Manufacturer Of Oxycodone

troy Says:

i take 30mg blue oxycodone for my back i have tried everything this works the best but now nobody has it i am very upset that the doctors prescribe it and you ccant fill anywhere why is this a issue and when will it be avalible i cant take morphine i get headaches .any answersfrom anyone.

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David Says:

Hi Troy,

I located the manufacturer's webpage for this specific (blue 30mg) Oxycodone pill. If anything, I would suggest contacting them by email or phone after visiting the link below:

NOTE: their contact info is at the bottom of the page.

I can only assume that the lack of availability is partly caused by the increasing number of Oxycodone addicts/abusers. But I think if you were to contact them directly about your situation then they may be able to ship some over to your local pharmacy.

I hope this info helps!

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michael smith Says:

Now i'm worried, I was prescribed Oxycodone now the doctor won't refill it, its the only thing so far that works, I have M.S. a cracked tailbone, a crushed disc and 2 slipped discs....whoo....walk a mile over here...

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Vernon Peterson Says:

Troy ~ What's really f**ked up is pain is pain, I know as I was in pain management for 11 yeaqrs and now take on average 40 Tylonol a day for my back pain and it doesn't sh!t... I don't want to be in your place when the pain medication wears off, as a number of years back when they reduced my oxycontin from three down to two pills a day, I started to detox for eight hours till i received my next dose... I now take nothing but OTC pain products everyday that do nothing, but still need to take something... I just found out that my pain goctor screwed up and sent me for extra MRI's back in 2006 after my 2004 back surgery because I complained of severe pain, the only ptoblem was that I didn't wait for two weeks to heal ans three days after my surgery was moving concrete stone (only that time it hurt the center and upper part of my back), then about 6 months later I moved the weong way getting my granddaughter out of her carseat and the pain was the worst ever (i was in bed two days before i could mevr),,, I'm trying to talk to the MRI people about the 2006 & July/2011 MRI as I believe my pain management doctor had them MRI where my old pain is and not the new pain... I really just want answers but it looks like they are going to have to answer them in court... I am in constant pain 24/7 and their MRI report shows I should have no pain... [sorry for any typos, it's late and dark here]
{in the end I lived my life, and there may only be one option for my pain to end, besides the goverment will save a few dollars to give to some other country}

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troy Says:

I know I've have degen discs l5and l6 and hurniated also I'm seeing some of the later posts on this wb site and people trying to get high that is one of the issues with all of our scrips I don't want to take these pills but I don't have a choice surgery was told to me would not work.I know some pharm will not fill scrips unless you are a regular.I think the doctor should give meds not pharm they really think they are the doctor on when and where you get your scrip.

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barilaco Says:

If you have had an MRI review it again with your doctor and have him explain the MRI report. This usually reminds doctors of the extent of our pain and make them a bit more compassionate. The only reason opiates are not prescribed more frequently is strictly political. The doctors are discouraged quite strongly to avoid their use. Nature's best is discouraged and synthetic encouraged. Anybody had any experience with pharmacist selling placebos and either keeping the real product or selling it on the black market? Has anyone ever been rxed oxycodone 4.8 asa 350mg that was white? Neither has the pill identifiers, Watson for One does not and never has made a white 4.8 oxy.ASA

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Rocky Says:

I know what everyone is going thru. It's ridiculous. This country needs to crack down on the small pill pushing houses and leave the pharmacies alone. I am a 100% disabled Viet-Nam vet and need my Oxy faithfully every month. No exceptions. My complete spine suffers from degenerative disc disease along with a few bulging and hergniated discs and the VA don't give these meds long term. So who or were do we turn to to rectify this problem. My next move is my Senator who is only a couple a mile from me. What do you think?

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LS Says:

I think you should contact your senator right away. It can't hurt and you never know, it might actually help. Start a petition at Write letters to any agency you can think of that may help such as the FDA and the AMA, Call every doctor you can possibly reach and keep a journal of all contacts you make. Post these facts and findings in an online blog. And then if that doesn't work let it loose to the public and the media. Consider a class action suit - contact an attorney to see if they will work on a contingency basis. The wheel that squeaks the loudest gets the oil. Good luck!

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Rocky Says:

I use to take Oxy also and now am on morphine and it don't work as good. Does anyone know if oxycodone is coming back soon? If so, when. Thanks and have a pain free day if you can.

