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carb/levo for restless leg syndrome

I've been prescribed to take Carb/Levo for restless leg syndrome. Does anyone have experience using it for this purpose and what were results? ## I don't know how old your question is, but my mother has taken it for at least 10 years with no side effects. It provides her great relief. Once in awhile it won't be effective enough, but she gets by on those nights. ## I've been taking carb/levo for restless leg syndrome for a couple years. I started taking one tablet, 10 mg.- 100 mg and about a year later took 1 1/2 tablets. Now I'm down to 1/2 tablet as the higher dosage created restlessness an hour after I took it ... and lasted an hour before i could relax enuf to go to sleep. The 1/2 tablet seems to work better when taken with melatonin 3 mg... some nites it seems th...

round white pill with NB on one side

what is small round white pill with NB on one side ## It's melatonin, a sleep aid. It's made from all natural turkey extract, I'm a college student so it real helps, there is nothing bad about it it's just really expensive. Most people confuse it for Percocet because of the NB but Percocet has numbers melatonin does not ## I have round white pills with NB on one side and they are a homeopathic migraine medicine. ## @rrrock: What is the homeopathic Migraine medication called? Is it for use during an attack or used more like a preventive-type Supplement? Very curious as I have Chronic Migraine & would like to try using a good homeopathic med at onset of an attack as a first line before having to take my Rx migraine medications. Thanks so much! ## My research points to ...

sleepasil side effects

I've been taking sleepasil for quite a while now and have been experiencing several possible side effects that may contributed by the drug. My major concern is what is in the drug. Yes it is BFAD approved but i cannot find its make up. Thanks. ## Sleepasil is actually a supplement claimed to help with sleep issues. It contains: Melatonin, Chamomile, Wild JuJube Seed Extract, Valerian Root, Hops, Scullcap, Passion Flower, Calcium and Magnesium. That said, since this is a supplement, side effects are not known, they have not been studied. What exactly have you been experiencing? Have you spoken to your doctor? ## it has melatonin. i heard its bad for eczema, psoriasis. i have skin problems but not yet have done skin biophsis but i know its either psoriasis or eczema. is it safe for me...

Can Melatonin Cause A Drug Test To Be Positive For Suboxone

can melatonin or depression medication cause a drug test to be positive for suboxone ## My answer to that question would be no, as the human body produces Melatonin naturally. Supplementing this is strictly used to boost your Melatonin to levels that your body hasn't been producing on its own accord. As far as depression medication goes, it is unlikely; but with some drug tests it seems as though anything is likely to show up no matter what you took. So I wouldn't count it out just yet. Have you asked your doctor about getting re-tested? ## I have taken Melatonin and I am having a false positive on my drug test. This is the second time. I took a prescribed 5ml Valium 2.5 weeks before it the drug test. I do not feel like that is causing the problem. ## This is my first time ever ...

What is the best over the counter drug that can be taken for anxiety and a severe case of nerves???

I am going for my driver's test and i need something that will calm me down as fast as possible and will have a long lasting effect!!! ## It really isn't advisable to take anything that you've never taken, before and then be driving or operating heavy machinery. It can severely slow your reflexes, as well as causing dizziness and drowsiness. Such medications have depressant effects, that is how they work and that is why they all carry warnings similar to what I stated above. DUI laws don't just apply to alcohol, they also apply to medications, or any substance that may impair your ability to drive. Have you considered consulting a doctor? ## Probably melatonin but not more than two or three millagrams it will put you to sleep,its natural and something our body produces a...

melatonin showing up as benzodiazepene in toxicology testing

My toxicology test is showing a benzodiazepene when all I'm taking is Melatonin? I don't get it, you can get melatonin over the counter since it's a natural supplement. ## @SaviorFaire, I find this occurrence to be very unusual considering that melatonin is completely unrelated and would even go so far as question if anyone might've had the opportunity or a reason to try and pollute your sample before the tox report? Given the circumstances it may be a good idea to request a re-evaluation via Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS) to achieve what I'd imagine to be the most accurate results. If the GC-MS proves otherwise, then it should be a wake up call to the inefficiency of standard toxicology procedures. Please keep us posted if everything gets straightened ...

