and his kidneys have deteriorated to the point where he is in stage 5 renal failure, close to starting dialysis, and in need of a kidney transplant. I firmly believe that patients are responsible for educating themselves, however the doctor that prescribed it for so long and the pharmacy that continually filled the prescription should have been waving an alarm flag.

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ITP patient Says:

I used Meloxicam for 20 years. On 12/2014 I started bleeding badly and ended up in the emergency room. They stopped the bleeding with 50 mg of Prednizone and discontinued my meloxicam. I was sent to a hematologist and diagnosed with ITP. That means low blood platelets. My body destroys my platelets. They are looking at removing my spleen. I want to know if any other meloxicam users have resulted in low blood platelets.

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Rizzy14 Says:

Yes I am just going through the exact same thing! Took Meloxicam for only just over a month and found myself covered in bruises. Went to the ER and my platelet count was down to 8! I was hospitalized and put on steroids and 3 days of IVIG therapy. My platelet levels increased temporarily but have fallen again so the steroids do not appear to be helping. How long have your platelets been low?

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Annie Says:

My daughter was just prescribed. She is 15 and we are watching her closely and I would like to know what other symptoms you had from the drug and when the symptoms started

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susie Says:

hi ,im taking endone for almost a year for my pain , and then change to mobic i taking mobic for 4 years now,im in severe pain all the time,im also in depression,im taking flouxitine for my depression,all of this tablet give a lot of problem in my body instead of getting better,now i did my blood test show that i have problem on my liver,and gallstone,im in waiting list for my operation for my gallstone,i have all this pain,headache,numbness,dizzy,runny nose,sore throat,feeling cold all the time,very weak,lost of appetite,feeling tired all the time,stomach pain or abdominal pain,lossing power to my body,

i have both shoulder bursitis,right have operation,and i have both hand carpal tunnel also right have operation,and i have left foot planter pacitis,


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logicaldude Says:

I have taken Arthrotec 75mg twice a day for the last 12 years. This medication is very expensive in the US, $630.00 for one month supply. If my insurance doesn't cover it and I can't import it for personal use than I would like to find an alternative. Can Meloxicam be a substitute anti-inflammatory for arthrotec. Based on prices it seems very affordable. Guidance would be appreciated.

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Robert Labrie Says:

I have been taking meloxicam for about two years and it has been great. That being said thanks to All for posting, I am gonna get some blood work done on a more regular basis to ensure I don't become sick.

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Dee Says:

My son has been taking meloxicam 15 MG for 6 months and recently started having nose bleeds. Could the meloxicam be the cause. He had shoulder surgery and the inflammation still persists. That's why he takes it.

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Tequila Says:

Why do you want to cut it in half? I just really want to know because I'm supposed to start this pill after a bad car accident.

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June Says:

What was your husbands egfr when you first found out.? My husband has been on Meloxicam 15 mg for several years and the doctor never told us the dangers. He now has an egfr of 36. Hoping it will reverse since he has discontinued it.

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Maria Says:

I was on Celebrex for a few months had heaps of side effects in the mouth,bleeding gums, thrush, ulcers, normal toothpaste was burning. I have now been on Meloxicam for a few years and starting to have bleeding gums again.

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Wendy Says:

Did the RFA help your back problem? It was offered to me also and it freaks me out that someone is messing with my back.

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Royal Says:

What did your doctor prescribe after taking you off Meloxicam? Is it working?

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