Medicine To Stop Bleeding During Periods

khadija Says:

Hi. I'm 22 yrs old and i'm married. Its now the 10th day of my periods. Starting 4 days ago there was spotting only, but then it continued to bleeding from the 5th day onward. Bleeding is not stopping even now as I type this. Please suggest any tablet to stop it.

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I am 29 years old. I'm married and family planning. After i put took a contraceptive inj. within 2 months of my period, I've been bleeding non-stop till now..please suggest me any tablet to stop my period. Please reply me as soon as possible.

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rose Says:

hai am 25 years old ,unmarried i have a menstrual problem. i got period on this month 13/08/2014 and after 6 days the bleeding reducing slowly but morning time am normal but after i slept and woke up in the morning the small amount of blood comes out suddenly this is the thing i recently facing through my menstrual periods.Due to this am unable to sleep and am feeling like irritated.i have a problem with heavy bleeding and i have consulted doctor and now am far better than the heavy bleeding but i don't know about the cause for the new problem and i need a tablet to stop this period becoz there was a marriage i need to attend becoz of this new problem am so frustrated and so irritated please reply to me as soon as possible.I need a tablet to stop like this kind of bleeding after 7days timeperiod

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seema Says:

hi im 25 n married i did an ultrasound and hormone imbalance was ruled out i have my period for 12 day now. can you plz prescribe a tablet to help me stop the bleeding asap

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Swedered Says:

Pls call your Dr. If not, call your Hospital Emergency and ask to speak to an RN and she will tell you what to do. They are quite helpful.

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Hina Says:

I've been experiencing excessive bleeding during my period for the last 17 days and my last three periods also lasted for 17-18 days. What should I do about this? Please suggest some medicine to stop the bleeding.

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