white oblong pill with no imprints on either side

We have a bunch of white oblong shaped pills with nothing imprinted on either side of it. We think it is ibuprofen but are just trying to check and make sure. ## Someone gave me a round white pill with no imprint on either side and said it's antibiotics. Is it? ## Good luck and gooodnightttt. I was concerned too until I checked my melatonin bottle. Be smart and keep asking questioms. ## Hello, I hope this message finds you in good health and wonderful weather. In accordance with FDA regulations all controlled medication is required to be identifiable through it's physical features (shape, color, imprint, size etc.) and because the pill you found does not have an imprint it is unlikely to be an ibuprofen. What is more likely is that you have found a vitamin, supplement, dietary p...

spasmo proxyvon

side effects ## wockhard spasmo proxyvon has been changed the formula as compared to last batch no. it is really bad and i want a same result for that. can i get a same percentage of (opium) in any capsule, tablet. Which are easily available in delhi and ncr also. i was used to take 7 capsules in one dose earlier one now i am not even wanted to take two also but not able give up because i am taking them from last ten years. ## ALTERNATIVE FOR SAME RESULT OF SPASMO PROXYVON EASILY AVAILABLE IN DELHI AND NCR ## i was taking spasmo proxyvon from last 7 years i stopped taking from last two days now.i cant sleep whole night i feel to much tired and feel cold pain in legs.what medicine in have to take to get rid from spasmo proxyon permanently ## i was on spasmo proxyvon from last 7 years now...

Round white pill with no print on either side

I have a white round pill with no printing on either side, what is it? ## If there are no markings, it is going to be difficult to determine exactly what this contains. We can rule it out as being a U.S. prescription medication, because they are all required, by federal law, to have markings to enable their identification, in case of emergency. However, it could be any one of a large number of over the counter items and there is also a chance that it could be a foreign medication. Was it found in the U.S.? ## Definatly melatonin over the counter pills. Get a good night sleep. ## I have a bunch I found in my daughter's backpack and they are Vitamin B12 but they are prescribed by her Dr. And the prescription was filled at Cox's pharmacy. ## I have a small white pill with nothing o...

round white pill nothing on either side

Was prescribed but can't read the label of what it is. Help plz ## What pill is round, white, and no imprints on either side ## A white round pill with no imprints could be anything. However, if you believe that there was an imprint that had gotten rubbed off and you're simply unable to read the label, then I would encourage you to have the pill sent in to be analyzed by a lab and/or to utilize a drug panel kit from a local pharmacy that can at least distinguish the presence of various controlled substances. Something else to keep in mind is that there are numerous over-the-counter supplements such as vitamins, minerals, melatonin, magnesium, etc. which are often just smooth pills with no imprints. Is there a score line on either side by chance?

melatonin false positive

I just came back from my doctor and was discharged for a urine screen that said I was positive for suboxone. I have never in my life taken suboxone. I do take melatontin..xanax..and percocet. Could any of these drugs cause this? ## Will melatonin cause someone to fail a drug test? I'm having trouble sleeping and have to test in a few days for parole. I'm thinking about taking melatonin to help but not sure if it will cause me to fail?

False positive because of Melatonin

I have MS and have been on Norco for 4 years. My dr. said I tested positive for Suboxone. I didn't know what that was. Melatonin is the only new thing in my system. Could this be possible? ## Can melatonin or meclizine cause a false positive for valum or atavan? ## I believe melatonin messes up a drug test. I had one the other day and it was positive for Gabapentin which I did not take. Why would I take gabapentin if I’m on suboxone? I have been reading the internet searching for answers ever since cause this is blowing my mind. The only thing I took in addition to my suboxone was melatonin.

Large yellow/off white gel cap with no markings.

When looking at it vertically, it has an indention running all the way around. It was found in my grandmother's (who was in a retirement home at the time) pill container that seperated her pills into morning noon and night. ## I found a small oval white gel capsule looking exactly as you described - no markings other than an indentation running lenghtwise around the capsule. I'd like to know what it is. ## Off-white oblong liquid-filled gel capsule, vertical indentation running lengthwise, with no markings is Nature's Bounty Melatonin ## Hello, Unfortunately the FDA requires that any regulated medication be identifiable by it's physical appearance (color, shape, imprint, size etc.) and because this pill does not have an imprint it is not likely that it is medication. Thi...

