Massachusetts North Shore - Doctor That Prescribes Methadone For Severe Back Pain Withdrawals

Addy Says:

I have been on hydrocodone 30mg for about 3 years and started small but is now up to 4 a day just to feel fine and it has got very expensive and cant afford to do them anymore and it cost me my job... i literally cant get out of bed the withdrawals are so bad the back pain and restless arms and legs are the worse.. I have tried to quit 3 or 4 times now, once i bought 10 suboxone off a buddy and tried and only made 4 days and i vomited almost every day because it taste so nasty... i got out of detox on 1/17/13 and tried staying off but only lasted 2 days until i couldnt do it anymore and the detox center gave me methadone and it really helped and i need to get back to work have tons of bills that havent been paid in a while....I've been trying to go to the clinic but had to wait for insurance and now waiting for an available appointment for intake and is just taking forever plus it is gonna suck having to drive there every there any doctors near north shore in massachusetts that can help me out with a monthly or weekly prescription for methadone? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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David Says:

Hi Addy,

Sorry to hear about your situation. I may not have a doctor I can refer you to, but I can provide you with a couple links that may be of service to you in so far as finding pain management doctors within your general area...

Just input your city or zip code for narrowed results:
{link removed because site no longer exists}

I'd consider calling up a number of them to see if they are accepting new patients, as some aren't, but most usually are.

I hope this info helps and wish you good luck on finding the right doctor!

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Verwon Says:

A general practitioner can't prescribe Methadone for addiction treatment, it's actually against the law. If you require it for addiction treatment, even if you still have pain, then you have no other option in the U.S. but to go to one of the treatment clinics.

I am very sorry, I know it can be a pain to go to the clinic every day, but this is the way it works here in the U.S.

How long will it take to get an appointment?

Learn more Methadone details here.

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PassedofMass Says:

I know a Dr. in Worc that prescribes it for pain you could give it a shot, i know a few people who got it for pain. DO NOT say it is for addiction they cannot prescribe it for that, i can give you the name if you want. Can you help me with the name of your Doc too I need a Dr. that isn't afraid of prescribing medication, Ugh so sick of mass! msg me if u need

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PassedofMass Says:

David can you help me with a decent Dr.'s name I am willing drive a few mins , I live in Mass. I am having a hell of a time finding someone who isn't looking to do expensive injections or a pump, I would really appreciate your help in Mass. Sick of waisting time making calls. Msg me if you can help plz thnks so much...

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David Says:


Whereabouts in Massachusetts are you located? I don't have anyone I can recommend to you, but I did go ahead and post a link below to an archive of PM doctors/treatment centers in that state, who are known for prescribing these types of medications:

NOTE: All you have to do is click on your city to view a list of doctors and treatment centers within that general area.

I hope this info helps! :)

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JEN Says: in the same/similiar situation. I live in saugus mass.I'm also looking a private prescribing docter,using MMT to kill 2birds with 1 stone..clean for 9yrs on it but fearfull to get off due to severe back pain(scolosis,buldging discs,just had twins-currently have a hernia)im despertly seeking a docter to get away from the"MMT clinic scene"&TO LIVE MY LIFE W/OUT PAIN&BEING HANDCUFFED TO A CLINIC DAILY.I SINCERLY APPRECIATE ANY INFO..IM WILLING TO DRIVE..MY EMAIL {edited for privacy}

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Haley Says:

hi, my name is Haley. I live in Ma too. I live in west roxbury. I am looking for a doctor who will prescribe methadone. I am on a clininc but I want off of it. I pay out of pocket. I am willing to pay a doctor under that table. I need my freedom too. thank you for your time,

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Haley Says:

Hi Addy,
I am haley. If you have a doctor you know I would greatly appreciate it. I am so desperate to get off the clinic but stay on methadone. I know you know how it feels, handcuffs.

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jdm29 Says:

I'm sick of mass too !! I was on 15s for 7 yrs an got cut jus like thst cold turkey ..the a**hole wouldnt even wein me dwn. I could have had serious problems!! I neeeed a dr asap !! I have chronic migraines which what I started gettn them for before anybody even knew about them. . And back problems from 6 car accidents . Please help. In worcester area

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Sonya Says:

I've been online all night looking and came across your post. Yesterday my doctor suggested me finding a methadone doctor. Pleeaassee give me his name and number! I want my life back and it's been four years of agony! Thank you again so much

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Rob Says:

Jdm29, I hope to clear a couple things up just to help you understand how and why doctors prescribe pain medication and how the decide to change or modify or raise dosage or the type of pain medication. I hope this does not offend you or anyone else in this forum.

