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is this a norcodic

do these help pain and headaches ## No, Medigesic is not a narcotic. It contains the active ingredients Acetaminophen, Butalbital and Caffeine, so yes it can help with pain and headache and headaches are usually what it's commonly prescribed to treat. Learn more Medigesic details here. Has it been prescribed for you? ## can you order medicine online if so how? like klonipon or angxiety disorder ptsd is what i have plus adhd but the angxiety medicine help regulate this illness as well. thanks jenn ## thanks big help ## ok dr said this medigesic has tramadol in it and that made it a norcodic so whats the next best current medicine like this. i cannot get anywhere or any help are there online dr's that can and will help me. ## dr said they put toradol the in it now and switched it ...

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