Medicine For Stomach Pain Loose Motion

sunil Says:

From yesterday night, I am having burps . From today morning, I have frequent loose motion . 5 times in 3 hours.

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Verwon Says:

Have you consulted a doctor?

Have you eaten anything new, or more of anything than usual?

There are various reasons this could happen, it could be due to food poisoning, or some other illness and only a doctor is going to be able to help you determine the cause.


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Bala Says:

I am from Chennai,India and having bowl irritation with slight pain and loose motion,past four days and no relief even after I have taken Loparamide Hydrochloride capsule IP and Rabeprazole Sodium & Dompendone Capsules.Any alternative effective medicine available in Chennai,India please.

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surionder saini Says:

u. try a herbal mostly in ur. lawan leaf just like ladies bindi crush it &eat

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Bala Says:

frequent motion with abdominal pain

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