Meds That Are On Backorder

RJ Says:

I have been unable to get Clozapine (generic for Clozaril) since Feb. 2019 at my regular pharmacy alledgely due to "backorder". I don't believe "backorder" is the real reason. I live in NJ and I recently read that many of the generic drug houses are being investigated due to collusion. They are trying to drive up the prices of these meds and the way to do it is through collusion. I note that Adderall and other psychiatric meds are also on backorder. If this is true they should throw the book at these vulchers.

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RJ Says:

I live in Essex County, NJ. As stated in my original report to you, NJ has cracked down on these drug firms who are/were in collusion with one another to drive up the prices on much-needed meds. Without naming any of them, one of the firms named in the indictment is the mfgr. of Clozapine. In my opinion, there is a lot of suspicion to go around.

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Gone2soon Says:

The medications which have been perscribed are being ripped away from us like a tornado does its objects! DEA is prosecuting doctors and so NOW these doctors are deciding whether so many drugs are good for us after they have prescribed them for us for many of years. They are leaving us high and dry ... without propper care after finding the worst excuses to taper us and wean us. This us not just messed up but wrong!!! I have had it!

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RJ Says:

We are now able to obtain Clozapine 100 mg. as of 7/3/19. Don't know if these will still be available next month. Stay tuned.

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RJ Says:

We were back on track with the 100 mg. Clozapine as of 7/1/19. This is a prescription that refills each month at the pharmacy. The back order started around Feb. 2019 therefore we had to go on 50 mg for about 4 months. It appears that the back order has been filled and the pharmacies are now able to dispense the proper dosage to people. Of course, we will have to wait a few months to see if this is long lasting. This may or may not be related to the generic pharmaceutical houses that were being investigated for collusion.

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RJ Says:

Nothing new to share. I will know more as I refill my scripts in the coming months. Thanks for your follow-up.

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