If I recall correctly, you stated that you where taking 15's (? of what?) a couple times a day for 9 years? i may be mixing 2 comments together however everyone on this forum regarding pain medication are always strangely familiar. Where they used to be on a med. They took them off, now they want one particular med again or something they have tried that was not prescribed but they tried and that they want someone to tell them where to find a doctor that will prescribe the exact dose and med they desire no questions asked. Hmmm it makes me wonder why so many people are having this problem.

Let me start by explaining my theory: I believe that pain management has a different meaning to patients then is does to doctors. Pain management is intended to to make pain somewhat tolerable just while recovering from an injury in this instance, if you have not previously taken narcotic analgesics (pain killers) they are likely to prescribe light opiate pain killers in a combination with antiinflammatory medication meaning ibuprofen naproxen napirsin or tylenol with short acting opiate or a mild extended release. example: 5 to 10 mg hydrocodone, 15 to 60 mg morphine tablets, there are more light opiates im limiting the examples to save time. This prescription is intended to be for the least amount of time possible and to be back and functioning without the meds withing a couple months.

Chronic pain management is described as long term pain that affects your life so dramatically that you can not perform hardly any of the tasks you could before the incident or injury and remember this must be an injury that will be intolerable for years. Serious INJURY life . It has been determined that in time most injurys broken backs and necks other terrible conditions will with physical therapy and exercise will eventually fade to tolerable pain or leave completely without any opiate medication taken . In fact taken Opiates long term causes terrible back pain. And as far as migraines go. Opiates have been determined as not effective simply because there is an underlying condition causing the migraines and opiates would just mask the pain temporarily. And for the fact that they have found many many other medications that are much more effective for managing chronic migraines.

The medications for chronic pain management start off similar to short term pain. Light dosage with anti inflammatory. vicodin and ibuprofen. norco and naproxen. Its a universal understanding that the human body and brain build tolerance to opiates and that over time they will need to increase your dosage to continue to be effective in managing your pain. here is an example and chain of accurate conversion medications over a long period for actual chronic pain management.

Condition of patient gunshot wound, broken tibia and fibia healed incorrectly offset from original position causing limp and permanent pain when walking. Patient cannot run, lift anything above 20lbs and its not recommended that the patient does not stand longer than 30 minutes at a time. Patient must use cane when walking any distance of 50 ft at a time.

Starting dose as of 1/1/13 oxycodone e.r. (extended release) 10 mg once every 12 hours.

after 10 months patient states that the medication feels less effective and pain is becoming in tolerable.

10/1/13 next dosage is prescribed oxycodone e.r. 15 mg oxycodone i.r. (immediate release) every 8 hours and 60 mg morphine once daily .. Oxycodone is intended for breakthrough pain.

10/1/14 patients tolerance requires higher dose . 100 mg morphine once daily and continued 15 mg i.r. every 8 hours or as needed for breakthrough pain.

6/1/15 patient states that the morphine is no longer effective however the oxycodone is still working but needs more than current dosage.
New dosage oxycodone 30 mg extended release (o.p. 30mg) once every 12 hours or twice daily

1/1/16 patient states there are periods during exercise that pain becomes intolerable. continued 30 mg oxycodone e.r. and Hydromorphone 8 mg immediate release as twice daily as needed for breakthrough pain.

8/1/16 patient tolerance 40 mg oxycodone e.r. every 12 hours continued hydromorphone 8 mg for breakthrough pain.

8/1/17 patient states that he would like to only be taking one pill every twelve hours and that he feels in a haze at times on current med combination at this time. Dosage oxycodone 60 mg e..r. every 12 hours . stopped dosage of diladid.

4/1/18 patient tolerance dosage raised to 80 mg oxycodone e.r. every 12 hours

10/1/18 patient tolerance. at this time it is recommended that the patient converts from oxycodone to methadone . doctor prescribed 40 mg methadone wafer once daily.

This is an example of a situation that would be considered for methadone pain management as a result of maxing a healthy dosage per this patient's blood and kidney diagnostic results. At this point 40 mg of methadone is logical because he will only need to take this medication once daily with no other. Methadone is an extremely potent opiate first produced as a synthetic opiate meaning that its enhanced chemical structure is taken from a different part of the poppy itself and concentrated for the purpose of stabilizing H addicts for recovery purposes and to wein dosage down to a safe amount where opiate withdrawl will be made much more tolerable then a H withdrawal. Much much later they found that in chronic pain patients that methadone is a very effective long lasting medication.

Methadone is almost three times as strong miligram to miligram as oxycodone. Actually just about 2.6 times the strength. its also about 2x the strength as oxymorphone or opana. This means that a 15 mg oxycodone = 6 mg of methadone .