melatonin false positive for methamphetamine

My daughter was given a hair test and it came back positive for methamphetamines. Could the 3 mg melatonin supplement before bed be what's showing up? ## Due to severe crohns have been on methadone 240mls a day, demerol 12 50mg a day and 8 30mg a day codeine, weed 10 joints a day and gravol 50 mg 8 a day all prescribed and have always passed a drug test for 15 yrs. A yr ago I started melatonin and all of a sudden I tested positive for benzos and methamphetamine. I have never ever taken anything that wasn't prescribed because I have had 52 major surgeries including removing my large intestines and 85% of my small and I now have rectal stump syndrome which gives me horrible cramping everyday. I would never take something illegal to jeopardize my pain meds. I have no idea whats hap...

white pill blank both sides

The pills are white or maybe a bit more off white but are completely round. They have absolutely no markings on either side. A friend ordered them from India (or New Delhi, India). No marks AT ALL!!! About the size of a flattened marble in diameter ## I believe it's melatonin which is an all natural sleep aid from Walmart. Very mild, no Benadryl or anything. Nothing fun if u get my point lol ## Hello, Unfortunately if your friend ordered medication from India and they came in without any markings the only way to tell what is truly inside is to take them to a pharmacy and have them analyze the contents of the pills. In the U.S pills are required by law to be identifiable through the physical appearance (color, imprint, shape etc.), however, other countries do not follow the FDA regul...

Sleepasil Side Effects/is it addictive? dosage

Hi im a user of sleepasil for many months. im taking two capsules everyday.. sometimes even if im taking 2 capsules a day i still cant' sleep. pls help, does it have a side effect?? ## Sleepasil is just a dietary supplement that contains a variety of natural herbs that are believed to help with sleep and promote relaxation. As such, however, it has not been studied for side effects, as is done with actual prescription medications and it's not actually proven to help with insomnia. Have you consulted a doctor about your problem? Do you keep a set bed time and make sure not to eat a heavy meal or have anything alcoholic or caffeinated in the evening? ## i just got a sleepasil. unfortunately, no advice as to how many capsules should i take. i read some notes that its more effective...

Melatonin and Gabapentin

Can someone tell me what the relationship between Gabapentin and Melatonin is? I’m slowly tapering up to taking 300 mg of Gabapentin 3 xs a day and am weaning off Ibuprofen this week. My Pain Management Specialist wants me to lower my pain level to make life more dueable as well as minimizing any variables at the same time. Currently I’m taking 5 mg of Melatonin and have been taking this for 5 years in order to sleep more than 3 hrs at a time (been on Gabapentin for 3.5 months and had no differences with sleep schedule afterwards). Do I need to wean off Melatonin while slowly increasing Gabapentin? I know that the pain will decrease. ## Melatonin is a supplement that is used to restore a normal sleep cycle, so there are no known warnings about taking it with a prescription m...

Trazodone and Melatonin

I've been on trazodone for 2 weeks but quit taking it 24 hours ago. Is it safe to take melatonin now? ## According to the University of Maryland Medical Center ( / drug interaction tool) there are no interactions listed between Trazodone and melatonin. Also, our bodies naturally produce melatonin at night. So if there were to be an interaction, no one would be able to take their Trazodone at night or while napping in a dark room. I'm not trying to sound facetious, but in my honest opinion there really shouldn't be any problem with this combination, otherwise Trazodone would be rendered useless for all humans.

Is it safe to mix melatonin with Contac cold & flu medication

I gave my 12-year-old son Contac cold and flu medication along with his melatonin 5mg. Will he have any complications from this?

no imprint small white round pill

sleep pill (for sure) white, round no imprint on either side. about a cm in diameter ## If there is no imprint, it will be difficult to narrow down what this tablet contains. It can be ruled out as a U.S. prescription medication, but could be any one of a large number of over the counter items, even among those claimed to help with sleep. How do you know it is a sleep aid? ## Yes, as I said before, it is a sleeping pill. I forget the name. That is why I want to know. ## not a drug, its natural. melatonin ## Quick dissolve cherry flavored to be exact on the melatonin 10 mg. See other post ## I receive Dizy-10 Tablets in blister packs with red on the back side saying 10mg Diazepam. They are in sealed blister packs, no box, They took 4 weeks to arrive (at high cost). There are NO MARKINGS ...


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