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Bennet Says:

Order from online or have it dropped shipped from India same way I did.

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Sue Says:

I use Oxycodone everyday and have no problem getting it in California. It is still being manufactured and it's totally available.

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Rocky Says:

Hey Troy what state do you live in? I live in South Florida and have a problem getting it here. But I have some new insurance and can get it thru the mail from another state and have no problem getting it as I am told. I am now on Oxycontin but the cost eats up my insurance in 4 months so I have to get off it. Give me a shout.

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Turk Says:

Where is your doctor? I just moved to venice

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Sheila Says:

I am in new York and would be interested in buying oxy's from India, are they real, how much do they cost and how do they ship them.?

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Atanga Says:

please i wish to ask for the email of manufacturers of Oxycodone products pls .

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gary emmitt Says:

i have serve pain in back and neck have order for 40 mg 3daily i have no insurance do u offer an program to help offset price

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Nico Says:

I have had 3 back surgerys which have all been very successful walked out of hospital the same day. If you live in the northeast I would highly recommend dr Kuroshio in Hartford ct. I hope he is ok with me providing his name be he has been the best doctor ever. The only issue I am having are muscle spasms which I am in pain management for. They have tried many different injections which some provide temp relief still testing will provide more when available.

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CaliMoon Says:

I know this is an old thread. But if someone doesn't know the manufacturer of 30 mg of Oxycodone they're prescribed. Then they should get their head examined. Any PM patient knows that A215's are always available if you have a good relationship with your pharmacist who can order them for you.

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Jennifer Says:

A legit Indian supplier ? 80's ? seems suspicious to me.. like your DEA or something. LOL who wouldn't want that who is in severe pain with most of the doctors treating patients with pain like lepers were once treated.. its awful..

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shnozzsauges Says:

I was getting mine thru the only mail order pharmacy my insurance allows which is in California and after the 1st month the asked my Dr to cut my oxycodone amount in half and double my methadone, my Dr did not want to do that but he gave me the choice and I said yes because I can not find them at any local pharmacy well 6 months went by and they wanted him to do the cut again and my Dr refused to do that and had me come in to get reprints of the prescriptions and try to get them filled locally and I have had no luck I have been searching since the Monday before new years eve I am in Florida and it is terrible here, I went thru 9 brain surgeries and my neck and back have so many problems I am not going to sit here and bore everyone with the details and recently I was just in a very bad car wreck, I was sitting at a red light and a lady plowed into the rear of my car doing about 50 mph I am in PT and I am supposed to go back on 01-13-2014 and won't be able to go do to the pain so not being able to get the medication that my Dr has me on is going to prevent me from doing what I need to do to get a little better sure there is the surgery option but after 9 brain surgeries I do not want to have anymore surgery because after my brain surgeries were done I lost the use of the entire right side of my body, I looked like someone who just had a stroke, my Dr was telling me how this is all the DEAs fault and because of them H use is on the rise and in turn that is increasing AIDS in this country, there are people who have just come out of major surgery and after they leave the hospital they can't get the meds they need, so we can all sit here and talk with each other or we do something about it because it is not fair that the DEA did nothing for 20yrs while the big pharm companies made a lot of money and now they are going after good Drs and pharmacies which is much easier then going after the darn drug dealers who are really the ones who caused all this mess, at 1st I was glad to see the bad drs and pill mills get busted up but I thought that was going to make things a lot easier for those of us who really need our medicine I know the pharmacies here in Florida have lists of certain Drs so when somebody brings in a prescription from one of those Drs their computer will flag it and they will not fill anything from that Dr. Well that is my 2 cents for now but we all must start doing something like contacting our senators and we need a well written out petition that can be put on and then it can be passed around electronically and put on social media sites also it will be emailed to all the members of that site and I have seen some pretty impressive things done because of that site, if you haven't checked it out I urge you to do so. I haven't read every post on here but I know Florida has it a lot worse then other states because you had all kinds of people that were flying in to this state and then they would go DR shopping and take all kinds of pills back to their state and sell them so now the residents of this state are having to pay for other peoples mistakes, do a google search for the movie OXYCONTIN EXPRESS it sheds a lot of light on some of the BS that was going on here

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steve Says:

where did you order

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