I feel the need to also state that if you have been to a methadone clinic that you are most likely an opiate attack and not a pain patient . Doctors will give medication to a patient in need. A big no no in the pain med world is to tell a doctor what you want and not be open to trying what he is recommending . another no no is going and dropping multiple doctors over and over who dont give you exactly what you want. At this point you are destroying any credibility as far as real need in doctors eyes. If you have chronic pain real chronic pain you will not need to ask a forum only where you can find a doctor to get methadone. If you are truly what you state doctors will work with and be able to clearly see why methadone would be a good alternative and a benefit to you and your quality of life .

Bottom line: if you want methadone and only methadone. go to a clinic or find it on the street. if it cost you your home than i would say your an addict . and rehab would be a option for you. Long term back pain is not an acceptable excuse for the long term typically if surgery was performed previously and successfully or its not considered a long term injury, Migraines are not typically treated long term or short term with opiates.

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jack straw Says:

I am looking for a Dr to prescribe methadone for spinal stenosis. I recently moved back to mass and have had a hard time findu g a Dr who will keep me on the meds I was on in Maryland 80.MG's methadone and 30mgs x4 of roxicodone a day. Any help in steering me to a compassionate Dr who is not afraid to prescribe opiates

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kilakev420 Says:

franklin pain clinic and dr patrirk madden neuro great dr when good relatioship u get what u ask for

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Kathy Says:

Try Pain Care Center, main office is in Somerworth,N.H. But have a office near Nashua nh. If you had any luck would you let me know, i.e. before. Was looking in Lowell, Ma. Thanks,Kathy

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brita Says:

Unfortunately, to the original poster, getting a dr to prescribe methadone for pain when you have been to a detox center and thus have addiction in your known medical history will be near impossible. In fact, dr's are extremely cautious to prescribe any narcotic to a known addict, especially one of the strongest and most dangerous. Methadone is not prescribed at all by a very large number of dr's because of the FDA riding them about narcotic rx's.

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Kam Says:

I am moving to Grass Valley CA in two weeks. Three yrs. ago I use to live their,but my doctor moved out of state.Been living in NH. if anyone with chronic pain moves here-- good luck. you will really need it. I made the mistake of listening to my new doc. who wanted my to stop going to a pain care center which I had been going to for almost three years. Never had Any problems with, but stopped going three as new doc. Asked/strongly advised. Within three months,and two scrips latter he stopped all pain meds. no notice, no referrals, and before I knew it after 13 yrs. of being managed on narc. I was a drug addict,abusser,took street drugs and a alcoholic. He never read it my med. files except glanced them over as he said, and know totally blacklisted in three states.Thankfully I was told in CA if I felt I needed less fine,save them which I had. Those extra pills saved me for going to a detox. but I was mostly bedridden for seven mo.. Now still without pain meds. And constant pain, due to other med. problems I do not have a long life ahead, as I have past the doctors (other specialist) guesses . But my condition isn't precise. But I truly believe in QUALITY of LIFE. As I feel many of others here do. So be very careful when choosing your next doctor please. So tired of know it all doctors. If I took a quarter on the meds. Docs. have prescribed,I would be dead due to my autoimmune disease. Remember we know how our body's truly feeling- much better than a doctor especially my great doctor who never had me do one drug panel, yet I was an incredible addict. Yes, I became dependent on the narc. But feel there's a big difference between addict verses dependent. So wish you all the best,but also beware of some doctors and educate yourself on your rights and HIPPA laws. Kam

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Haley Says:

Hi Passedoffmass. My name is haley. I saw your post from a while ago. I though I would give it a shot. I am on methadone and looking for a doctor who will prescribe it for me. I can't handle the clininc anymore. I do have severe pain that my specialist would confirm. the problem is I was in a detox and suboxene. I am so confused. If you have any suggestions I would be so greatful. Thank you. Happy 4th.

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carole Says:

Whos the doctor in worcester i just moved to shrewsburry and am looking for pain releif

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libby Says:

Does anyone know any doctors who prescribe methadone for pain. I live in west Roxbury, Massachusetts. I go to a methadone clinic everyday. I am really tired of going there. Thank you

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steve M Says:

can you provide me with the name of the doctor who prescribe methodone for pain as well. my wife needs it

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JMJ Says:

Re: JMJ (# 59) Expand Referenced Message

Ty dollar, if that response seems from left field, sorry, but I wrote a reply to you earlier with a few considerations you may find helpful before taking the time to send off lengthy replies. It's waiting for review. Guess I just got annoyed and impatient. JMJ

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JMJ Says:

Re: Ty Dollar Sign (# 58) Expand Referenced Message

Good thing we have a judge on board here with such strong convictions. Meh. Gonna get us all straightened out. Pretty sure your judgements have been heard....loud and clear. All that tough love.

