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Gia Says:

Hi all!! I have a 19 yr old son who needed to sleep. His friends recommended melatonin. He took 5 mgs. About an hour after he took it, he said he woke up feeling bad - - "waves" like he was on the ocean, sweating, felt like "I was dying". He has major depression and stopped taking meds about 2 yrs ago bc they were making him feel worse. I know melatonin works on serotonin levels in some way and was wondering if anyone else had experienced anything similar? He said he was restless all night but every time he woke, he felt like he'd slept for 8 hrs. Idk whether he should ever take another one!!

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VerFree Says:

That is rather odd, Melatonin supplements usually only cause drowsiness, and occasionally some mild nausea, in people that take it.

It is a substance that is naturally present in our body, and the supplements aren't even believed to actually induce sleep, but rather to help reset the natural body clock, so someone can return to a normal sleep/wake pattern.

However, 5mgs is a big high, if someone has never taken it, before, usually it's best to start with just 1, or 2mg doses.

What has his doctor advised?

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Gia Says:

Re: VerFree (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Well the pharmacist said what you did....that dose is a bit high. He purchased some less potent ones and didn't have any more trouble. Thank you!!

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Optimistic Says:

I can’t tolerate melatonin. I get really nauseous and the headaches were unbearable.
Maybe try him at a lower dose if you want to try again. I had 1mg chewable, but 2 mg didn’t work & 3mg caused those side effects so I gave up.
Now I take 0.5 mg LDN in the morning and my sleep is amazing. It’s been a miracle.

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