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Massengill question answered?

How often should I apply? Is there a limit? ## This often varies from woman to woman. You should consult your physician. ## In most cases, it really isn't necessary, at all. Your body will clean and deodorize itself. If you have had a lot of yeast infections, then you actually shouldn't use douche, since it can upset the PH balance of the vagina and make you even more prone to them. If you do choose to use it, once a month is usually more than enough. Are there any other questions or comments? ## you should never use any messenger juice and should never force anything in your vagina that's going to cause you to get an infection. you simply keep yourself clean and your body will clean itself just like a self cleaning oven. you just don't have to push any buttons if you ha...

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Massengill Douche Availability

I want to find a store in Springfield Missouri in which I can purchase Massengill Douche. Can anyone please let me know about its current availability? ## Hi Lynne, this product is over the counter if I'm not mistaken, so you should be able to go to any number of drug stores in Springfield. Here is a link to the Google Maps result: drugstores in springfield mo Hope this helps!

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