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Ty Dollar Sign Says:

Re: Rob (# 11) Expand Referenced Message

I realize your comment is 6 years old, but I feel compelled to reply. Yeah, I can't believe people are taking such powerful narcotics for migraine headaches and I never heard of anyone having them everyday unless there was a brain tumor or something. You're right, the more opiates you take the worse the pain becomes. I know someone who takes super high powered narcotics, for what, IDK, they had back surgery over 15 years ago and actually deliberately got up and cleaned house the day they came home from the hospital and it totally negated anything the surgery did do. Anyway, they said "Oh, my pain is soooo bad I can't even move in the morn. until I take my pills" Ahhhh, well DUH, no you're not going to be able to move because you've abused the meds for 30 years so I highly doubt your body would even know what to do w/o these meds anymore! They checked out of life and it's responsibilities 30 years ago, just skated by w/o ever working or anything! Her mother took care of her kids, cooked, laundry, everything. She actually would brag about how many pills she got. I won't go any further, I just know there are people who are getting powerful narcotics and are abusing them wildly. When you're almost burning down your house, nodding out, sending mean texts about your own relatives to the relatives themselves by mistake because you're so messed up, I think it all spells ABUSE!! How does one keep getting these medications when they are clearly abusing them, IDK but it makes me irate! If anyone was in the pain she claims to be in they'd be dead because the body wouldn't be able to withstand it. They've had at least 7 unnecessary surgeries in the past 30 years and I'm sure they were all done so she could keep getting her free pass to escape life's responsibilities. Her husband too is addicted, had a knee replacement but continues to be on pain medications 4 years after, go figure that one! You got a new knee and you still require pain meds and you're still disabled?? Not even 50 years old! SMDH! Can't work but they can drive across the country in a vehicle!! I can't withstand riding in a car for even an hour w/o severe debilitating pain. Trust me, I know some people do need these meds, cancer patients, people who've had serious injuries, car accidents, crippling arthritis, etc.. I just hate that some people who really don't need them are getting them and abusing them.

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Ty Dollar Sign Says:

Re: Shar57 (# 33) Expand Referenced Message

Hi Shar, I realize your post is from 2017 but will reply anyway. The truth is some people are on very strong opiates for menial reasons, like I see people state that they've been on 300 mgs. of oxycodone for spinal stenosis, that is crazy! I have Spondololthesis, spinal stenosis, scoliosis, arthritis, a fractured vertebrae, and a cracked tailbone. My very severe pain started the morn. I woke after delivering my baby girl 25 yrs. ago. I couldn't even lay her in her crib all the way down to the mattress. I suspect something went wrong when I got the epidural as I did move when they put the needle in or whatever the hell they did to me trying to get my baby to come out, manipulating me in every way possible. Anyway, I refused to take narcotics as I have a relative who has been addicted for over 30 years. I went to work with an ice pack stuck in my pants, ben gay, and massive amounts of advil. The first doctor I went to wanted to do an xray but I refused because I was petrified that I had cancer the pain was that bad. I continued to work with severe pain. I couldn't even turn over in bed at night, my legs actually would not move, I had to maneuver my upper body to roll over as my legs couldn't do it. I did go to a specialist about 6 mos. after I had my baby and did finally allow the xray and the doctor diagnosed me with the slipped vertebrae going inward towards my spinal cord. He said it could possibly get better with a fusion surgery but no way was I going to have back surgery. Finally about 8 years ago I had to give in and go to a pain specialist as my condition has resulted in my being disabled, and I could have filed for disability back 25 years ago and gotten it but I wanted a career. I used to get rx'd 5 - 30 mg. oxycodone per day and also hydrocodone. I took this for 2 yrs. and then, bam, doctor say's he is no longer going to be taking medicare and that I should find a new doctor! I had the hardest time trying to find a doctor to take me as they all told me that they couldn't prescribe that kind of medication. Well finally I was referred to the doctor that I have now been going to for 5 yrs and have never gotten prescribed more than 3 to 4 - 10 mg. hydrocodone per day plus one of the new long acting opiates they have now. Does this help my pain much, no, not really but it does take the edge off and with that I am grateful. My doctor is very conservative when it comes to prescribing, vs. what I hear of what some other pain patients are getting with only one of the conditions that I have. There should be a chart or something that doctors go by because too often some are getting way over prescribed for what they have while others with severe conditions that cause great pain are getting the bare minimum! I read about women who have this Fibromyalgia and they were getting like 80 mg. oxycontins, hundreds of them per mo. plus morphine and high mgs. at that! No one should have to suffer with severe pain but the truth is many of us are, we are paying the price for all the greedy crooks who got people, many of them very young people, addicted to these powerful drugs and they don't want to give them up and are now throwing fits and trying to find doctors who will willfully write rx's for conditions that shouldn't even require a narcotic! I can't believe how desperate some of these people are to blatantly ask for doctors names on here that will prescribe them powerful opiates and asking for them by name, and asking how they should act when they see the doctor! If you're having to ask how you should act, then you probably don't really have severe enough pain to require narcotic pain medications.

