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Has anyone else (women in particular) developed pulmonary emboli within a few weeks or months after beginning the prescribed Megase ES dosage? Crucial and life threatening for me. ## Megase-E contains the active ingredient Megestrol and the possibility of some people developing A thromboembolic disease is warned about in the possible serious adverse reactions section of the medication information. And yes, the development of emboli can be very dangerous, at any location in the body, but particularly risky, when they are pulmonary. I am very sorry that you've gone through this. How are you doing, now? ## I read every word of every sentence when taking a prescription. THE only part of the small print about clots is small section that states "caution" in people with a history o...

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Megestrol Acetate and Urinary Incontinence?

Has anyone experienced urinary incontinence and/or swollen appendages as a side effect of taking Megestrol Acetate? ## Megestrol is a Progesterone derivative. These are not normal side effects to this medication, at all. Have you contacted your doctor about this, yet?

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