Melatonin Contraindications

Shyfig Says:

Two of my boys have autism and sleep disorders. I wanted to try liquid melatonin with them but was advised by their psychiatrist not to. This (he says) is because it can interact with SSRI's that they are taking (fluvoxamine) and result in Serotonin Syndrome.

I cannot find any information about this anywhere and was wondering if anyone has heard of this contraindication.

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Verwon Says:

I haven't found any information on this either, but since he is a doctor, he may be aware of more modern research into it that isn't available to the public yet.

The details I've found state that the SSRIs actually can make the Melatonin be ineffective, so it's really pointless to try to use them together.



Did he suggest anything you can try to help with the sleep issues?

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freda Says:

imho psychs are not doctors, this is because they violate the Hippocratic oath. they are not ethical, not only due to administration of drugs against peoples will/consent, but due to actively concealing side-effects due to the idea that psych patients are more likely to 'notice' them if they are told about them. hence they are not doctors, as they are not ethical.

secondly your psych is either misinformed or making this up. there is no evidence of serotonin syndrome being associated with melatonin. for one thing melatonin has a typical dose of around 3 to 5 mg. you really should be giving your children 5htp rather than the ssri. of course psychs are in the business of prescribing drugs, and what better drug than one which will create dependency, make depression more likely to relapse and become chronic, and also create a host of other new diseases with a resulting prescription cascade. yes there are studies showing that ssris are more likely to cause depression to become reoccurring and chronic. also most ssri studies involve the process of 'washing out' placebo responders. tell me you can trust the results after that!

melatonin is one of the most important antioxidants in the body. it is specifically concentrated in the CSF and in the nucleolus and mitochondria, where it protects DNA and mDNA, it is very strongly conserved throughout all life, and is qualitatively different from almost all antioxidants as it doesnot become toxic after neutralising (multiple or one very potent) toxins. animal studies with continual dosing of melatonin show 20% life extension. melatonin plays a critical role in timing, timing of puberty and menapause, and ultimately of death.

make sure you are not buying homeopathic melatonin it contains nothing but water, and i do not recommend the slow release circadian either. the real thing produces a drop in body temperature which is associated with stamina during the day and sleep at night. the lower body temp also produces longer deeper sleep stages and less cycling of sleep through the upper stages. so more restful and refreshing sleep. read Jennifer Anne Luke's thesis. the pineal gland is the major site of production of melatonin.

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