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LegitCPpatient Says:

I’m just wondering why you and several other ppl here - all whom have mentioned severe injuries from failed surgeries to (multiple) broken bones to (multiple) xar accidents - all of which you say is ‘documented’ but can’t find a dr./surgeon/specialist to write a simple referral to a chronic pain mgmt dr. As a few responders have explained, cpm docs will basically all request this simple referral from any previous doc who has treated you for any of the mentioned injuries at any time. A g.p. can easily write a referral for cp stemming from an accident/mishap/whatever even years earlier if the pain has gotten to the point it is severely interrupting basic life functions. It doesn’t have to be a 3-page letter, just your name and a cpl sentences saying he is referring you for pain mgmt. This does filter out the addicts somewhat but without this few docs will treat you. Fewer will write narc px’s on the first visit - as this too is a filter for them. They will write you on the next visit and before your current px’s run out. If your dr. has passed away suddenly, there will be someone who can look at your records and write this referral status by your prescribing dr. passed away and you need to be referred. No surgeon or special will deny you this referral - unless they want a legal suit. I have changed pain mgmt docs only when moving to another state or for a mutual disagreement on my treatment— *not a meds violation though. I have never been questioned or refused this referral by my previous doc or g.p. and have transferred my care to another specialist three times now seamlessly and without any disruption of my meds. I have asked around at my clinic in the waiting room and found no one who could not get this referral... Which, with your current records is basically mandatory for any pm clinic.

Stating you have pain that only certain meds can help, that nothing else can possibly work but heavy narcotics (30mg ir oxy in opposed to 10-15 mg for example), and that btw, you would never sell or abuse any px meds isn’t helping... And would certainly raise a bright red flag to any dr you mention this to as normal ppl wouldn’t even think about this on a **consult appt** which you will need before anyone hands you a monthly px and takes in your care. Please don’t bash me for hurting feelings as it is not my intentions. But seeing ppl doing one person who mentioned 2 years ago they could maybe help is just odd and a bit off putting to those of us who do live with pain and follow all the rules!! It took me years to find a dr who cared as much as my current one does, and I did retry inj's with him that had failed to bring any relief years earlier. I would try *anything to be pain free, and have done. With no private insurance. I am happy for what relief my meds do give and grateful that a dr would think to tell me about new procedures, etc. If you can’t get a referral there simply must be something else going on. My mri’s and records speak for themselves as should yours. Good luck with whatever you’re searching for.

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Frank Says:

Re: JEN (# 6) Expand Referenced Message

Could you give me the name of a Dr that writes for methadone? I had 6 operations on my left arm leaving me with terrible pain.

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Shar57 Says:

Re: Rob (# 47) Expand Referenced Message

Methadone was originally created a Pain killer. Not many people know that. I did t either, until after trying everything they suggested, alternative treatments too. Methadone was the PERFECT medication for the neuropathic pain that id dealt with for a few yrs. Methadone was created in Germany in 1937. It was World War II and there was a shortage of morphine. So the synthetic drug methadone was created. It takes a a dose or 2 before it really starts getting in ur system. But don’t take double doses. Really be careful if ur taking benzo too. It’s the combo of benzodiazepines and opiates that killls most people. Or too much of either meds. But the combo.... watch it. Methadone is kind of slow to build up. Once it does, u want to follow drs orders of how to take it. If u have sever chronic pain, don’t be a tuff guy and try to skip ur doses. It won’t work as well. U need that to be a steady level in ur system so ur pain stays under control.

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Bobby Says:

Re: jack straw (# 12) Expand Referenced Message

Spinal Stenosis is a diagnosis, but in itself causes no pain. It just means your spinal canal is smaller than usual.

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Divina0710 Says:

Re: PassedofMass (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

I need to know the name please of the sr in Worcester if possible

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Rob Says:

Re: Nunya (# 32) Expand Referenced Message

He is actually 100% correct. I am a Chronic Pain Patient. As for back pain, depending where your pain is, surgery could take away a lot of your pain, and need for medication.

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