Meloxicam Caused Anxiety And Panic Attack

Ram Says:


I was prescribed meloxicam for my tailbone pain. I took one 7.5mg dose and that gave me the worst panic attack. I am not taking it anymore but i still feel very anxious and I am not myself anymore. It has been 5 days since i took the dose. Will this take time to go away? Do I need any other treatments for these side effects?

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Verwon Says:

It has been known to cause anxiety/panic attacks, in some people that take it, according to FDA reports, but it is very rare. It is also very unusual for it to linger that long after having taken just one dose. Its other side effects are listed as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, increased risk of bleeding, and stomach irritation.

Have things improved, yet? Are you on any other medications?

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Ram Says:

It's a lot better now but I still have anxiety and dizziness. It's definitely not as bad as how it was before. I see it damaged my gut and stomach linings. I am not under any other medications, i was prescribed lorazepam but i am not taking that either.

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